Reviews for A Year in the Office of Albus Dumbledore
A chapter 8 . 7/14
Oh you leave it at that w/out giving us Severus' reaction?! :)

I'm really glad you came back to this story, another couples months and I probably would have given up on any updates ever coming. I'm enjoying the story a lot, as I did with the first one. I like where you are taking it, and I think you do a really great job of writing a "nice" Severus. I'm not quite sure how you do so (or the other few authors I've seen do it well) as he's such a nasty guy in canon and making him caring can make him completely OOC, but you do it well. Thank you
aalens chapter 8 . 7/4
Thanks for writing this; it's a very engaging story.
dreamflower02 chapter 8 . 6/28
What a fun sun story! I love Albus' POV. It's so seldom that we get his perspective in fanfic, and when we do, it's usually in the stories that paint him in an unfavorable light.

I really like this more human yet still good Dumbledore. I especially like the way you address the issues that Dumbldore bashers often bring up, and refute them so reasonably.

Just two more to go to wrap up Harry's first year. I look forward to it.
thatquietgirl21 chapter 8 . 6/6
I love this story, it's so adorable.
Velgamidragon chapter 8 . 6/3
The "looks". I love how the "looks" get numbered. That's absolutely my favorite part about this story.
Nanettez chapter 2 . 5/24
"Harry," Severus interjected
Snape always called him Potter, never Harry. It would also be hard to imagine Malfoy caring if they got hurt. He would just want to get them into trouble.
Guest chapter 8 . 5/20
This was a very sweet fanfic. I am happy to say that it is one of the best I have ever read. Keep up the good work.:)
Sue Clover chapter 8 . 5/17
Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh. *sighs in appreciation*
Simply lovely. And funny, and cute, and lots of other good things.
Fai's smile chapter 8 . 5/15
That last paragraph is perfect.
Fallow52 chapter 7 . 5/14
xxx Kudos xxx : )
reader1writer1 chapter 8 . 5/12
LOL-that was practically mean of Dumbledore
MuggleCreator chapter 8 . 5/12
Good chapter.
EbonyWing chapter 8 . 5/12
Awww... Lovely! I love how Dumbledore shows such concern for Severus' feelings-he obviously really cares about him! :)

And the irrepressible Norbert(a), I was wondering when she was going to turn up!

Nice chapter! ;)
biancaruth chapter 8 . 5/12
This is something I hope you'll expand on in future. Harry trusting the adults in his life with his problems and Harry seeing people he trusts dish out fair judgement and punishment. It should be educational. I'm glad Harry stills sees Severus as someone he can confide in and Snape hasn't managed to push him away.
noamg chapter 8 . 5/12
Once again, very well written. I especially like the assumption that the Stone wasn't supposed to remain at Hogwarts for as long as it did - it makes sense.
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