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Jennas101 chapter 14 . 10/4
That was such a cute and heart warming story! I was so sucked into it and read it in a day! I didn't review every chapter so I'm sorry for that. I just kept wanting to hurry and get to the next chapter. I wish there was more to read haha but i will definitely check out your other stories!
xoxo Jenna :)
ezala chapter 14 . 9/6
I just wanted to say how much I love this story. I first read it around 2015 when I first logged onto fanfiction and stumbled upon it one day... and this story completely captivated me from the start. This had been one of my favorite Delena fanfics I have ever read and I don't just say that to make you feel better. I really do love it and I come back to read it every few weeks, it always randomly pops into my head and I think about some of my favorite points in it. (These are just a few because I have many more.)

First, the chemistry between Damon and Elena from the start, even the angst in their friendship. You wrote it so perfectly and I honestly don't care that it took 2 years to complete this story because it was worth it. I'm glad you didn't rush and just try to put up a chapter for the hell of it. Even though I never stumbled onto TVD or fanfic around the time you first posted it, I just want to say thank you for perfectly writing this story. I don't think you could have gotten it any better.

Two, I loved and hated Elena through this story. I loved her because in my opinion, she was strong and honestly had the best interest in mind for Damon, even though she never liked Katherine. She did want him to be happy... but I also hated her because of her fears. I know Damon gave her reasons for it and after years of watching him with other girls and Katherine, it caused her to stay even more silent about her crush on him. They were justified and realistic so I wanted to thank you for that as well. I love realistic but fluffy and angst filled Delena stories or any stories at all. As long as the two characters I ship or love don't end up dead or with someone else, I love realistic stories but I also like angst, drama, redemption, jealousy and love. And this story had it all. But, the fact that Elena dreamt about Damon taking back their night spent together, was beautiful and heartbreaking at the same time. The way you wrote it was so perfect and worded so... amazing. But, once again, it was realistic because of her fears that Damon would run away and break her heart once more by returning to Katherine. But, it was also heartbreaking that she thought that. I know Damon wasn't a saint at all through this story or TVD but I do believe he wouldn't do what he did to her in the dream her fears and insecurities though of. And, I'm not just saying that because I'm a hardcore Delena shipper (even though I am :D) but because he wouldn't go about it in that way that she thought he would. He would break it to her easily and say that he was sorry and ask if they could still be friends (as bad as that sounds, lol) but in my opinion, I don't think that would have happened either, but it was a drawn up fantasy of Elena's deepest sorrows and pain after Damon had unknowingly tossed her to the side for years as the best friend and nothing more. So, I do understand it, even if it boiled my blood at times. And, when she tried to give him the cold shoulder after that, was so Elena (to run, lol) but also sad that she had gotten so scared by a dream that it almost made her completely pull away from the man she loved. But, then again, dreams are very scary at times and can bring out the worst and best emotions in us. I'm happy Damon put those fears to rest for the time being until he could silence them forever.

The story was put together perfectly. To the scenes, the dialogue, the emotions to the thoughts. I don't think you could have done better on any of it.

And, believe it or not, I actually liked Stefan. Which is weird because he often got on my nerves all throughout TVD but he was a good conflict for Damon and Elena. Even though I don't like when someone tries to come between my favorite couple, Stefan actually didn't disappoint me like he did in the show. He was smart, funny at times, the perfect person to drive a wedge between Damon and Elena (even though, once again, I don't like when my favorite couple is apart but I would be lying if I said I didn't like the angst. I even put them in my own stories.) and smart mouthed. I always love a sarcastic and cold attitude character, lol. Stefan grew on my through the story but I didn't want him or Elena together in any way. I just thought he was the perfect conflict for the couple and he played a very good part. Well done on that.

I won't even begin to comment about Katherine. I'm sure you can guess how I feel about her already... she was a big enough douche on the show. I will no longer spare my time talking about her.

I LOVED the scene when Damon and Elena were arguing and he brought up the cape and Elena said he had done just fine ignoring the so called feelings he had for her since then and basically implied why not do it now because he had done it before. And, when he told her that he actually felt things for her and said that was the first time he noticed she had breasts and was growing... just seemed funny and cute to me for some reason. I could just picture a teenage Damon in my head looking at Elena and thinking how beautiful she was... and then noticing her growing body. It was quiet comical to think about, really.

One of the last points I can really remember clearly without getting something wrong (because it's been a while since I've sat down and read the entire story form first to last chapter. But, I can still remember my most favorite parts.) The last point and one of the best plot points I can remember is when Elena and Damon argued and I think they had separated and went with other people to the ball or whatever it was, lol. Can't remember. But, correct me if I'm wrong. But, anyways, I loved when Damon went to the ocean to think about what happened between him and Elena and what caused him to completely lose her (or so he thought) and Elijah came to her saying there was a hurricane or something about to happened and that Damon was still in the water (I think it was Elijah who said it but once again, correct me if I'm wrong) and Elena went down to the beach (or wherever it was) to talk with Damon so he would get out before he got hurt or even killed. Then he started going on about how he should have kissed her when he got the chance and asked if she believed in second chances. And, Elena's response all but broke my heart when she said he was too late. And, I started to think "No!" When Damon replied saying he didn't believe her, I found it so funny because that was typical Damon and it was just adorable to read because of his stubbornness. Damon and Elena always clashed because of that. But, it was always comical and angst filled so I loved it. But, back to the chapter. When Damon said he tried to push her away because he didn't think he was worthy of her, my heart shattered. The way Damon thought of himself of not only in this story but in TVD itself was heart wrenching so see and hear. He had so many dark places and always labeled as the outcast or not good enough compared to Stefan. So, When Damon went on about how he thought he wasn't worthy of not only her but her time and friendship (even though he didn't actually say that but I can read between the lines.) it made me remember all those times in TVD when Damon was scared, and we could all see it, that Elena would get sick of him and his killer tendencies and run back to Stefan like she always had.

As the chapter continued, he practically begged to her that he could change, all I could think was that I hoped Elena gave him another chance but another part of me was saying it wanted him to earn not only her but her love and forgiveness for everything, even though some was unintentional. Feelings don't take kindly to even the smallest of off gesture or stupid actions. It holds a grudge and definitely does have a memory. And, when he kissed her, I was like "YES DAMON!" because I did want him to prove to her he didn't like pretend to like her out of jealousy because of Stefan. I had all my hopes up that she would give him the slightest bit of hope, even though the rational part of me was saying that wouldn't happen just yet... and then it all crashed and burned when she said none of it was real to him and that he only wanted her now because Stefan wanted her. And even though I wanted to throttle you for doing that to us, I loved it at the same time. I loved angst and it was the perfect amount through the entire story not just that one sentence. And, when it said the sky began to open up and it started raining, I was like :O Surprised and shocked af but so in love with the entire chapter and story even more.

Those are just a few of the big ones I can remember even after all this time and even though I haven't read it from start to finish in a while, those plot points were still Imbedded fresh into my mind like I had just read them. I obviously loved the ending as well, especially the last few sentences because it summed up and complimented the story perfectly but I'm a sucker for angst and things like that as well. So, I just wanted to leave you this review and hopefully it made you smile someway through it. But, my whole purpose of coming back into this story today was to tell you I hope you return to ff and Delena one day even though you haven't written in anything since 2013 I think. I love reading all of you stories and I love "Sweet and Sexy Mistakes" as well. One of my favorites as well with this one. I have read your other stories as well but I can' think of the names off the top of my head at the moment but I just want you to know I loved reading them and I hope you write more about Damon and Elena one day because you are good at it and I hope you see this little review (lol, "little" review) and it makes you smile.

I would love to speak with you because I think we would be great friends. I love talking with other authors and readers on ff about Delena. I swear, I'm nice! But, even if you don't pm me back, I just hope it made your day reading this and I wish you all the best with your children, relationship and in life. I hope it's going well for you. Much love to you and wish all the best :D
cloisharley chapter 5 . 5/7
I had to review this chapter especially. It's been brilliant so far but this chapter really hit me. I know the friend zone intimately and this chapter - wow. I actually felt sick for Elena after the whole nearly kiss in the water and that end paragraph! Oh man I don't know how she's held it together and not burst into tears or thrown something at him. Absolutely crushing - brilliant writing.
Salvatoreboys4ever chapter 14 . 2/11
Beautiful powerful story. Read it all in one morning! Looking forward to seeing what else you have written . Great job !
ukarnaj68 chapter 14 . 8/24/2016
This is my favorite fanfic EVER! I know that it's over 3 years complete, but I just got into TVD this Spring... (I watched 7 seasons in 2 weeks lol). When you see it all that close Delena is end game... I want to compliment you on this (your couples counseling thoughts are probably why this works so well) because so many fanfics go through all this angst and then they're just together This story, and the struggles once they were together, is exactly how it would have been... THANK YOU!
Mariah April May chapter 14 . 8/21/2016
awwwww this has to be one of most adorable story I ever read...
keep up the good work ...
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 8 . 6/26/2016
ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii tanta expectativa e foi fodaaa ameii esse hot deles kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 7 . 6/26/2016
finalmente tefan é um lixo esse gay desgraçado viado filho d puta

tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 6 . 6/26/2016
tadinhaaaaaaaaaaa d elena mas n foi culpad damon foi a vadia d katherine piranha odeio ela
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 5 . 6/26/2016
finalmente ele descobriu adoroooooooooooooooo oq elevai fazer? curiosaaaaaaaaaaa
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 4 . 6/26/2016
perfeitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ameiii primeiro beijooo d verdade claro melhor ainda foi eleadmitir q ela é a coisa mas importante na vida dele e q as coisas com a kat vadia vai tr q esperar aorooooooooooo
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 3 . 6/26/2016
noite movimentada ? vc ainda n vi nada querido damon meu amooooooooor
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 2 . 6/26/2016
ameiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ele ficou boquiaberto quando viu ela toda arrumada e produzida e melhoo ainda morreu d ciumes kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk o stefan um lixo odeio vc afff
tamara.marquesdesouza.5 chapter 1 . 6/25/2016
eu adoreeeeei muito lindoooooo
DeeDayDream chapter 14 . 5/29/2016
Thank you for this Story...I loved it, The Idea of Unrequited Love between two best friends has beenone of my favorites also , especially when Love is Finally returned ;) Thank you soooo much ...Ireally enjoyed this so much :)
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