Reviews for Vampires
inactive032815 chapter 1 . 9/21/2011
Yes, Jedam vampire sex is defiantly still on the list. I still wanna write and see it. And...*squeals* It's your first actual sex scene! Yayyyy! *purrs* Daddy's a vampire. That's damn sexy. *giggles*

Adam is sexual energy. You are completly true with that. And, you know I has a thing for dominate vampires and Xtian just boosted that up like 1000x. Ah, so fucking sexy!

*snuggles* I adore you for this. It's so beautiful for your first smut piece. Even if it is short. Practice makes perfect right? I loves you so much for this. Thank you, love.:)
ilzehs chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
Oh, this...So DAMN sexy! I think you have done very decently w/ your first smut piece. You kept it short & simple. Your smart w/ your writing.

I am also VERY happy to see you finally trying E&C. Christian was too sexy in this...Just too freakin' hot. & a needy Adam...Well, is seriously my biggest obsession. It gets me going like nothing.

I loved Jay's control...domineer...but also how he cared about Adam's sentiments even he didn't show much other emotions. I also loved the sexual energy bit. Totally made sense...Adam is such a temptation...& damn...Xtian handled him so beautifully here.

Wonderful. Definitely hoping to see more from you soon. You have been on a roll!