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Pussycat Pippin chapter 19 . 3/23
O poo it all dune. Really? That's sad I enjoyed reading this story I'm sad to see it end. It was however a lovely endingyout did very will thinks for you ever so lovely story until next time ta ta
Pussycat Pippin chapter 18 . 3/23
And again in the words Jhon Paul Simon. Love is in the air ever were I look around love is in the air every sight and even sound. Love is in the air la la la la la la love is in the air la la la la la. Hey what csn I ssy other then it in my head waile reading this well dune chsater.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 17 . 3/23
In the eords of Jhon Paul Simon. Love is in the air la la la la love is in the air la la la la la love is in the air la la la la yes love is in the air la la la la love is in the air.
In the words of whoever Now wait a minute what is Hermione going to dooooo?
Sorry got carried away. but after finishing reading tis chapter that is what cam into my head so that is what in the review. I like this chapter but I'm worried about what Hermione going to do. Please don't leat her llive mad or in general please.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 16 . 3/23
Oh I do so love party's especially ones with dancing I LOVE dancing. I'm not very good but I love it all the same. I'm not saprize that McGonagall hold a big ball ever year or that the school and the characters have change so much. I think a lot of this change after the 2nd wizard war. It was nice of George not to get fusstreted wen the Giffendor Quidditch team was not really paying attention it was also very kind of him to lighten they school work wen the day of the dance of came near(I wo what Hermione would think about it) Ha ha Neville turn the table on George and he right George should ask Hermione I like that world fun to say and fun to hear too.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 15 . 3/22
So Genny is that tip of person the one who wait untell almoust the last minent person. I never reall thought of her as that way but ok. I lik Georges speach to the Griffendors Quidditch team it was to the point but it was sweet too as was Hermione's. Giffendor"s go go Giffendor's hip hip hooray. I'm happy that George(along with Luna, Neville, and Hermione of course) got to have some time with Genny, Ron, Herry, and Teddy in his place for a little of course Genny knows that George seems to have a liking for Hermione and Hermione for him she is Genny (HELLO) Sis known for these things. Aww Genny and Harry are going to be having a baby yeah.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 14 . 3/21
Oh dear that was not good no not good at all both George and Hermione said some not so very nice things. Why why did George fell the need to have to ask Hermione if she was shagging Terence like it is his business which it was not. Then before she could even answer asumed that that is what she was doing. I know he was hurting bit still that WAS WRONG. I can't really blame Hermione for how she acted in fact I don't think that she over did it at all. The good thing is that they forgave another the way they acted and apologize for what the said. So the fight is over (yea for it being such a short firght) and thery are still friends well best friends askaley. I think it was because of the walk in to the Forbidden forest to retrieve the 3 Ravenclaws (you change the houses and the castle I like it) thought it would be fun to go on a trip in to thst treaded woods that dad something to do with it for well obvious resons of course.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 13 . 3/20
Sorry I don't know what happened I was typing my review then it just went to post review whatever here is the rest of it from were it mest up.
George was definitely was upset at the fact that Terence was there and was rather close to Hermione . I wounder what she and Terence were taliking about and I wounder way he there especially seeming how a few chapters back he or his gift rather had her feeling a little uncomfortable. I guess I have to read the next chapter to find out.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 13 . 3/20
Aha so now it is several weeks sance the students and George taken the Charms teaching job the work lode and the weeks with it are getting more and maoe busy and probably somewhat hectic. Well of course quite a full of the students are in to the school work and are worried about there school work is good. And of course those that George hung with wen he was a student would be the complete opposite George and Fred were just that way would they spend all ther time with those who were in to there school work. What fun would that be? Awww George has a little fain grup of sorts and rightfully so he is very fit and funny and sweet too Poor Georgie have to go the longer way so he dose not have to go bye the place we're Fred (TEAR!) fell and died. I really hope he that he never has to go by that spot if he does I hop it is hardly ever. It was nice of Hermione to come and fash him even nicer for her to understand the reason way he likes going the longer way to the Great Hall and walking with him. OK sorry if this seems rude but I'm not really liking Fiona not after what she said about Hagrid (I Hagrid he is almost like a really big teddy bear) the kids love him way can't she. Oh and how she just took in tress in he subject from what I read she didn't even try to really hear about anything George was saying about his (and Freds) shop. I glad that Fiona did not older a not her glass of wine. Ooooopes George come in at the worng I mean Terence and Hermione weren't not doing anything but George is deffently
Pussycat Pippin chapter 12 . 3/20
Poor Georgey did nor get to set with Hermione during breakfast. Because he was delayed to get the seat next to her thinks to McGonagall short of (but not quite) asking him to help chaperone the kids that were going to Hogsmade. I see that Fiona is going to be truble (for George that is) and bossy George got time Hermione like he wanted although it was taken away from them (or is it taken away from him) by students coming in to the cafe to get out of the rain (poor Georgie) and not so long after that it is time to go back to the castle.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 11 . 3/18
Oh okay so Hermione and Terrace (for that is his name Terry is his nickname) were quite interment with eacher untill he just brakes it off with her at the beginning of the term probably with no reason why (or at less not ahole or true reason) wanted to break it off. I'm guessing they were not on real speaking terms other then hi or bye or a how are you. You know something along here's that kind 0f spraking teams. And then he gives her a gift like that. I believe if I was in Hermione's prosition I would have the same reaction as she did. And Rejection really does (I forgot how she put it so I'm just saying it my way) bows.I agree with George Hermione is worth fighting for not someone to cast aside like Terence seemed to have he did gave he that necklace so I'mwondering if he going to be a problem and I'm still not sure about Fiona. Nice of George to take Hermione out to chear her up and to gave her a piggyback ride th thru the tunnel there and back although it seems that he rather enjoyed it then it being chore. I' love to bowl not very good at it but I still like it. I happy that Hermione kick George but in bowling and just as happy that George lost with grace. And the seems to have a hole lot of fun as they bowled untill the place George had to have his goodnight huge taken away from him because of he had to walk Eric (it is neat that he and his sister have the sam prosition on there Quidditch team his the Ravenclaws house and hers theGiffendor's house) the Ravenclaw wile Hermione has to take Susan to the Giffendor's dorms. I think that Susan should cut her stars that she did not get in to truble she was kinda rude. GEORGE FANCY' HERMIONE YEA.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 10 . 3/17
Of course Hermione was right (Is't she always right?) about students coming and asking for help with a particaler Cham they might need help with. And besides George has always have class fun and frendly and showen he know his Charms so why wouldn't they? Hermione birthday party seem to go off with out a fuss and it seemed that amuse every one was there. I am so happy that Neville and Luna are now going out I'm even happer that it happened on Hermione 's birthday she seem to want them to be this way for a long time. I wounder what Hermione issue with Terry she seemed to be having a nice time untill he gave he his gift. I loved Georgrs gift to Hermione ot was exsteamly thoughtful and very lovely in noway was it nothing. Should I be worried about Fiona what mean is she going to try to drive a wage between George and Hermione or does she fancy him I'm hoping it is neather I just hope that she is being friendly no more no less. I'm glad that George nodes that Hermione seemed differ after the gift from Terry and not in a good eay. Hopefully he can have Hermione tell him what worng.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 9 . 3/17
Well it seems like George had a good week His Charms classes are going by quite will at less it seems that way . He is getting his classes ready for the on coming weeks and is creating something for Hermione for her birthday party. And now he is starting helping out the Giffendor's Quidditch team with there practice I like how most of them are girls and are the the best of the best it seems more ...well I don't know what but I like it. I really liked that you had the Hufflepuff having a really good Quidditch team(which is my house and I heard from a friend that it also JR'S Rolling house as well) it seems like in the Harry Potter books it was eather the Giffendor's , or the Slytherine's were ever really talked about wile the Hufflepuff, and the Ravenclaws were kinda forgotten. It is sweet that just hanging out quitely with Hermione at her flat is comfurting to him it is sad that he has to find a way to get to ther without going by were Fred died (TEARS!) and all but I am for him getting beater because of hanging out with Hermione and the others. Although I think it might be more because of Hermione. I also think that dear old George is starting to develop some feelings for the ever so pretty Hermione.
Guest chapter 8 . 3/16
So Luna like gaving animals human names and head of the Revenclaw house (at less I think she is), Hermione like riding Hippogriff's, Neville will do any thing to have more time with Luna even if it is riding a Hippogriff, and George loves flying on brooms but is conscious wen it comes to flying on something else. I wonder what the Head of the Houses meaning is about. Silly Neville why is he so saprarize that someone like George woulled not mind going for drank just the two if them he (Neville) is guite a cool fellow and George just love's hanging out with others. I hope that George and maybe Hermione can covence Neville that he and Luna would be a lovely cupbul and because he the silly fellow that he is that Luna could and must likely dose like him. So Hermione's birthday party is coming up cool.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 7 . 3/16
I am happy that George is able to sleep better now that he at Hogwarts I was afred that it would not be so seeming how it is were Fred died. I am glad that George has decided to find a friend to shear the firewhiskey in stead of dranking alone. Because it brought him to Hermione door and even though they did not drank any of it because she and Luna had to brake down a Hippogriff which I think is odd I thought that Hermione heated flying oh well. She gave him what he needed compsny, a lessening ear for wen and only wen he is ready to talk, and a gentletuch. I really happy that
George got in by his first week s the Hogworts Charms teacher that's nice and he got a litter from Genny that sweet. Wow Filtch is being nice to George that's well that's something I never thought I ever read I gesso the world must have change him. How old is Mrs, Norris? I can't believe she still alive wait... you know what I kinda can.
Pussycat Pippin chapter 6 . 3/16
Yes George got by his first day as a teacher pretty will even with Dylan doing the spell on his first try that George was teaching the 4 years. The first years seem to like him a bunch after there lesson of course George being Gorge mead it fun so of course they would. Live it to Luna to think that a Niffleg makes a good pet. And live it to her to bring it to the Picnic with Hermione, Neville, and George. Although I don't think that the boys were invited untied they showed up. I think Neville got excited wen he seen Luna and there for just set right on down I can't belive ther not together they so Ooooo cute together.
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