Reviews for Leave the Window open
Adamantyne chapter 1 . 9/5/2012
Of course I didn't read the author's note at the top until I was finished with the story... Kind of hate myself for that, the bold writing really confused me at times.
I like how Anko look up to Orochimaru as her father even if it seems he didn't treat her all that well. I do not understand Mizuki at all, though. I mean, sure, if it had only been Orochimaru experimenting on him I could understand, but when Anko did it too? I really don't see how he can look past that. Whatever floats your boat...
It's nice to read something where Mizuki isn't the biggest asshole in the world, that he actually has a human side. I think he deserves to be happy too, I'm glad he and Anko can be fucked up together in this.
Lol, when Jiraiya casually told Anko he knew about Mizuki xD!
So anti-climatic when Anko opens the box and... - a fucking note -_-' But then again it is Anko and I like that he didn't just jump into it.
I know this is a fairly old story and you're probably better now, but there is certainly a lot of room for improvement when it comes to spelling. Also, sometimes you had a really weird choice of words. E.g. "he fucked in Anko's bed" - makes it seem like there was no one in particular in that bed. "... shameful sweat at her temple" - I don't remember if it was actually 'shameful' but that's beside my point. I don't think I have ever seen anyone giving sweat emotions. Sure, I can see where you are going with it, but it irks me a bit because I don't think it makes all that much sense.
Well, well... don't think I'm bashing you here. I really like the story but there is room for improvement. Maybe a beta reader or a writing agent with spell check
Draco Oblivion chapter 1 . 10/2/2011
I guess the snake's "daddy" in this?

LOOOOOOOOOL at Mizuki and Anko! XD

Kakshi's a good friend! ...Well not to Asuma but still XD

I'm glad Jiraiya's just annoying and not creepy, it's interesting to see Orochimaru as a father though:)

Aw Anko and Mizuki, so he isn't just randomly obsessed XD

Wow, even when she experimented on him he still spent nights in her room? Whatever you're into I guess...

Aw Jiraiya and Anko are finally starting to get along :3

HE KNOWS ABOUT MIZUKI! That's so cool :D

Aw that ending was epic, this is probably one of my favourite stories its brilliantly written :)
Kise M chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
Eh, Not as bad as some of the other crap you've written.

Look kid, I do want you to die, but I really don't think some of these other morons should be giving you all of the shit they're giving you in the meantime. Don't worry about them.