Reviews for Serendipity
JPElles chapter 76 . 4/12
Great chapter. Curious what happens with the premier upon us here.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/12
Love it on chapter 35 sent it to my friend to read we love it! Can't wait for more sexy times
Weasleyswan chapter 76 . 4/7
Thank u so much for continuing this story! I love it so much and can't wait for their actual wedding! Xx
bigbangfan91 chapter 76 . 4/5
I love this story going to look out got your books too! I really hope you get s chance to finish this because I want to read there ending!
Mello-83 chapter 76 . 4/5
Hi MJ,

Perfect as always!
ChangingDisposition chapter 76 . 4/4
I don't think i've ever reviewed this story, which is outrageous because it's one of my all time favourite fanfics... but i just want to say that the way you write Quinn and Rachel together is breathtaking. The love they have is almost tangible, and it entices readers on a whole other level:) don't ever stop writing because you are quite frankly, fantastic :)
Lauraluvscasey chapter 76 . 4/3
So glad this story is still going.
nevertakestoolong chapter 76 . 4/3
So glad to see a new chapter! Loved it!
Basillover chapter 76 . 4/3
Loved the update and downloaded Veritas and read it all last night...stayed up til 2! Really enjoyed your first novel...but think I liked this one even better. My family just rented a house one of these islands for a family vacation so I have recently researched the area (including other surrounding islands during our house search) quite extensively (especially via the scary technology which is Google Earth) which probably added to my enjoyment of the setting. I kind of feel like I have already been there! Please keep the updates to Serendipity coming...I will never get tired of your twist on these characters! Thanks!
R3dN0te chapter 76 . 4/3
Thanks for update. Can't wait to see her fathers in the wedding.
Kali-blue chapter 76 . 4/3
MJ, Great to read an update. I missed your version of our gals. Hope you are well.

I guess I'll have to brace myself for wedding hullabaloo. Though if you do allow them to elope I fear you will end their journey after only 327,000 plus words. Lol I'm not ready to let them go and it's all your fault. You even just added Greg as a new character. ;)

Take care, Kali
agarza1538 chapter 76 . 4/3
Always nice to see an update and as usual the only disappointment is when the chapter ends. Thank you
Pao Vargas chapter 76 . 4/3
I am charmed with Quinn, am totally touching in his zeal to protect and take pleasure to Rachel in everything, because for Quinn, the happiness and Rachel's tranquility it is his happiness plaster demonstrates the great love of the blonde for his fiancé. Greg's idea is not bad; on the contrary, very opportune, to organize something small and intimate for a next weekend, where there are the persons most important and close to they and could fulfill his dream of compromising in his love forever. Quinn feels the need to feel unit to Rachel of a formal way and with something that certifies it; later they will be able to do a great holiday.
texican chapter 76 . 4/3
Ridiculously happy to see this update and not just because it had heat, but cute and sweet too. Wedding soon please!
bkworm52 chapter 76 . 4/3
So happy to see a new chapter! Still love this story!
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