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Anonymous chapter 1 . 3/8/2014
Name: Peyton Jasmine Walker
What you go by: Peyton
Age: 14
Location: Victoria, Vancouver, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Full Name: Violetta Sarah Walker
Occupation: CEO of MAC
Age: 34
Full Name: Alexander Vaughn Walker
Occupation: Lawyer
Age: 35
Brief History: My childhood was spent with long walks with her German shepherd, riding her bike, swimming in the ocean, in summer, and learning how to skate/ski/snowboard in winter. I has 3 siblings, Camilla, my older 17 year old sister, Caden my older 18 year old brother, and Tanya, my annoying, younger, nine year old sister. I'm the Alpha of the Chic Clique and everyone in Victoria Academy ah-dores and envies me.
Alpha Ability: I'm a Classical Pianist/Violinist-Writer/Poet-Jockey
Ability Specifics: The classical pianist/violinist takes no explaining but I love to write chapter books or cute little short stories. I write poetry about life, beauty, with a bit of angst thrown in and I ski/snowboard(Jockey).
Alpha Awards/Achievements: I won the X-Games at 13 years old, I've gotten many great book and poetry reviews from authors like Lisi Harrison, Rick Riordan, Marie Lu and J.K. Rowling and from poets such as Robert Frost. I've played in theatres in Paris, France, London, England, and New York City, New York. All of which had sold out concerts.
Alpha Minors: Swimming, running, and chemistry.
Personality: I'm bold, crazy, determined and loyal. I'm uber competitive and if you cross me I'll hurt you. I'm passionate and not afraid to tell you my opinion. I could read for the whole day and not realize it until I look up. Yes, I'm a hard-core reader. I'm a romantic who will beat anyone who doesn't believe that love is real. If I get the wrong impression of you, I'll act cold and distant, the good impression? Friendly and sweet.
Friend/Family Opinion:
Full Name: Camilla Lydia Walker
Relation to Applicant: Sister
Describe the Applicant's Personality: Peyton is the craziest, weirdest person you will ever meet. But you've just got to love her because of that. She's the most competitive person I know and the most opinionated too. She's also a huge bookworm and can be way too blunt. Caden once asked her if his shirt looked okay, she told him that it sucked at the colour clashed with his shoes. It's a good thing that he's the nice one of the family.
Flaws: I'm a major perfectionist, every detail has to be just right, nothing can be the slightest bit out of place. I can also be too blunt and too loud.
Hair: Long, soft, glossy, black-brown curls.
Eyes: Large, wide, deep chocolate brown eyes framed by long, thin lashes.
Body: 5'6" with a curvy, athletic, thin figure with long legs, long fingers and clear, flawlessly glowy sun-kissed skin.
Face: Pink, bow shaped lips and an oval face with high cheekbones. I wear pink lip gloss/MAC lipglass and Lancôme mascara with some eyeliner, and blush. I sometimes wear eye shadow-white is the corners, with bronze and white on my eyelids.
Style: My style is comfy-casual, mainly jeans with a cute t-shirt or sweater, my hair falling around my shoulders. I would wear a pair of Juicy Couture cropped leggings, a Nike Team Canada track jacket and a Ralph Lauren embellished silk gauze tunic. with Ralph Lauren Tienne Calfskin Flats.
Grade Point Average: 4.0
Do you have/want a boyfriend: I'm currently single and ready to mingle. I want a boyfriend, but I'll see if he's 'the one'.
Describe the perfect boy: the moody, bad boy with a deep soul, rumbling laugh and bright smile. He has to be taller than me, handsomely chiselled, strong and defined. He has to be sweet and comforting.
Guest chapter 1 . 6/2/2013
don't use the character grace dong pretty please
Guest chapter 1 . 4/27/2013
Grace Dong
fremont, california
jun chen
hardware engineer
i never asked the age
runlin dong
software engineer
i never asked the age
1 little sister that is 4 years younger named christine
costume designer
likes making dance costumes, draws the costumes
drew costumes for my solo dances for competition
awkward, funny, weird, random, nice to friends, procrastinates
family opinion:
christine dong
little sister
nice, funny, sometimes grumpy, EXTREMELY emotional during movies, smart
major flaw-procrastinates a lot
minor flaws- lazy, doesn't ask questions when i don't know or understand something
straight, waist length brown hair that is lighter brown at the tips, usually in ponytail, messy bun, or left down
light brown eyes, almondish shaped?, corrective contacts
5 feet 2 and a half in.
darkish pink lips, roundish head, no make up
random/casual, doesn't often wear dresses or skirts but if she does, she wears leggings or shorts underneath or a skort
pretty comfortable stuff
Alys Blanchefleur chapter 1 . 2/9/2013
Full Name: Calypso Isis Sevylle
What You Go By: Calypso. I hate it when people call me Cally.
Age: 15
Location: My mother and I own houses in Houston, Montreal, and New York City, which we move around to depending on whether I’m focusing on dubbing or writing, or neither.
Nationality: Canadian (Quebecois, if you want to get specific)
Ethnicity: French mostly, and a bit of Ukrainian
-Full Name: Marcelle Christine Desjardins
-Occupation: Sociology book writer
-Age: 39
Brief History: I was born to an only mother, over in Montreal, so I grew up bilingual. My mom had to work really hard to get by, until about nine years ago, when her book, Christ Was a Businessman (or So It Seems) took off. By the time I was seven, we were living the high life. Soon enough, too, as that is when my anime addiction came in, with Fullmetal Alchemist. By the time I turned ten, I had an anime and manga collection of over one hundred volumes, and could speak and read Japanese fluently. And, when I was twelve, I was scouted by my agent, Michael, and a talent agency. It was really something I saw as a new experience; something to pass the time. Hell, I had already skipped two grades; there wasn’t much else to do. But, I was scouted, and given my first part as Shigeki Mitsuyo in the little-known show Koko Sainan. But then, a year later, came my break-out role as Mizukuro Kiko/Shiro in the show Only Human, or, in Japanese, Ningen Dake.
Alpha Ability: I am a VOICE ACTOR/author
Ability Specifics: With voice acting, I do exclusively anime dubs, usually for Funimation. No questions asked. That being said, I have a wide repertoire of anime. I’ve done shounen, shoujo, comedy, horror/psychological, fantasy, romance, drama, and school life. As an author, I write mostly fantasy or sci-fi, as well as the occasional historical fiction.
Alpha Awards and Achievements:
-Only anime voice actor to win a Daytime Emmy in the category of Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 2013 for my job as Mizukuro Kiko/Shiro in Only Human, as well as the youngest ever recipient.
-Of course, I was Kiko/Shiro in Only Human, but I also did
-Takimoto Cho, of Princess Assassin
-Kada Tama, of Lord Tutor!
-Oshiro Sata, of The Night Zone
-Enomoto Rika, of Trinity Games
-Motoori Asako, of Plan Z
-Watabe Mura, of Starry Night
-Hyatu Madoka of Brain Iota
-Won a 2011 Silver Birch award for my fantasy book, Flames of Illusion.
-Won a 2012 National Book Award for YA for my historical fiction book, Servant in the Windows.
-Also wrote the bestsellers:
-The Secret Spark
-Angel of Nothing
-Force of Man
-Wrote the popular webcomic, The Daze Away.
Alpha Minors: Drawing, Singing, Blogging, Critic, Archery, Skiing,
PERSONALITY: I am very hyperactive, optimistic, confident, driven, passionate, and full of energy. I’m also a serious ditz, awkward around people, never really pay attention, and always have to be doing something. Or five things. Depending on how hyper I am.
Friend/Family Opinion: Here is where you get a friend, neighbor, teacher, brother, sister, etc. to tell me what you're like.
-Full Name: Michael Jonathan Jivanni
-Relation to Applicant: Her agent
-Describe the Applicants Personality: Calypso is completely out there. She is full of energy and great ideas, but she is also like the absent-minded professor. She is a genius, really, but she is clumsy, forgetful, and kind of clueless. But she really is a sweetie, and a joy to work with. Even if she does tire you out.
Flaws: I have no filter between my brain and my mouth, so I literally say what I think. That gets me into trouble a lot, as you can imagine. I’m also in a perpetual state of confusion (I never pay attention), am rather high-strung, and have the tendency to tire people out.
APPERANCE: Please be very, very detailed.
Hair: My hair is a dark, dark brown, almost black, and it’s pretty effing long. It’s flat as a board, with no volume, and I hate using anything like curling irons or styling products on it, so I usually tie it back. I love every type of braid; French, Swiss, English, Dutch, waterfall, single side, crowning, fish tails, you name it.
Eyes: My eyes are normal-sized, but wide, and chestnut brown. But I usually wear coloured contacts of any crazy colour; blood red, fiery orange, bright yellow, lime green, neon blue, ultramarine violet, or cool patterns. Just whatever.
Body: I’m pretty short at five foot one inch, and rail thin (I like to think I’m “petite”). I’m also pretty pale.
Face: My face is heart-shaped, with a wide forehead and a pointed chin, high cheekbones, and does get pimply when I’m stressed, usually on the forehead. My lips are small but full, and a pinkish colour. My eyebrows are dark and softly rounded. My nose is slightly turned up, but besides that not very prominent or worth remarking upon. As for make-up, I love love LOVE super bright eye make-up. Nothing black for me; all neon colours. With this, my lips are usually neutral, and I rarely wear blush. For formal occasions, I usually lean towards more neutral eye make-up, with fire-hydrant red lipstick.
Style: My style, easily described, as eclectic. I like to wear bright colours, and odd combinations. I’m inspired by various styles, both Asian and Western. Mostly kawaii, but also; 80’s Retro styles, techno Goth, electro, indie, scene, fairy kei, Lolita, bubblegum punk, and rockabilly.
What you will wear on your first day: Bright yellow jean shorts with star-patterned suspenders; a red t-shirt that reads “TBFPC; Tomato Box Fairy Protection Committee. Don’t Shoot The Virgin!”; skeleton stilettos (I seriously love high heels); Hello Kitty Tote filled with my huge sketchbook, my writer’s notebook which reads “Get Your Shit Together!”, my one-line-a-day journal, my kawaii sticky notes (I kinda need them, and have a bad habit of leaving them everywhere…), my kawaii milk carton pencil case with my million multicolored pens and mechanical pencils, as well as my moldable erasers and my special art pencils and pens. The rest of the stuff in my bag are regular purse things. My other accessories include my bazillions of coloured rubber bracelets that go all the way up my arm, my favourite silver dragon earring that literally wraps around my right ear, my blue bowtie necklace, my yellow and green striped fingerless gloves, my past-the-knee-high Ravenclaw socks, and my multicolored Aztec press-on nails. My hair will be in a Katniss braid, studded with multicolored pins.
Grade Point Average: 4.3
Do You Have/Want a boyfriend?: No, I do not have a boyfriend. To me, all good males are either taken, gay, or fictional. But, if that perfect guy does come along, I will not hesitate to snatch him up.
Describe your perfect boy: My perfect boy would be laid-back and chill, with a good sense of humour; able to tolerate my craziness. And, of course, he would have to love anime :D
carlsgallagher chapter 1 . 8/17/2012
Name: Alana Quinn Dougray
Age: 14
Location: World
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Irish-American
Parents Guardians: Gavin Felix Dougray- Father
Age- 39
Occupation- Naval Commander
Beatrice Nora Dougray- Mother
Occupation- Was a Olympic gymnast won 12 medals 10 gold 2
silver. Wrote 4 bestselling books.
History: Born on Naval Base in Texas. Never stayed in one spot for more than a year. Doesn't have many friends. She has a 12 year old sister and brother, they're
TheyCallMeJane chapter 3 . 2/19/2012
OMG so 's nicknames aren't Vi and Violet; its just Rowan. Sooo sorry. No clue how that happened.
TheyCallMeJane chapter 2 . 2/19/2012

Full Name: Rowan Violet Curtis

What You Go By: Violet, Vi,

Age: Ages 14

Location: Cobourg, Ontario, Canada,

Nationality: Canadian,

Ethnicity: Half French, Three-Eighths English, and One-Eighth Ukrainian. And I have a smidgen of Native American blood, too.

Parent/Guardians: Fill out the below form as many times as you have parents/guardians.

-Full Name: Charleine Claire Brazeau

-Occupation: Investigative Social Worker for Children's Aid Society

-Age: 44

-Full Name: Cole Ashton Curtis

-Occupation: Data Manager for Adastra

-Age: 45

Brief History: I used to live in Vancouver, B.C., before we moved so that my mother could live close to her family, in Quebec, when I was 6. I now live in the small town of Cobourg, Ontario. I have two little brothers; Logan, who's 11, and Elijah, who's 9. I am in my first year at Cobourg District Collegiate Institute East, and am part of the International Baccalaureate program there. I have been obsessed with Japanese culture since I was seven.


Alpha Ability: Writer-MANGA ARTIST

Ability Specifics: I love to write paranormal young adult stories (no, not teen romances. Usually. My manga-writing is basically shounen- Japanese manga that is aimed at boys 10 to 18, popular examples being Bleach or Fullmetal Alchemist. I also write shoujo- Japanese manga aimed at girls 10 to 18, and I have a secret love of yaoi, BoyxBoy manga, though I haven't written any. Yet. I can also flawlessly translate my work from English to Japanese and back again.

Alpha Awards and Achievements:

-2010 Kodansha Manga award, in the Shoujo category, for my shoujo, 彼女の殻を破る, aka Kanajo no Kara o Yaburu, or Breaking Her Shell

-2011 Red Birch award for my novel, Ruthless.

-2011 Kodansha and Shogakuken Manga award, in the General category, for my shounen, ジャガー, aka The Jaggers.

-2012 Kodansha and Shogakuken Manga award, in the General category, for my shounen, 魔女の目, aka Majo no Me, or The Witch's Eyes.

-2012 Warwick Prize For Writing, in the Young Adult category, for my novel Half-Human.

-Been called an “extraordinary young voice, with a fresh outlook on classic manga concepts” by Fullmetal Alchemist author, Hiromu Arakawa,

-My novel, Half-Human, has been called, “a chilling, inventive, fascinating read that will keep you on your toes until the very end” by Hunger Games author, Suzanne Collins.

Alpha Minors: Dancing, Acting, Painting, Interior Design,

PERSONALITY: I work hard twenty-four/seven. I give everything a hundred and ten percent. I am very analytical, realistic, and organized.

Friend/Family Opinion:

-Full Name: Charleine Claire Brazeau

-Relation To Applicant: Mother

-Describe The Applicants Personality: My daughter works hard, and strives to meet any and every goal. She is very patient,cautious, and independent. Sometimes to the point of not trusting others to get the job done, though she is very accepting. She loves asking questions. When she was younger, most of what she said was a question, usually asking the meaning of words even I didn't understand. Overall, I am very proud of my daughter.

-Full Name: Amelia Eden Wassink

-Relation to Applicant: Best friend

-Describe the Applicants Personality: Rowan is very ambitious, and she tries hard in everything she does, even the stuff she hates doing. She's beyond hard-working, though she has the tendency to get easily stressed, and flips out over even the tiniest mistake. She is a very deep, mature, and creative person, and if I were just someone who knew her from class, I would say she was stressed, awkward, smart, and quiet.

Flaws: Major flaw: I'm very high-strung. Seriously. It's not even funny.

Other flaws: I'm socially awkward, though I don't really mind. I have mild OCD, which makes me have to pace constantly. It's mild, though, not a really big interference on my work.

APPEARANCE: Please be very, very detailed.

Hair: My hair is medium-brown, long, curly, and thick. It's usually in a high ponytail or loose. I really don't do much with it, besides washing and brushing.

Eyes: My eyes are nut-brown, and small, but wide.

Body: I am very thin, and have the Frenchwoman's gift of being able to eat all the food I want, and I never gain weight. I am five foot one inch, and very pale. In fact, when I was little, my mother's friends used to ask if I was sick or something.

Face: Shape: Oval

Shade: As pale as the rest of me.

Eyebrows: Dark and thick

Nose: A relatively straight incline.

Lips: Beige-Pink, Small, and Full

Freckles: A splattering on my nose.

Moles: One on my right temple.

Acne: Occasionally I'll get some on my forehead, but besides that, nothing.

Make-up: Don't really wear any, besides the typical mascara and lip balm.

Style: My style is comfy. I like cotton graphic tees and tanks, sweaters, skinny jeans, and I adore boots. I swear, it's like a fetish.

What you will wear on your first day: Simple purple V-neck tee, black skinny jeans, my tall black buckle boots, my silver owl pendant necklace, and my watch.


Grade Point Average: 89.8%

Do You Have/Want a boyfriend?: No. Why would I? I'm at the top of my game. Why the hell would I want a guy, and all the drama that comes with, slowing me down?

Describe your perfect boy: Well, if I had to, I would like a boy who will balance out my stressed-out nature. Someone funny and happy-go-lucky, but not a slacker. Someone who's as ambitious as me.
43dfglkhsdfn gbjklsdadfgf chapter 3 . 10/3/2011
J'ADORE. BRILLIANT first chapter, really nice intro into the characters and the 'neo' alpha island. One teensy little thing I noticed was that you said "15 teen year old" which doesn't make a whole bunch of sense.
43dfglkhsdfn gbjklsdadfgf chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
whew! She must be a busy girl! Sounds cool though :) the applicant forgot to fill out a few sections though, personality and one other that I have now forgotten.
miyame-chan chapter 3 . 10/3/2011
this was good. i've been waititng for this to come up.

only, there are grammar mistakes. most of them had something to do with missing periods, and then there are also the question marks (you used periods instead of question marks during questions in some conversations here.) and i think it would be better if you spell numbers less than 100.

oh, and is charlie brazille the charlie from the original series? :)
EternalGleek chapter 3 . 10/2/2011
I love it! The boys seem really interesting and different... I really hope you keep writing :)
scott mccalles chapter 3 . 10/2/2011
Oooh! Sounds great! :)

I wonder who the boys are for. :D
LuvLife113 chapter 3 . 10/2/2011
Oooooo I love it so far! I think Chess is turning out to be a really good character and I totally LOVED the whole fight-thing-slash-brother-sister-love with Chess and Hatter. Totally reminded me of myself and my brother. The boys are also seeming to be quite good, can't wait for the next chapter...maybe a bit longer next time? Anyways, good chapter and update soon! :)
EternalGleek chapter 2 . 9/25/2011


Full Name: Delilah Rose Hawthorn

What You Go By: Delilah or DeeDee

Age: Ages 14

Location: USA, in Omaha Nebraska. How exciting insert sarcasm here.

Nationality: Native American- Polish

Ethnicity: Native American


-Full Name: Scott Hawthorn

-Occupation: Lawyer

-Age: 43

-Full Name: Cariloline Hawthorn

-Occupation: stay at home mom?

-Age: Thats a very good question, but she won't tell me.

Brief History: Growing up, I had anything and everything I wanted except for a normal childhood. I started competing when I was 7 years old, but I started training when I was only 4. When I was little, I rarely got to see my dad because he was always so busy. I'm even an only child and he couldn't find time for me. I went to elementary and middle school at OHAS, a school for children who couldnt always make it to school ( in my case because of competition) and need more flexible schedules. My friendship circle was minuscule, consisting of only the girls I knew from gymnastics, which gave me about three friends.


Alpha Ability: GYMNAST-Contortionist

Ability Specifics: I'm a professional gymnast but when I was about nine, I volunteered at a circus to show the audience some tricks. I got a standing ovation for my back bend walk and I've performed at talent shows ever since. I've also been training for the olympics my whole life.

Alpha Awards and Achievements: I have not only won gold medals in national and world competitions, but also received praise from olympic medalist Shawn Johnson for my technique. My parents chose to live in Omaha because it houses America's best gymnastics facility, which is where I train. As for my Contortionist career, it's hard to receive awards for that, but I've won the Omaha Teen Talent Show twice for contortionism.

Alpha Minors: I can dance a little, but I only dance to improve my grace for gymnastics.

PERSONALITY: I'm a generally good person in my opinion. I can be stubborn but I never give up which is good for training. I love meeting new people but I don't generally like change. People say I'm nice, but I feel like I can be mean if people are mean to me.

Friend/Family Opinion:

-Full Name: Elizabeth Playa

-Relation to Applicant: best friend/teammate

-Describe the Applicants Personality: DeeDee is so sweet! She can have a serious bite if she wants to, but she'll never put you down if you're nice to her. Shes also hilariously sarcastic, which is a quality I love about her :)

Flaws: Anorexic. At first I did it to get in shape, but now I can't eat without feeling bad about myself. I'm also really negative when I'm upset and sometimes I get aggressive before competition and start psyching myself out.


Hair: I have curly dark brown hair that I always pull into a ballerina bun to keep out of the way. It's hard to control all the curls, but I work extra hard to make the pretty.

Eyes: I have dark hazel eyes that are a pretty almond shape framed by huge lashes coated in mascara.

Body: I'm 5'4", which is actually kinda tall for gymnastics. I have a very athletic body, toned and lean from years of excercising, even though my ribs stick out quite a bit.

Face: My face shape is a heart and dainty looking, and my nose is a little button smattered in light freckles. My lips are thin on the top and full on the bottom, usually only covered in gloss.

Style: My style is very classic but has some serious athletic undertones. I can be Girly, but only when I have to be.

What you will wear on your first day: I'll wear a white shirt-dress with small blue piping. The dress hits just above my knees and is rolled up to my elbows. My shoes will must likely be sky-blue converse with silver laces. I'll pull my hair up into a bun and keep and stray hairs out of my face with bobby pins. To finish off, I'll apply eyeliner and tons of mascara, possibly some chapstick.


Grade Point Average: 2.6

Do You Have/Want a boyfriend?: don't have one, kind of want one. I'll only commit to a boy if he is willing to take backseat to my dreams.

Describe your perfect boy: my perfect boy has to be attractive and willing to deal with the passion I have for gymnastics. He has to be a nice person, genuine, and humble.
Little-Luna229 chapter 1 . 9/20/2011

Full Name: MacKenzie Pickett

What You Go By: Mack

Age: Ages 15

Location: Sydneny, Australia

Nationality: Australian

Ethnicity: African-American


-Full Name: Sarah James

-Occupation: Au pair

-Age: 24

-Relationship to Applicant: Parents died, I became the guardian

Brief History: I was born in Sydney Australia, then my 'rents died when I was three, in a fire. I barely escaped with my life. Sarah became my primary guardian, taking care of me and my nine year old sister, Ava. We didn't have much, so we struck it rich when I signed up for motorcross lessons at age eight. I'd thought it would be easy, just ride a bike. But then I got into it. REALLY into it. For Christmas, my only gift was a motocross bike and helmet. Soon, I was competing, winning every time.


Alpha Ability: Motocrosser-Industrial Designer

Ability Specifics: I'm a professional motocrosser and I am the top designer for Apple. I design new ideas for new products. (Ex. I created the iPhone 5, and am currently working on a pocket sized, collapsible computer.)

Alpha Awards and Achievements:

-Voted #1 best female motocrosser in all of Australia by Start Your Engines Magazine

-Won FMX in the X Games seven years in a row

-My five products I designed are Apple's best sellers (Nano, iPhone, iPad, iTouch, & Mac Mini)

-CMO of Apple for three years now (Chief Marketing Officer)

-Voted Employee Of The Month twice at Apple Headquarters

Alpha Minors: I can create you any costume you want: Little Bo Peep, Frankenstein, Sock Monkey, Corpse Bride, you name, I can make it.

PERSONALITY: As the new headmistress of Alpha Academy I would like to learn if you personality is as wonderful as you talent. I would like a variety of girls, from sweet and shy to bold and flirty. Remember, no one is one dimensional, and everyone has their flaws.

Friend/Family Opinion: Here is where you get a friend, neighbor, teacher, brother, sister, etc. to tell me what you're like.

-Full Name: Carolyne FitzPatrick

-Relation to Applicant: BBFL

-Describe the Applicants Personality: Mack is your average tomboy: She loves sports, belching, and food. But she is also a sweet, caring person. Since Mack's parents died, she has kept to her self, not socializing alot. She mainly sketched new ideas for Apple while others are usually partying. Mack doesn't trust easily. She has dyslexia, but you wouldn't know that from looking at her grades.

Flaws: will blow up at the slightest thing, VERY sensitive, speaks her mind, and has a sharp tongue.

APPERANCE: Please be very, very detailed.

Hair: it's in a pixie cut after I got mad at Sarah and SNIP went the scissors, but I got it so now it looks total badass. It's naturally bleach blond, and I've kept it like this so it doesn't get in the way when I'm doing something.

Eyes: I have emerald green eyes with flecks of gold in them, (if you look closely enough), and I wear corrective contacts after my eyesight went downhill at age six.

Body: I'm roughly 5 ft. 3, very lithe, and have built up muscle over the years. Unfortunately, I have my mother's chest, which means C-Cups, which I try to hide. My feet are very tiny, and have olive colored skin. My fingernails are trimmed just so, and I have toned limbs.

Face: My face is round as the dial on an iPod, with a small button nose and big, bambi eyes. I have TONS of freckles, light brown, splashed across my cheeks and nose. My lips are plump enough, and my teeth are perfectly aligned. I get the occasional zit on the bridge of my nose and on the corners. I don't wear much make-up, except for thick eyeliner and clear mango gloss (yum!) Occasionally, some green eyeshadow, but only for parties and such.

Style: My style is Vintage-ly basic: A graphic tee of some sort, black skinny jeans, and converse to my knees. I usually throw on a silver cropped bomber jacket. You'll never see me without my Three Charms Necklace. It has three charms on it: a dove, a rose, and a two vines intertwined through a heart. These represents me, my sister Ava Rose, and my parents.

What you will wear on your first day: My green t-shirt that reads "Mustaches are Epic (Especially on unicorns!)" with a unicorn riding a rainbow with a mustache, my fave pair of grey skinnies, and my knee high (knockoff) hot pink converse. My TC Necklace, and motorcycle earrings.


Grade Point Average: 4.0 (I have my ways despite my dyslexia)

Do You Have/Want a boyfriend?: My mate, Simon, is the perfect guy. He wants something more, but for now I'm content with just friendship.
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