Reviews for Heroic Tendencies
Morghen chapter 1 . 11/25/2012
Reading a 16k fic is a perfect way to procrastinate soooo ;P

"Justin looked up and pouted. "I woke up because I was cold."'

OMM, that is so kyoot. His little pout and asdfghjkl JAMES BETTER GET BACK OVER THERE AND WARM HIM UP A LOT! :P

James felt his face grow hot. "Justin! You may not eat me for breakfast."

OFF TO A NICE START, THIS FIC IS! I haven't even read 1/16th of it and I'm already having lewd thoughts! XD

"starting to unzip James' sweatshirt…"


I love how concerned about James Justin is. I mean, it must put him in a weird position to be with the son of his school friends and I like how you show that.

"but little did Marietta—Mrs. Jordan—know that it was Troy of whom she'd have to be wary on her daughter's behalf…as well as her son's, as both Jordan siblings wanted Troy"

OMM, XD YOU GO TROY! XD That must cause some sibling tension, though... o.O

Aw, I love the part when James is moving out and Ginny and Harry get all sentimental XD It's a cute scene and it's nice to see that side of Harry, too, because James doesn't have that many fond memories of him, according to a later part in the fic. I always wondered how he'd be with his children and I love how you write their family! I don't think Harry would really grasp how to be a good parent because of how he was raised by the Dursleys.

I never even considered Ollivander having a family... Now I'm wondering with whom he had children and who his children are and everything... He's an interesting character - you should write mor about him! :D Though since he's been working with /wands/ for how many hundreds of years, I'm sure he's a bit slashy ;p And wow, that part when he tells James that he could die peacefully with the knowledge that the store is in James' hands is so touching.

OMFM, when they all find out... That's so heartbreaking - I can't even imagine the pain and confusion that James was feeling to be treated like that. Ugh, I just wanted to huggle him :(( The way you described the whole scene and everyone's reactions was just beautiful, even though it was so sad. It was realistic, I mean, and even though I feel bad for James, I liked that they didn't accept him being in love with Justin. It makes it more real than if they were all to be instantly fine with it.

Asdfghjkl, Justin is just so sweet! I'm pretty much sobbing and all rolled up in my blankets whilst reading this. It's soooo kyoot because Jamestin, but sad because Harry and Co are being such dicks... pathetic!Mor AND HOW JUSTIN IS ALL WORRIED ABOUT JAMES AND MAKING HIM FEEL OKAY AGAIN AND NOT EVEN MAD ABOUT HOW JAMES' PARENTS FOUND OUT... gljglsnhrgsoeglgmt this pairing they're just too perfect together

""I wouldn't let you go for anything, James, I promise you that.""

DYING! mewww why do you have to write such angsty stuff? gahhh

Ahh, I love Victoire in this! I love how she comes over to try and help James because she has been through a similar situation. It's so nice of her and shows a different side than how most people write her. I know you don't usually write her as a terrible bitch anyway, but still. It's nice to read a story with her concerned about someone other than herself. AND PERCY! I was wondering why he came, but that's very true that he lived as the outcast for a long time, though for different reasons of course. I almost never like Percy in fanfiction, but I love the way you write him. He's still very true to his character, but you show how he was matured and isn't as much of a prat as he once had been.

"Neville sighed. "Justin, you're the worst-kept secret since the Order of the Phoenix."'

OMM XD I just... XD *huggles Nev*

"Poor Ollivander nearly had a heart attack when he saw them."

XD I love that part! Ollivander must realized that someone who works with wands all day, MUST like /wands/. ;P But the whole marriage/handfasting proposal was soooo sweet! I love how Justin knew that that was what he wanted and reassured James that it wasn't just some out of the blue decision. So adorable!

Ooo, I love how Padma keeps Kingsley in line ;D

The ceremony was perfect! I just loved everything about it - from Hannah's reaction, to the whole ribbon and magic description! AND HOW THEY SAID "I DO" even though they didn't have to was soooo kyoot! Gahhh, I should've tried to catch up on Jamestin sooner! I still have a few fics to go, but I'm trying! They're just so perfect and everything.


thelilacfield chapter 1 . 11/30/2011
Hey mew, it's BethTonks, I changed my penname again. Should really stop with that, shouldn't I? ;)

Wow, that was really your first wedding ceremony written? I don't even want to think about the number I've written. The downside to (almost) always writing happy endings ;)

It was such a sweet, touching wedding ceremony though, and possibly the first fictional ceremony to make me cry. I loved the references to VicNev and PadmaKingsley, and Percy, omagawsh, PERCY! I loved him here and that's a great achievement, cause I'm not usually a Percy fan.

You definitely deserved the perfect grade for that confession moment. It was jus g. The reactions and it was just perfect, that long moment that you could easily have summed up in a sentence. Yet you didn't, you descrived everything and the fic was perrfect even just for that. :D

I just loved it, okay? Man, Jamestin is so addictive and HOT! ;P
Searlupe chapter 1 . 10/21/2011
Mew, if I wasn't already in love with your stories, the line "What is with you young people loving us old folk?" (Justin) "Oh, wrinkles are so hot, definitely." (James) would have me falling all over these stories. I loved this story and can't wait for #5!
jojor99 chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
I'm feeling kind of sad and happy at the same time just now! I'm glad that they're together but I feel sad for the rift between James and most of his family. I hope they work something out soon and that they're not too upset about missing out on the ceremony - though it is kind of their fault. It's nice to see Percy being so supportive - I hope he knocks some sense into the rest of his family.

Thanks for partially dedicating it my way. I love being a hero!
TheHogwartsActress chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
YAY! I'm a hero of fanfic, i feel so special lol!

So lets begin the review of you awesomes story:

The start is great, i think it is another perfect snapshot of a couple you capture crazycakes'ly well! It seems just so realistic, I think that is the true skill of a writer. I loved the line "You may not eat me for breakfast!" it truly did make me rofl which is why im getting strange looks from my famil ;). I also hearted the winky/Kreacher referance; gotta love those darling house elves.

Another thing I loved was the way can switch between emotions without losing the flow of the fic. I liked the scene where his parents were letting go of him, a scene that says so much in so little words, an emotional engaging scene that was well written. The wand description scenes were amazing too, and I too am on pottermore, add me I'm StormKey163 :), the way you explained the apprenticeship with Ollivander whistfully talking about the absence of his children, was genious! Also loving the use of the endearment, my pumpkin tart, oh how im going to use it whenever i can, lol.

One of my favourite lines was "A silence settled between them, and James dropped his gaze to his parchment. No one had ever told him such a wonderful thing" His true suprise at being told how good he is resonates through the line, and the paragraph really. Also the line I also adored was "As much as James loved Justin, Ollivander's trust had to be the best Christmas present ever." After that when you started to write about my favourite OC Callie, borrowing a line from my history teacher, bless her cotton socks off lol :D.

Another bit I really enjoyed was the talk about what James was going to buy his friends and family members as i think it shows key parts of their personalitys, merely just showing us gift ideas. And slwoly showing james's maturation is subtle but absolutley amazing. The best thing i have ever seen written was that god damn amazing onfession paragraph, i can't really find the words to descripe how incredible that paragraph.

The positive reaction from Percy and Victorie, etc. was just pulling on my heart strings, just so good.

And now they are Handfasted/married! YAY! I'm way looking forward to the J5! I hope this review is long enough for your amazing novella!


Rose :D
lowi chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
Oh my gosh, mew. You already know I loved this, or at least I hope you do! :D

Jamestins is simply one of the most epic pairings I know of. You write them truly brilliantly together, their relationship is sososososo beautifully pictured! I love their dialogue, the little things they do to show their love for the other, simply said I love them together!

And the part where James' family discovered about it all was really heartbreaking. It's true I got tears in my eyes while reading it, it was so beautiful and sososo heartwrenching!

And the part just after where Justin arrived at James' place, oh my gosh. I loved it so much.

And then we have the handfastening. It was truly adorable, I lovedlovedloved it. You had described it fantastically, it was so beautiful! And their "I do"s really had me giggling! Oh, and James' happiness was the cutesy thing ever, well the ending was really squealworthy!

Another thing I loved was how it was /Percy/ (among others) who stood behind them. I don't know why, really, but it made me very happy to read that!

All in all, this was amazing, mew! Loved every single part of it!