Reviews for The Newborns
xCallMeLillian chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
Really good(;

I love it(:
Mindnight Ink chapter 11 . 12/11/2011
Good chapter! I think Rose and Scorpius would be soooo cute together! I feel bad that you killed off Louis but sometimes a dead character adds to the drama.

Anyway I'm LOVING this! Keep writing!
Magic Of Every Kind chapter 10 . 11/25/2011
Wow! I am impressed! Keep writing more, pretty please :P
Mindnight Ink chapter 10 . 11/24/2011
Really good chapter! I can't wait to find out who blew up Beauxbatons and why. I really hope Louis is okay!

Keep writing! I can't wait for your next up date!
Mindnight Ink chapter 9 . 11/8/2011
I Love this! How are there only 3 reviews? Keep writing! And I can't wait to find out what's going on with all the murders!
Little blue smurf 1234 chapter 1 . 10/10/2011
This is amazing! you know i think i love you even more now
Magic Of Every Kind chapter 3 . 9/21/2011
Wow! You go girl! This is brilliant...! I love how well thought out this is, and well written! I look forward to reading more P
nrdyfresh chapter 2 . 9/20/2011
I love this story
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