Reviews for Gestures
AccountKiller254654354351 chapter 1 . 9/14/2011

first of all congratulations on not only write a story for holby city, but a good one! secondly i was so angry at hanson lat night i could have killed him, sahera and greg are meant to be and hansen is more like her dad, i dont see why people constatlymake them more than friends... its not right :P
twideleetwidledee chapter 1 . 9/14/2011
No, you didn't imagine it, not at all! The little smirk was present and he was very pleased with himself when walking away. I have to say I was waiting for the smirk to appear and it did!

Back to your story, I really liked this because it gives us nearly an insight as to what he might be thinking and to be quite honest you are always spot on with his character and I would agree in this case too!

When I heard the comment, "She didn't know her best friend was in love with her", I immediatly though of Hanssen and then saw the wistful look on Gregs face and I kinda felt sorry for both of them but Henrik a little more!

Again another brilliant ending, you know just how to finish, "Nothing is so broken it can't be fixed."

Great as always!

Keep writing more and I'm waiting with anticipation to see what is next from you :)

Samantha xo