Reviews for Whiskey & Cakesters
ripper34 chapter 31 . 10/1/2019
Good story
Grey Seren chapter 1 . 7/14/2019
Title analysis:

Whiskey Daryl

Cakesters Carl and Sophia
N chapter 31 . 4/21/2019
This was amazing, I loved the relationship between the kids and Daryl. Also I thought that Daryl was really in character, so it made the story more realistic.
Thank you for writing this fabulous piece of work.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/27/2019
Good morning starshine is a song by Oliver. It's been used in a lot of stuff
M chapter 31 . 1/15/2019
I thought I posted a review already, but for some reason it didn't show up, so if theres two, thats why. Anyway, this is an amazing story. You are really skilled at characterization. Personality quirks, human flaws, the different ways people think and behave, and the reason behind it. You are so freaking good at writing kids. Like so good that it brings up all these memories of being eleven, because you have it down so well the way they interact and live in the moment and mess around. I wish I could write people like you. Its not about eloquence, or grammar, or whatever, like another reviewer said, you have charm. I really hope you keep writing and come out with a book like this someday, because you are a unique writer. I read this story before years ago, and its just as good as I remember it. I was grinning the whole time I read it. I'm trying to write my own book, and I wish I had your ability to portray people, so individualistic and fleshed out. The dialog never gets annoying, it feels genuine.
m chapter 31 . 1/14/2019
I read this story years ago, and its even better then I remembered. You're a great writer, like somebody else said, its not about grammar or Shakespearean writing, but charm and characterization. I wish I could write people like this. I actually reread this for inspiration because I'm trying to write a book, but all my characters come out somehow sounding and acting like the exact same person. Somehow you capture what its like just to be a person, and especially, what its like to be a kid. I don't know how you did that so well, it makes me wish I could be eleven again. You have it down exactly, the way they think and interact. You're able to portray personality, flaws, and quirks, and speech patterns so well, and make them likable. I hope you write a book just like this someday.
celia azul chapter 29 . 1/15/2019
This flip flopping back and forward in time is impossible to keep up with .
haljon14 chapter 31 . 9/4/2018
This is an amazing story. Probably one of my favorite fics on this entire site. I found this a couple years back, and I still come back to read this thing. When I first found this site, I used to think that you needed perfect writing and Shakespearean language to have a great fic, but you proved to me that all it takes is charm and a great story. It annoys me greatly when you talk about your haters, because they are so wrong to badmouth you! You personify the characters in an amazing way, and made a great villain. I love this fic so much!
HeidiFox chapter 31 . 7/24/2018
I just marathon read this and holy hell, i did not know i needed dad!daryl in my life. Thank you for seeing this to the end! It was an amazing read!
BluePulseSolangelo chapter 1 . 1/17/2018
Night vale reference?! Why, I never!
TigerInTheMoonlight chapter 31 . 1/5/2018
I know this story is a few years old now, but I just wanted to say how much I love it!
Donni chapter 31 . 12/7/2017
This is one of my all-time favorite TWD fics, and I've read it at least four times and just can't get enough of it!
Guest chapter 31 . 11/27/2017
The best story ever!
girlface chapter 31 . 11/17/2017
Too lazy to find my password but this is my real account name.

I'm so glad I stumbled on this story. You did an amazing job creating a deep bond between them for 12 days! Loved Daryls childhood stories. Off to see what else you've written but I'd love to see a sequel of how all the new group dynamics are.
CastielLunaWinchester chapter 31 . 11/4/2017
Know this story was finished like years ago but its the best walking dead one i have read so far I loved it and was so sad when I finished it! You wrote everything perfectly
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