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MrsGreen01814 chapter 19 . 10/20/2016
This was such a cute story! Love the George/Hermonie paring! I wish this one was a little bit longer. But I still love it! Maybe you can do a continuation on this story in Hermonies point of view? How cool would that be?
Guest chapter 19 . 1/6/2016
Hi there! This was a very well written story, but I wanted you to know a few things. The constant use of yah was a little distracting and so was the constant use of er. This was super amazing though. The little bits were just for the next stories you write. Keep writing please!
Remus Spencer chapter 19 . 12/14/2015
I'm said that it us over but I love the way you ended it. It been a very fun story to read thanks so much for sharing it I injoyed it very very much and now I say to you good night don't worry you here from me again for there are 3 more stories of your's that I want to read but that will have to wait for it is now 1:10 and I have to get up at 7:10 and get ready for workl
Remus Spencer chapter 18 . 12/14/2015
Awww YEA Hermione didn't leave (thank you) she just went to lock the door so they would not be (I hope this is spelled right) interuped. Which is a very good thing because they were getting hot and heavy. I will now leave you in the word's of Jhon Paul Simon (mine is for a different reasonthen Pussycat Pippin though) Love is in the air ever where I look around every sight every sound. Love is in the air la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la. Love is in the air, love is in the air la la la.
Remus Spencer chapter 17 . 12/14/2015
A good ball can get even the most serious person to let there hair down and have a good time I like slow songs wen I have a partner but it suck's wen you don't have any one so I live fast up bet songs to then you can dance with everyone and you can also dance crazy and not fell like foolish for everyone else is doing the way you written this chapter it seems to me that everything went off with out a problem and everyone had a lot of fun . Aww George is finally getting what he what's snd now Hermione is...well...What is she doing? Is she going to go or whstb? I hope she doesn't go Although I understand she us worried about having someone walk in I kniw I would be but plese don't have her leave. Couldn't she lock the door? Or something?
Remus Spencer chapter 16 . 12/14/2015
The Giffendor Quidditch player's reall should have paid more attention to George dearing there practice. Although they did just beat the Slytherine's not to long ago and there is also the Atulmn ball. So they still very happy about beating Slytherine (which the have all the right to be) and are very excited about the ball (and who doesn't like a good dancing party) so I can see why they were a bit detached and George seem's to think the desuve a bit if a break from true pr activeso I gess there no harm. It was very nice of George to lessen the amount of homework for the students I wounder how many other professor's dud the same thing as wounder if Luna Neville Hermione a did the same I wouldn't be surprised if all three arvo ne or two of them did. The way it is decorated sounds ALSOME I wish I was I could see it for real. I'm al glad that the have something like this every year and that all students and faculty are all aloud to go. I thank the resin at less one of the resin's why McGonagall dose this is to honer all those who died so they could live a life with out never ending fear and to injoy life I also think that is why all students are aloud to go to Hogsmade on Hogsmade trip day's.
Remus Spencer chapter 15 . 12/14/2015
GRIFFENDOR WINES! Well of course they did they had George for a coach so why wouldn't they? And even if they didn't it would be no big deal for they did there best and that all any coach or head of house could ask for. Ilike George pep talk it was short p and to the point but it was also a nice and also true I like Hermione's speach to the Griffendor Quidditch team it was up beat, funny, sweet, and very Giffendor and a very much Hermione speach. I'm gold that Genny, Ron, Harry, Teddy, and (to my surprise) Anna come to wach the Quidditch mach and (of course) chear for the Griffendor's Quidditch team. Aww Hermione and George had a sweet moment on the Giffendor stadium. I'm not at all saprize that Genny seen George and Hermione moment at the stadium nor the way George was waching Hermione at the party in his office. Nor am I saprize that sheknows the way George fill's for Hermione and she likewise for him (this is Genny after all) I glad and not all saprize that things are going strong with Neville and Luna. I believe that Genny is right George should tell Hermione how he feels.
Remus Spencer chapter 14 . 12/14/2015
I agree with what Pussycat Pippin said about what George said being George's and Hermione's fight George did go out of line by saying/asking what he said/ask Hermione had all the right to be mad at him about that I know if it were me I would be and I probably gave George a good well desver smack as well. Athough I think maybe she wa a tide bit harsh wen she ask what George what he was doing there. I like Pussycat Pippin also like that the fight was a short one and I agree that the walk through the Forbiddin Forest to retrieve the 3 truble making Ravenclaws. (boy Ithat is the frist time I read about the Ravenclaws being the usual truble makers) I think Dylan should keep his mouth shut. He is lucky that Hermione and George are not going off on him more for he truly does desuve it. He really not being very respecful is he? In fact he really rather rude.
Remus Spencer chapter 13 . 12/14/2015
Brain is on off mold now but I do agree with Pussycat Pippin about this chapter.
Remus Spencer chapter 12 . 12/13/2015
I'm not going to a hole nother review for chopper 11 you see silly silly silly me goof up I left my review for chapter 11 on this one here so instead of 11 12 your going to have 12 12 from me I apologize for my GOOF andI also apologize for making you have to rread somone's else reviews to know what I think if your story SO just so we're clear the first 12 chapter review from me is mant to be for chapte 11 OK. Now with that out of the way hears my review for this chapter.
Even though George didn't get to sit next to Hermione at breakfast like he wanted. Do to the fact tha McGonagall walk up to him has he was on his way to the seat next to Hermione and well short of odering him to help out with the trip to Hogsmade which actually trun out be a good thing for he did get to have some time with Hermione twice actually one (it is a very small amount if time but it counts) He goof up and didn't have dress for rainy wather so Hermione shear Hermione's umbrella which means he was very close to her and he was able to hang out her at the little tea shop after he ran in to Fiona. I don't know what to think about Fiona I don't heat her but I don't like her all that much eather she not really mean per say but she seems to be ver much a stuck up and also a bit persinkatey she reminds me a little of Draco Malfoy just not the meanest or the Bullynest that he had. I relized that both of those tim with Hermione were short especially the first one but at less it was something hopefully he get to find sresin fir getting to spend time with her I'm gessing I would have to read to find that out though.
Remus Spencer chapter 12 . 12/12/2015
I agree with Pussycat Pippin about this chapter completely we really are good friend's were like the some things and think the same way. She says she doesn't care if I say that I agree with he on the review that she left for the chapter /story just as long if I don't mind that she agree's with me. Like a I said before and I have no doubt will say again read what Pussycat Pippin put down for her review for this chat and you pretty much reading mine as well. I add just one thing Great chapter!
Remus Spencer chapter 10 . 12/12/2015
Well of course Hermione was right ( hello it Hermione) with the students seeking help from George for there Charms work no his there Charms teacher and he is easy going and friendly with his students I'm happy that Neville did as George said he should and ask Luna to go to Hermione's birthday party with him I wasn't at all saprize that she said yes. And Slughorn's party for Hermione went off well she loved George gift and I do to. I thank hand mad gifts are the BEST Terence gift made her uncomfortable. I wonder why that was?
Remus Spencer chapter 9 . 12/11/2015
I hop you not to upset about me doing this again but I agree with what Pussycat Pippin said about this chapter I don't know how else to world it and Idon't really want to do a review that says the same thing as my dear friend friend Pussycat Pippin more just put down it was good By the way it is totally that) or put something down that us not really me. So if you really want to know what I think about this chapter just read what Pussycat Pippin said (by the way I'm also in Hufflepuff so I ALIVE that the have a really good a Quidditch team) this really is a nice chapter.
Remus Spencer chapter 8 . 12/11/2015
You know I'm a bit saprize that Luna has named all the animals human names I thought that they would always have unusual name's and or would be something that doesn't make any sense but to herself. Then again most people (at less I think most people) do name there animals /pets non human names and it seems that animals with human a names are kinda wareand Luna us not a follow she March to th beat of her own drum. So Hermione is not so afraid of flying any more that's cool it seems to me that Neville will do anything if it involves Luna for even though his was shy about it he did it none the less. I think it silly that Neville (though I'm not saprize by him thinking like thst) is so saprize that George what's to spend time with him he (Neville) is a pretty cool dude (its sad that he can't see that wen George, Luna and Hermione can) and LOVES tobbe with people (his a people person after all) George is right Neville should ask Luna to come with him to Hermione's birthday party fro the presence resin that George said and if that doesn't happen maybe George and Hermione can help Luna and Neville out for they are MAD for each other.
Remus Spencer chapter 7 . 12/11/2015
Happy to know that George first week went well for him. Hope it stays that way (doubt it but still hope) thought I'm not saprizethat he did Hermione probably help him out a little like shedid for his first day and there is also the fact that he is 5he one and only George Weasley so he bound to make it fun. I also happy to here that he is sleeping better at Hogwarts then he did in his flat but also saprize for Hogwarts was the place that Fred died as well as many other's and it was the place we're most of the if not all the battle was. I glad that it was Hermione's door that he walk to wen he didn't want to drank alone so wen to find someone to share the Firewhiskey because we'll because of the same reason as Pussycat Pippin had. I do have one question though why didn't Gennymmanchen George to Hermione or Hermione to George?
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