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Relaxing Pikachu chapter 1 . 8/26/2017
Aw man, what a place to stop. Please come back.
Guest chapter 15 . 7/8/2017
Ugh no! We're almost there! i need more! Lol
Nikki Pond chapter 15 . 6/21/2016
Oh my god, you just made me crave for more Arnold/Helga, it seems we have much more Arnold/Cecile interactions, I kind of like the real Helga back. Anyway, I appreciate that you did everything you could in this chapter, the pacing, conflict and drama. And I am SO looking forward to the next chapter that u mentioned you are preparing. I love it all, and I love how Arnold has this realisation and what he and Helga bring each other. I love it. I am really hoping for the next chapter even if it has been two years. Looking forward to it forever
Nikki Pond chapter 14 . 6/21/2016
I'm honestly glad of the realisation Arnold has and what he has to do. I admire that
taylor chapter 5 . 3/23/2016
the stating of Gerald being African American is strange..
burn-a-dark-soul5000 chapter 4 . 7/19/2015
I love lucky! X3
Guest chapter 15 . 7/10/2015
Please continue soon!
chicaalterego chapter 5 . 10/18/2014
Ok. Im confused. Are Lucky's eyes brown or green? You said before they were green and now thatthey are green.
Singr chapter 15 . 10/12/2014
(KNEW I WAS GONNA GET CUT OFF. HA. Here's the rest (omg))

That paragraph explaining each teams game strategies? I love that paragraph. I love everything about that paragraph. I want to make that paragraph my third wife... or is it my fourth?

"Cecile was, after all, pretty much the best thing that ever happened to that stupid football head" *louder cackling*

Wait, Gertie thinks Gerald's a greaser too?! But... afro... Okay, not thinking about it. Not picturing Gerald with greaser hair. Not... Trying... Failing... ahahAHAHAHAHAHAAHA

"It was wicked awesome meeting you, sir." Oh, Sid. xD

Aw, the Arnold and Cecile break up scene. I shed a tear. No, I didn't. But that's only because I know things. xD

I like Lucky and her family and I adore angst, so. I think this was arguably the best chapter in the whole story? I can't remember a lot of what happened in past chapters, tho, so I can't say that for sure, but I know I really enjoyed it. As for constructive criticism, there's a lot of errors, but psht. Like I can talk. I think Lucky's reaction to the idea of Sid coming over and meeting her family should have been shown, and sometimes conversations can seem a little disjointed and rushed. Like after Sid told her about thinking he blew up a building, I'd have liked to see Lucky make a comment or two before moving on. And Arnold and Gerald's convo, too, was entertaining but it lacked detail. I had trouble picturing it, but then, that could just be me, Idk. Overall, I like the new characters, and honestly, I love insanity and weirdness and jokes, but if there's not something real there to back them up, something about it falls flat. So Lucky's past? Really fantastic. Lucky's been fun this whole time, but really it's like she's just been a new friend for Helga. Now it's like she's her own character, and not only that, but an interesting one. Good job.

Well, I wrote this in real time while I read, so it's long and probably pretty confusing to read, but I hope it made up for me... sucking. Hopefully it was worth the wait? Well.

Happy Holidays! (is it appropriate to say that now or is it too soon? ah, screw it)

SuprSingr chapter 15 . 10/12/2014
...How fun is it that it took me half a year to review? :D That's fantastic, isn't it? I think that's mighty special of me. They don't call me 'supr' for nothing, haha.

...There just aren't any words to express how sorry I am that it took me this long. Like, right after you posted, I made it like halfway through and was enjoying myself, but then something came up and I forgot about it, and by the time I remembered again, enough time had passed that I just—felt—so incredibly dumb. xD Idk why I do these things. Like I said, there just aren't words.

Making up for it right now, tho! Prepare yourself. And congrats on hitting the 100 mark, btw!

Okay, let's see...

Random, but I just wanna say again how much the Lucky/Sid pairing amuses me. I read back the last chapter to jog my memory some so I'd know wtf's going on, and reading Sid and Lucky talking to each other again was great. I hope Sid pops up again soon. I need more of their relationship in my life.

Omg, did Lucky meet Eugene at any point in this story yet?! I can't remember! By God, if Lucky hasn't met him yet, /she has to/.

"You look like a flibberdeejibit. What in the name of blueberry toaster tarts are you doing?"

Okay, first of all, what the heck is a flibberdeejibit? And second of all—L M A O. I fricken cackled. Not only because funny words and "blueberry toaster tarts," but because for like the first time ever, Lucky seemed like one of the only normal people in the room. x'''D

I love Trix already. Idk why, but something about these monotoned, bored, blunt characters really speak to me. And Trix is especially fun, I guess because you don't see too many female characters like that. Or at least ones that aren't goth anyway. It's refreshing.

...Margie's a lunatic. x'D Omgomgomg

Love Helga trying to intimidate Trix. And Trix not giving a single fudge ball about it.

I feel bad for Lucky. I like how she is around her family, though. I love reading about characters who act strangely in some way, or have some kind of flaw that everyone's annoyed by, but then when you see how they grew up, it suddenly all makes sense. Lucky's behavior is already more understandable.

Phoebe as usual the only one with any sense in her head. I love how unaffected Trix is by the entire situation. xDDDDD Poor Helga, though. Phoebe really should have asked if it was okay before she spilled.




I like the dude already. Can't remember his name, but I'm sure it's gonna come up in a sec. That "You apparently know this city so well you don't have to look where you're going" is a really good line. I know he and Lucky don't get along for some reason? I can't remember if you ever said why that is, but yeah, I like him. Is that bad?! Guess I'll be finding out.

Nereus... Really, you've gotta have some mad respect for anyone with enough guts to name their kids things like "Lucky," "Viatrix," and "Nereus." And then there's Margaret, lmao. It's too much, I love it.

Ahhh, Nereus is a talker. Or is he ranting? I can't quite tell. I love how he just ran into Arnold and immediately started complaining and telling him all about where he was going, why, and what his day had been like. Seems like all of Lucky's family are really outgoing. Like those people who randomly strike up conversations in supermarkets that always make me really uncomfortable, lol.

Okay, what did Lucky do? Darn it, did you ever disclose why Nereus doesn't like Lucky? WHY CAN'T I REMEMBER ANYTHING, CURSE MY FEEBLE MIND

Kinda weird how Lucky seemed normal around her other siblings and yet here Nereus is saying she's too crazy for them. Seems like your entire family's kinda crazy, Nereus, lol. Or, maybe it's not quite that she's normal as she is subdued? Hm... Or maybe Nereus is just an ass. That could be.

Yeah, we already established Lucky's srsly deceitful, she's been helping Helga lie about being Cecile throughout the entire story. xDDD I can't wait until Arnold finds out! Oh, this is going to be terrible. Hehehe.

Aw, poor Arnold. Trying to figure out how to break up with Helga so he can date Helga. That's... rough.


Okay, I simultaneously like Nereus and want to throw him out a five story window... I've... never felt like this about a character before...

Aw yiss, and here we have the majestic football-skulled Arnold in his natural habitat. Surrounded by stupid, over-dramatized problems, all easily resolved with a little common sense and a short period of thought. Watch as he effortlessly steers the ceiling-nosed Rhonda from destroying all life in the savanna. Observe the gentle nudge he gives her down a much less destructive path, and the collective snorts of relief from the surrounding wildlife. Stay tuned after the break to behold the ceiling-nosed Rhonda and bottle-eyed Curly perform the ancient mating dance of the Whateven, lost in antiquity.

Lucky ain't too fond of Theria? Getting that vibe. I remember something about her having a negative effect on Margie? Can't say I blame Lucky, I know what those sorts of siblings are like. Never around and when they are you wish they weren't. Interested to read more about this.

It's funny seeing Margie in an awkward situation. She's clearly a very vibrant, outgoing person, so seeing her in a situation so opposite everything she stands for is amusing... and yeah, I like Nereus. And Trix just not caring, LOL. It's great.

"Why don't you all come along with me. We can girl talk or paint our nails or plan a revolution or something." I mentioned I love Lucky before? Because I do.

Finally past the point I got interrupted before. YAY NEW STUFF *bunkers down and reads intensely*

AHHHH Trix and Sid in the same room would be awesome! OMG, is that happening? Is this going down? Pleasepleaseplease I wanna see how Sid reacts to her and them snickering over pranks!

Huh, Lucky's parents. The chromosomes that started it all. It's weird seeing them in the story and described out in such detail. Didn't ever think we'd get to meet them. Like, I thought it'd be like cow and chicken's parents or something, lol. Idk.

I just got interrupted again. Amazing.

Okay, back to reading...

A little confused why Lucky didn't freak out when Helga suggested Sid come over? At first I was excited, but. With Nereus there, and Lucky and Sid's relationship still fresh, that kiiinda seems like something Lucky would lose her nut over... i still want him to come over tho .w.

Ah, yes, yes, the dictionary. A bit of light reading, I see.

Trix is starting to remind me a little of Arnie, with all the indifference and oddness... Great, now I wanna see /them/ interact. Can you imagine? Arnie's all, "Wanna see my lint collection?" and Trix is like... What would Trix be like? Do you see why I need this?

"Well, it's kind of hard to explain-"

"Oh, girl trouble."

That is just... I just had to cover my face and giggle for a while. Oh, Gerald.

"Geez Arnold are you incapable of liking a girl who could possibly like you back?"

OH. Oh. Oh, Gerald. Oh.

"How many times have you had a crush on a girl and it didn't work out? And now there's this girl that does like you, and you're not interested. Now I've heard of a guy wanting something he can't have, but this is getting ridiculous. I mean, Helga? The one girl who has hated you since the day you met?"

...The amount of sense Gerald makes. I just love—Gahhhh. My brain is such mush rn, I'm sorry. It's just... It's just great. Oh, Gerald. You understand so much and yet so little.


"Whoever this guy was, Sid already didn't like him." EEEEEE

Parker and Cora are so cute.

OHHHHH CAT FIGHT *grabs popcorn*

awwwww Slucky fluff... Or is it Luckid? Siducky (lmao)? Or— LUCID. Lucid. Can their ship name be Lucid? Is that okay? Because omg.

Awwww no cat fight *drops popcorn in disappointment*

"And then Pooke here started doing the member on top of the water fountain! And that's why you should never teach a mongoose how to read." ...

Okay, I'm glad Mr. Hyunh is out. He'd prolly have a heart attack if he was actually present. xDDD

"Do people actually /know/? Does /she/?" BWAHAHAHAHA, OF COURSE PEOPLE KNOW, YOU IDIOT

oh, wow. okay. that got real pretty quick.

Lucky was /arrested/? Man, there goes my buzz.




how DARE you line break there?! I wanted to know what happened! Oh, Nerdil, you gon' be in biiiig trouble if this ain't all resolved nice and neat by the end of this chapter, oh yes sirree.

...Okay, so Lucid fluff. Maybe I'll forgive you. Let's see.




You're trying to make me cry. I will end you for this.

No, but I really like this. S'like Lucky's become human. It's all come full circle, with the hacking thing and Nereus and Sid. "I was afraid you were too good for me." I love that. I really do. I've thought about that before, actually, so I'm glad this came up. Lucky is a really clean, intelligent person, who like irons her own clothes and comes from what seems to be a pretty... high-end (?) family, and Sid is... Well, he's not dumb, he's just... Sid. I never really understood the weird fandom craze around his character before I read your fic. I mean, I liked him, he's funny, but I could never see him growing up... not... greasy. And, like you've portrayed, a player who lies to girls and pulls pranks and gets in trouble and stuff. With a good heart, don't get me wrong, but still. I hope that makes sense? It's just... Idk. I've been enjoying the Sid/Lucky relationship throughout the entire fic, but after that scene, I think I may be a diehard fan.

"Own-It-All." *cackles*

That paragraph explaining each teams ga
Katarina956 chapter 15 . 8/6/2014
Nooo! I need to know the end! I just found this story the other day. And I love it. Everything about it. Please update soon!
Guest chapter 1 . 7/24/2014
I'm giving up hope. I'm waiting more than 3 months. Too long for me, please update! :(
Sookdeo chapter 15 . 7/2/2014
Of course Lucky's family has to be here to screw the whole plan up. Just hope it does t blow up in Helga's face. Would be such a shame.

What's wrong with lucky? In feeling uneasy about this reveal. Especially since her brother spoke about her in an ill light.

Wel isn't that something. When a serious matter needs to be discussed everybody and they mama show up. Smh this outta be interesting. Nereus is evil. Just pure unadulterated evil. Ugh I hope he gets hit by a car. Or at least has an allergic reaction.

It's gonna be on and poppin at dinner time. Ok so Nereus is officially an ass. Especially since Lucky was apprehended for unselfish reasons.

And I would simply adore you if you'd update with a chapter. Please bestow on your readers with more. End of the school year? Child how does your school system work?
Sookdeo chapter 13 . 7/2/2014
So was the movie Aladdin or The Theif and the Cobler?

Oh crap! She ate a strawberry. Here's where all the beans spill. Well thank God that Lucky's prepared.

Lol Sid is so hilarious over dramatic
I love howe you really captured each character to the t. Authors often struggle with OoC and it draws away from the story for me
And ABOUT TIME THE DUNDERHEADED IMBECILE learned something. God he's so dense it kills me to read fanfics with him in it. It's truly physically painful to watch his denial. I know how Helga feels
Sookdeo chapter 7 . 6/30/2014
I like this overall. Um i think personally I would change the pace of the story. But that's just my style of writing. I like to be descriptive and draw things out. Get the readers mind going. But I like this. It's easy to follow, even with the plot/plot going on. It's funny. And I have to admit my heart stopped when Pookie recognized Eleanor lol. You do a great job of evoking adrenaline rushes and laughs from me.

And it's pretty funny that Arnold is falling for Helga the same time that he's dating Cecile.
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