Reviews for Pokémon Question and Answer Segment!
Guest chapter 60 . 7/25
Who was Origin!Reds favorite gymleader.
MHProductions chapter 60 . 6/20
Game!Norman: What do you think of your counterparts?
Game!Silver: Do you have feelings for Game!Lyra?
Game!Serena: Do you like Game!Calem? (if there was a need to specify at all...)
Everyone: Have you read any particularly strange fanfics, especially if they involve pairings?
Conway: What the Hell is wrong with you?
Anime!Norman: Would you be okay with your daughter being in a relationship with anyone? Is there anyone you particularly like or dislike in that regard, if any?
Anime!Norman: Have you ever considered adopting Game!Silver as your own son? I feel like you'd make a better father than Giovanni.
Game!Norman: How do you feel about being the only father in the main series games to be shown actually existing, instead of just having some throwaway text refer to you, if at all? *coughXAndYcough*
Xperior chapter 60 . 6/19
Change the answer at the end. I don't care if she said "think" because there are people there who know that ash has fought against legendary pokemon (including May). Were you tired when you wrote this or something?
Guest chapter 60 . 6/19
Questions for Riley
Why do you look exactally like Sir Aaron?
Are you Ash Ketchum's father?
Guest chapter 60 . 6/19
Question for James
How is Chimecho and Cacnea doing?
Question for Paul
How have you not gotten arrested for Pokémon Abuse?
Question for Max
Why didn't you just wish that Jirachi could stay?
Guest chapter 20 . 6/19
A Question
For Paul: How have you avoided arrest for your Pokémon Abuse?
Guest chapter 16 . 6/19
2 Questions
For Ash: Why haven't you gone back for Pidgeot
For James: How's Chimecho and Cacnea Doing?
Blue050645TL chapter 60 . 6/10
WOLOLO. All red things have been changed to blue and all blue things have been changed to red. Dear everyone, what are your reactions?
Lunatic chapter 60 . 6/8
For Ash
1) Bianca once knocked you into a gutter and you stripped down in the middle of a city street to dry your clothes. WHY A CITY STREET?
2) What is your opinion of Black's singing voice?

For May
1) What would your opinion be if Yvetal turned Ash to stone and and ground him to dust?
2) The (perverted) fandom wants to know if you stuff your bra.

For Everyone else
1) Who would win in a fist fight? Ash, Iris, Black, or Max?
KitsuneShin0bi chapter 60 . 5/30
(Anime!Iris and N) Looking at your hairstyles, are you two Zoroarks? Especially since Iris looks like a particularly lazy, shiny one.
(N) Did you know that they're ways to turn people into Pokemon? If you need to know more, ask Ash.
(Latias) Do you have ways of communicating beyond body language like writing things down?
(Ash) You've died several times. Does your mother know?
otaku T chapter 60 . 5/29
Bonnie- dare you to try to find brock a girlfriend given you are such an expert.
Ursula- are you always snarky?
May- do you like food?
Anabel- can you try to read Ash's heart again?
Liza- don't you worry your brother dressing like you will stop you getting a boyfriend?
Mind reader chapter 60 . 5/25
Serena- why did it take you so long to decide on being a performer?
Professor Sycamore- Is it true that the way you choose your assistants is based on if they will be willing seduced by you or not?
Conway- any hobbies that don't involve Dawn?
Barry- is it true you are dating Bianca?
Alina 122 chapter 60 . 5/24
Hey , this is going amazing and I would like to place some questions, hope I'll answer it. To Ash and Misty. Have you ever tried reading a pokeshipping fanfiction? I dare you both to read Poke ever after by nyislandersgirl and review it. To Ash
Do you have a crush on someone? (you gotta answer it) To Misty Where do you actually keep your mallet? It always pops out of nowhere. To Paul
Your views on comashipping. To Gary
Why are you so obnoxious and ever so irritating?
Enju chapter 60 . 5/23
(Brock) How many girlfirends have you had?
(Cilan) is it true you have a female alter ego?
(Butch) Are you and cassidy dating?
(Johanna) dare you to snog paul
(Ursula) why are you so annoying?
(DJ Mary) why the restraining order on gold?
(Colress) Professor juniper, Professor Fennel, Professor Burnet, snog marry kill.
(Trip) why do you suck so much?
mick F chapter 60 . 5/22
Ninja Riot- did marlyn accept your proposal?
Zero- why do you dress like a giratina?
Baraz- don't you feel it's a bit creepy you were seen to share a bed with your younger sister (and hoopa) when you were younger?
Sheena- are you powers stronger than anabel?
Melody- do you love Ash?
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