Reviews for Those Odd days
bobohack chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
i usually hate these crossovers but, I like this one
bobohack chapter 2 . 11/26/2012
Hoping for a update
Iamsomeone22 chapter 2 . 9/8/2012
Please update, what happens next .
Erza Fullbuster LOVE chapter 2 . 7/26/2012
continualo! me parece interesante! quiero seguir leyendo este fic"
warrior of six blades chapter 2 . 9/24/2011
Nice job on these two chapters and I look forward to seeing how things unfold in future chapters. I wonder who the silver hair person was? Although I have a few ideas of who it is, I still look forward to finding out in future chapters. Anyways good luck with your future stories and future chapters.
Enileve chapter 1 . 9/18/2011
the beginning of the story is cool. i was looking for a crossover between haruhi suzumiya and prince of tennis, but sadly, they didn't have any. so i just looked for others and found this. please update soon, i'm curious what the story will be like.