Reviews for The Next Phase
Forseti Purge chapter 1 . 11/8/2011
Honestly, I'm not EVL fan. I consider his throwing away David Webb personality, murdering Conklin and Marie and Mo, and making Bourne ageless are unforgivable. That said, I keep reading Bourne just so I know what happens to the character.

Even so, I have to admit, this story of yours, it's AWESOME. It fills the gap of this Willard character. I always think EVL doesn't really flesh out his backstory and why is he so obsessed with this JB-LA duel. Basically, The Next Phase is a perfect clear-up.

Still, I have some critics. It's your dialogue style. I can't put my criticism about it in my own words, so I recommend that you check Tvtropes, search for "Said Bookism" and "Tom Swiftie" and see what I mean.