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melliemoo chapter 4 . 11/22/2011
Nice twist, having another country! It's a good change from District 13.
melliemoo chapter 1 . 11/18/2011
So glad there are two more parts after I finished Wildfire!
rebelbird chapter 1 . 11/12/2011
You guys are truely fantastic authors!
jmint945 chapter 42 . 11/10/2011
Super good story. Can't wait to start the next one. I am glad it is already done so I don't have to wait for any chapters:)
jmint945 chapter 33 . 11/3/2011
This story is really good. It is late and I need to go to bed but I just keep thinking "I'll read just one more chapter. You two are excellent writers:)
jmint945 chapter 5 . 10/25/2011
I like the story very much so far, but am not sure about Johanna being a nudist.
jayrielovee chapter 22 . 10/21/2011
teamGale143 chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
You. Killed. Gale. How could you? I can't keep reading. Sorry.
Maddie chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
OMG, I loved it even more than the last one. So exciting and emotional all at once! Although I think it's mean of Katniss to string along Peeta when she's making out with Gale...but I am desperate for the third story, especially after that wicked cliffhanger! You had better type fast!
NeilHighwind chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
Did Gale just die? Did you just kill Gale after he got some! xDDDDD...Awww T_T Gale has really grown on me... T_T
NeilHighwind chapter 38 . 9/30/2011
Poor Willow. I felt so bad for her. She just wants to keep her promise to Joule.

Good chapter you guys. I'm on edge to see what happens to District 12. Are they really going to have a missle crisis? Will they save them. Gah, it's so frustrating not knowing.
NeilHighwind chapter 32 . 9/30/2011
I have one thing to say about this chapter, "DAAAAAAWWWWW!"
micmic022 chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
This story was amazing, i'm excited to start reading the next one :)
MsRSX chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
Oh I hope you don't kill off Gale...I've really enjoyed your story.
Ellenka chapter 42 . 9/30/2011
Okay, I promised myself not to vent my feelings in caps... so Ill leave that part to the imagination.

But... you know, I suspected. I never mentioned it in a review, because I hung onto the futile hope that Im wrong and didnt want to give you the idea in case you werent considering it. But, suspect, I did.

Well, despite an ending that almost killed me, thank you times billion for this incredible reading exerience. It was an intense ride with a nasty crash at the end, but Im VERY glad I went along, because it was SO worth it.
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