Reviews for Cold World
rllk chapter 24 . 9/26
A very good story and unlike some fan fics you didn't turn Goku into a doggone punk or chump.
Sage Art Masengan chapter 24 . 8/26
Saiyan style gohan story done right
24 out of 24 you get a Sage rank
Guest chapter 16 . 8/6
Now you just screwed this up i really wanted to see a fanfiction about gohan turning 100% evil
kamrencssj4 chapter 11 . 8/5
o well that was interesting and I cannot say anything else about it but I was very nice to see you after I'm just going to say I was answering Gohan Super Saiyan 3
kamrencssj4 chapter 8 . 8/5
Vegeta Vegeta being one of persons in this world the influence underage drinking at the age of 4 even though you can kill everybody on the planet but still test test test of the beer beer pong on 3
kamrencssj4 chapter 5 . 8/4
that would chapter was interesting and I also would like for freezer that. By go on hand him transforming scare the s*** out of everyone
kamrencssj4 chapter 4 . 8/4
that was a very good show I'm kidding I really enjoyed it keep up the good work
kamrencssj4 chapter 3 . 8/4
yes yes he gone I'm saying is coming out and he will do anything to kill everybody make this come out more and more it still is killed every single last one on this planet it will do everything to kill every one this will not be the end the only the beginning the new race starts now its called the race of bringing up bitch
kamrencssj4 chapter 2 . 8/4
keep it going I like when I'm seeing
kamrencssj4 chapter 1 . 8/4
that was awesome Lego
Lightseeker001 chapter 24 . 8/3
Oh, and Arepa. I think she can take Vegeta's place as the rival who's constantly trying to prove herself the best fighter. And perhaps become sparing partners with Goten and Trunks.
Light Seeker 001 chapter 24 . 8/3
This is without a doubt one of the best DB fan fictions I've ever read.

Will the sequel include the Majin Buu Saga? I mean, I would like to see Majin Buu, Goten, Gotenks and Uub in the Cold World universe.
SSJ Mirai Gohan chapter 24 . 7/27
Wow! This story was really, really good. I read it all and it was amazing. Seriously, if DBZ had turned out this way - this is how Akira Toriyama would have written it.
MatthewBadger chapter 5 . 6/20
this. is. amazing!
NotaGoatFucker chapter 24 . 5/2
I know that this is old, but I just wanted to say thanks for writing something that actually made sense. This is the first one of these that I've actually managed to finish, and the ending had me grinning like a dope. wud R8 8/8, M8
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