Reviews for Icha Icha Paradise: Spiraling Love
bibink729 chapter 1 . 12/6/2023
n nn
Sora9979 chapter 1 . 9/30/2023
Tell me did you ever think of the idea of maybe oscillating the rotation I mean going from one way to another way and Back Again that would increase the pleasure I would think but I got to say I like this story a lot even if it is just a two-hit it's actually a very good story and it's well thought out and I hope you know that I appreciate it but that idea was just golden pure unadulterated gold thankfully though when I do use it I don't publish my stories they're for my own personal use but I also add a little something called common sense to the store as well so Naruto's not an idiot he actually hides his abilities at exactly a much better ninja than what people think he is he keeps right to the ninja code right to the letter so there's that thank you for your time
Diana9922 chapter 2 . 4/30/2023
Well written, I really like this story.
When next?
Kyuubinokitsune1995 chapter 1 . 12/29/2021
I saw a much bigger version of this story A while back I think someone ripped you off
Guest chapter 2 . 11/26/2021
Best two-shot I've ever read! Authorincredible! :)
Guest chapter 2 . 10/9/2021
Fucking legend
anonymouse47 chapter 2 . 7/21/2021
MojoBlack chapter 2 . 6/1/2021
Nothing to say other than great solid story. I couldn't stop reading it! Lol
MojoBlack chapter 1 . 6/1/2021
This is the best Naruto Fuu story I've read. The beginning had me a bit iffy but by golly it set the premise for the rest of the story to actually make sense! Lol. The love making scense was pretty good too.
As far as understanding Naruto well you don't get any better than a Female Jinchuriki lol. Cant wait to see the next chapter.
Nopane chapter 2 . 4/1/2021
This was Marvelous, absolutly motherf*cking Marvelous.
Nopane chapter 2 . 4/1/2021
A masterpiece that all I have to say about this. Marvelous, absolutely motherf*cking Marvolous.
BruhImTheGlitch chapter 1 . 1/5/2021
Good stuff
RYU TSUKUYOMI chapter 2 . 12/22/2020
hinata just seen her love getting head under a table HAHAHAHHAHAAHA
RYU TSUKUYOMI chapter 2 . 12/22/2020
oh you son of bitch you got me gooood I thought he cheated on her...LOL
RYU TSUKUYOMI chapter 1 . 12/22/2020
baruto and fa... *SMACKS TOUNGE* NICE.
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