Reviews for Coming Out
Hi chapter 1 . 8/28/2017
This is so cute
Nikolai chapter 1 . 5/3/2014
This is very much hilarious! As a gay Hetalia lover, I say this needs to be episode! PrussiaxAustria ALWAYS! J
Nimblefoot13 chapter 1 . 10/25/2013
Gay party all up in here! Woot! I wish I could have came out like that...
inactivesorryppl chapter 1 . 4/28/2013
LOL, this was all so cute and funny!

- "But we all respect each other, right? Okay, so I'm gay." I just couldn't stop laughing (not that I'm against it).
- My God, Russia. e n e at least do it in a room! XD
- "There is still hope!" I feel sorry for the girls.
- PRUSSIA IS SUPPOSED TO BE MINE! *gets Grell's chainsaw*
Bloom Flower chapter 1 . 3/1/2013
The Cake Genius chapter 1 . 2/18/2013
XD FUCKIN' AWESOME! (to quote the magnificent Prussia ;)).
AnimeRomantic4Ever chapter 1 . 1/2/2013
I'm Bisexual and I just laughed. This was a really cute story. Lol. Of course Austria would be the one to gather everyone together and they all just admited it! Finally! Also... I totally see Hungary as the girl with her gay bff. (Gay bff being Austria.)
Mizuki Tsukino chapter 1 . 11/19/2012
Oh god X) This is so funny and cute and I can ACTUALLY see this happening in Hetalia XD Love it!
baconis1priority chapter 1 . 12/20/2011
Hehe Poland XD ok so fluff is like something really seer and cute; lovey-dovey. Oneshot is a story that only has one chapter when it ends. It took me a while to figure out what that meant as well.
Blood on the Sunflowers chapter 1 . 10/22/2011

And no that did not bother me at all!


I thought that was absolutely adorable and fluffy!~

Speadee chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
I'm glad they all confessed. You described the difficulties of bringing up such a topic and confession well. Why did Austria have to stand behind Russia to confess to Prussia?

It is like China to not want to open up and express himself, but I'm glad Russia got him to do it. I thought Russia himself doesn't open up much. Wouldn't he have hurt China if he slammed him into the wall?

Was Poland with Lithuania? Who did Belarus, Canada, and Hungary end up with? I hope Belarus and Hungary weren't too heartbroken.

You need to use a new paragraph when you change speakers. Otherwise it is hard to read.

Sorry about your breakup. I myself can be a loner, too.