Reviews for Tundra
Cantare chapter 1 . 4/13/2008
I'm 6 years late to review this story. How the hell did it only get one review?

I am so impressed by your writing here, although this is probably a distant memory for you since you've written so much since 2002.

I started off in the DBZ fandom as well, and basically I've learned everything I know about writing through it. I wish I had come upon this fic earlier, but I was probably too engrossed in the V/B craze to look for something like this.

I haven't read the sins of the fathers saga but I probably will soon. I have read almost no stories about Frieza's background, but I have thought about it frequently. I believe no one is senselessly evil, or at least those kind of people must just be deranged and mad. It is really interesting the way you dug into Frieza's psyche as a young child training under a woman he respected, and how he hurt from not having a mother after age 4. The misogynistic and arrogant tendencies of his father seem to have affected both him and Koola a lot. It makes me think of how structural sin is a serious thing in human society as well, that evil is ingrained in us through our environment, our families, our customs; everything is a potential channel for turning man against man.

I love how you introduced the king and queen of the Saiyans too. Also baby Vegeta, how cute. I like the strength they all exhibited. Also the prophecy about the Super Saiyan, and Frieza's dream about Trunks; how chilling.

My only criticism is that the ending seemed rather jarring, that Frieza would just kill his mentor without thinking twice. Although he said goodbye to her in the end as his mother, he didn't hesitate at all to fire the death ball that killed her along with the Saiyan planet. Was he so far gone in madness that he didn't care anymore? Maybe I need to read your other fics to understand.

Thanks for a great read. I suppose you've moved far beyond the DBZ world now but I hope that if inspiration strikes you, you will keep writing in this fandom.
Nicole chapter 1 . 1/30/2003
Awesome story. I thought it was an intresting idea that you gave a reason for Frieza hatred of the saiya-jins other than just disgust. He was jealous of Vegeta because Tundra showed the him compassion. You showed another side of Frieza in this story. He actully cared for someone other than himself. It was well written and i didn't see any mistakes. I found your story to be rather heart wrenching. I loved it.