Reviews for To Kate
life's a mystery chapter 2 . 9/4
wow great story! I love how you see the development of their love through different people's eyes in this story :)
NCISchick chapter 2 . 5/18
i think i melted reading this. it was just so fluffy and cute my heart couldn't take it. I LOVE IT!
Hannah chapter 1 . 5/18
Oh wow! This is fantastic. I'm so glad this fic was made known to me, because it's fantastic. You're a WONDERFUL writer, and even not caught up on episodes, you really have them pegged. Amazing. Thank you. I hope you write more for Castle.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/2
Oh, that was nice, thank you for this bright picture of love...
soulsinstarlight chapter 1 . 3/28
Whoop. Just realized this was a muuuuch older fic. My statements still stand though. I'd still loooove to hear more POV'S on this, esp Ryan and Montgomery!
soulsinstarlight chapter 2 . 3/28
This is your FIRST Castle fic!? Good god. Where have you been the past 7 seasons because this is INCREDIBLE. Your characterizations are SPOT ON. And I am the worlds greatest sucker for hurt/comfort scenes. Altho Swan Song was never one of my fav episodes, the private little moment we got to spy in on is easily in my top 10 scenes ever and I always wished we got to see more of those and this is like the most beautiful composition of BTS scenarios. Incredible! I would reaaaallly love to hear it from the perspective of Ryan too!
aghostofasmile chapter 2 . 3/18
This was such a beautiful story. I loved the first chapter with Alexis' perspective so much, it brought tears to my eyes. I think you did a great job portraying the father/daughter relationship. I also loved this chapter, good job on characterisation. :)
landcm01 chapter 2 . 3/8
This was beautiful. I just found it from the castlefanfics tumblr, and I'm so glad I took the time to read all of this. I absolutely love reading stories about C&B from someone else's perspective, and the fact that you wrote from TWO people's perspectives just made me really happy. Thank you! I'll probably be binge-reading all of your fic in the next couple weeks! :)
Guest chapter 2 . 1/19
quel dommage que je ne lise pas l'anglais car vos histoires doivent être encore plus belles dans votre langue. Mais si la traduction est mal faite, tous les mots, toutes les émotions sont là. On sent la tendresse, la délicatesse dans vos descriptions, c'est tout simplement magnifique.
Which damage that I do not read English because your stories must be even more beautiful in your language(tongue). But if the translation is badly made, all the words, all the feelings are there. We feel(smell) the tenderness, the delicacy in your descriptions, it is simply magnificent.
Bigbagofweird2 chapter 2 . 9/16/2014
Awesome. Really awesome. Thanks so much!
fuckya chapter 2 . 3/22/2014
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FanFiction unleash your imagination

To Kate By: surrendersomething Castle/Beckett. The first time Alexis finds them, she knows she wasn't supposed to find them at all. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Kate B., Rick C. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 12,793 - Reviews: 121 - Favs: 388 - Follows: 91 - Updated: Sep 27, 2011 - Published: Sep 18, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7393083

To Kate: II

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

A/N: First things first, I want to say a massive thank you for all the amazing reviews, comments and alerts I got for the first chapter. This seems like a really amazing fandom and I feel quite privileged to be writing in it. I was stunned by the response for this story, especially as it was the first thing I've ever written for the show and written after watching only the first season. So thank you to everyone, I really do appreciate it. On with the second chapter now, which I hope will do the first justice. I'm actually up to about episode eight of season two at present (and falling even more in love with the show as I go), but this was written after watching only the first season so again please put any inaccuracies with what you know down to that. We've seen Alexis's discovery of their relationship, so I thought it might be interesting to have a look at another perspective. You'll notice that some parts correspond to the first chapter – largely I've tried to match the numbers (eight, ten and eleven, if you're wondering) but four here also corresponds with five in the previous chapter (I thought I'd matched the numbers, but when I read back it turned out I hadn't). This is it for this particular story, but I have two more loosely related stories which will be coming your way soon and also a separate story that I'm writing currently. Enjoy, and I'd really love to hear what you think of chapter two.

To Kate

The first time Javier Esposito sees them together, his very first reaction is one of true joy. Not joy for them, exactly. Rather, joy because this time he's really got one up on Kevin Ryan. Beckett and Castle could be the discovery of the century and he could ride on the back of this particular piece of gossip for a very long time. Become infamous as the one who provides the answer to the office poll, even.

Come to think of it, he's pretty sure he's got some money on something that will give him some sort of return, too.

There's something that stops him telling his partner straight away, though.

He's making coffee in the break room when he sees them, using Castle's fancy machine that has actually taken him far too long to learn how to use, although that's something else he hasn't told Ryan. As he raises the mug to his nose and inhales deeply, he glimpses movement in the hallway through the blinds, and his well-trained instincts have him alert instantly. Just in case.

He watches idly as two uniforms march their latest suspect down the hall, back towards the cell where he'll be spending the night. A minute passes, and he finds himself speculating about whether they've got the right man when Beckett steps out of the interrogation room, rakes a hand through her hair and slumps slightly against the wall. Esposito watched the first twenty minutes of her interrogation, and he knows it wasn't an easy task. From her reaction, he presumes that they've got the right man, but not a confession. He's about to turn away and give his boss what little privacy she can expect in the hallway, when Castle follows her out of the interrogation room, door banging carelessly behind him.

Esposito cracks a smile, because subtle is not the word to describe Richard Castle and that means the writer is probably about to clash with Beckett, big time. So like any good detective would, he leans against the counter and settles in to enjoy the show, because Beckett really doesn't seem to be in the mood to put up with Castle's jokes.

When she glances up for long enough to shoot a quick, forced smile in the writer's direction though, something flashes in Esposito's brain. Rooted to the spot, he watches them exchange words he can't make out. Kate's heel starts to thump repeatedly against the wall, and Esposito has worked with her long enough to know that means she's really pissed. Her anger doesn't seem to be directed at Castle though, because she keeps talking. She starts to gesture wildly to make her point, and Esposito hopes Castle knows how to dodge.

He almost drops his mug though, when the writer glances both ways down the corridor, reaches out, catches her hands swiftly in his and lowers them to her side. Checking the corridor again, Castle leans forward and kisses Beckett's cheek quickly before stepping away completely, breaking all contact between them.

And Esposito can do nothing but stare, dumbfounded.

Because even though Kate Beckett is glaring at her pseudo-partner, her expression, her posture and just about everything else has softened dramatically as she listens to whatever Castle is telling her, arms firmly by her side and feet still.

And somehow, even though it's nothing conclusive and nothing that couldn't be chalked down to the writer's over-zealous personality, Esposito knows.

They're not just friends anymore.

But he finds himself taking his coffee back to his desk and keeping his new discovery to himself, because somehow, it feels like it's not his story to tell.

The second time Esposito sees them is a stolen moment towards the end of a poker game.

He's started to notice in hindsight that she's been making excuses not to leave at the same time as everyone else at the end of the night, and he realises now that it's probably because she doesn't leave at all. She'll strike up a conversation with Martha, or Alexis if she's still awake. Esposito also realises that Beckett seems to get along a lot better with Castle's female counterparts than he's ever noticed before. If neither of the women are around when the game wraps up she'll excuse herself to the bathroom, telling him and Ryan not to bother waiting. It's subtle, and until he saw them at the precinct Esposito hadn't thought twice about it.

At their next poker night though, he finds himself watching them carefully and can't help but notice the way that Beckett seems just a little bit more comfortable in her seat than anyone else. They still flirt shamelessly over the table, but no one bats an eyelid because they're Castle and Beckett and that's just what they do.

There's an unusual game towards the end of the night though, where they both fold early. It comes down to a showdown of sorts between Ryan and the Captain, and while Esposito is paying attention and hoping his partner pulls it off, he can't help a glance to his left at a flash of movement.

They're sitting next to one another, and the flash of movement he sees is the red of her sweater as Beckett reaches over to touch Castle's arm. It's a brief touch and her arm is back against the table before Esposito quite registers the movement, but a grin crosses Castle's face and he leans to his left just a little. She reaches forward to grab her beer, and in doing so speaks quietly to the writer. Esposito can see him fight back a laugh before answering her, his words too quiet for anyone else to hear.

It doesn't look like an overly practised movement, and to anyone else it would look like they were merely commenting on the game panning out before them, but there's something in the way that Beckett reached across to get his attention that convinces Esposito otherwise.

Add to that the fact that as they leave, sans Beckett, he spots a jumper thrown casually over the back of the couch that he knows without a doubt belongs to her, and to a detective you've got something resembling proof.

The third time Esposito sees them they are arriving at a crime scene together. Which isn't odd, in itself. They've arrived together plenty of times before, generally because Esposito knows Beckett is worried about the trouble the writer gets into when left to his own devices. So there's nothing unusual about the way he lifts the crime scene tape for her to step under, although the smile of thanks he receives is pushing it slightly.

More, it's the fact that it's a decidedly anti-social time for a crime scene coupled with the decidedly sheepish looks that they try incredibly hard to hide when he asks that suggest to him that maybe they were doing something with their intended night off that isn't quite appropriate to share with present company.

Night in with the family, Castle offers eventually, a few seconds too late for it to be a truly instinctive answer. Really, lying to a detective? Not the way to go. I'm sure Detective Beckett was doing something far more interesting with her night off though, he continues, and Esposito has to remind himself not to laugh.

They call it a private life for a reason Castle, remember, she shoots back smoothly, and the writer laughs loudly in response. A little too loudly, Esposito thinks. Almost like they'd practised the little interaction. Ryan joins them at this point, whining about the fact that he was right in the middle of dinner, and as they move over to Lanie it's all business again.

Esposito doesn't miss the subtle touch of Castle's hand on her back when the writer thinks no one is looking, though. Or the hint of a smile that slips across Beckett's face in response. There's been something distinctly different about the interaction between the pair at recent scenes, he's started to notice. They've always finished one another's sentences and stories, but the awkwardness and tension that always seemed to linger have dispersed.

One might say they had been resolved, Esposito muses for a second, before shaking his head and blaming the anti-social hour once again for the fact that he sounds a little bit too much like a girl.

The scene they are faced is distinctly Beckett-flavoured, and within t
Guest chapter 1 . 3/22/2014
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FanFiction unleash your imagination

To Kate By: surrendersomething Castle/Beckett. The first time Alexis finds them, she knows she wasn't supposed to find them at all. Rated: Fiction T - English - Romance - Kate B., Rick C. - Chapters: 2 - Words: 12,793 - Reviews: 120 - Favs: 388 - Follows: 91 - Updated: Sep 27, 2011 - Published: Sep 18, 2011 - Status: Complete - id: 7393083

To Kate

Summary: The first time Alexis finds them, she knows she wasn't supposed to find them at all.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, clearly. Otherwise I would've watched everything.

A/N: This is my first foray into the world of Castle – a disclaimer right at the start, to date I've only watched season one and the first episode of season two. I'm a little late to the game, but absolutely 100% in love with the show. Any inaccuracies, anything that doesn't make sense, anything that I seem to have missed – it's probably because I don't know about it yet. That said, I just couldn't resist writing about these characters who have well and truly worked their way into my brain. This little series will consist of four parts. There will be a second chapter to this story, and then two accompanying standalone stories. Suggestions, comments, criticism, advice are all welcomed, especially as I'm so new to the show.

To Kate

The first time Alexis finds them, she knows she wasn't supposed to find them at all. Martha has taken her to the theatre and by the time she goads her grandmother away from the after party, it's well after midnight. Her father is a night owl though, so when they get home Martha sends her up to see if he's still awake.

He isn't.

Nor is he alone.

Lit by a thin sliver of moonlight at his side, lies Kate Beckett. Fast asleep, the detective is lying on her stomach with her head inclined slightly to the right, towards Alexis's father. Her hair falls in a sleek curtain across her face, and the sheets that cover her have fallen down beneath her shoulder blades and Alexis can see the thin straps of her tank top. She can also see how the detective's right arm is slung casually over her father's stomach where he sleeps peacefully next to her.

It's a strangely intimate picture. More so than all of the things she knows she could have walked in on, over the years. Despite her fifteen years, led as innocently as one can with Richard Castle as a father, she can also tell that it's not the first time this particular picture has occurred. There's a comfortable intimacy exuding from the formerly unlikely colleagues that Alexis can't quite place, but that she also knows is much more like something resembling love than tolerance.

Alexis knows better than anyone that her father has a side far softer than he lets most people see, and that it looks like Kate Beckett is no longer most people. She suspects the detective might have her own soft side too, if what she is seeing is anything to go by.

With that thought she quietly closes the door to and makes her way back downstairs. When Martha asks her if he was still awake, she tells her no. She doesn't tell her that he wasn't alone.

That's not her story to tell.

The second time Alexis finds them, they're laughing. She doesn't think she's ever really heard Kate Beckett laugh in the times she's met her, other than the time with the red dress and the eggs. Martha is away for the week, somewhere with sun darling, and Alexis has finals fast approaching. Venturing out of her room for a soda, she finds her father and the detective in her way.

Wrestling a bottle of beer out of her father's hand, Kate Beckett has one hip leant casually against the fridge, and Alexis halts on the stairs as she watches her father lean one arm against the fridge, easily invading her personal space as his other hand falls to her waist.

He says something Alexis can't quite hear and after a second's pause, she watches Kate hit him even as her laughter rings out again.

Alexis has seen them talking before, and she knows that she's seen them flirting before, but in the scene before her there's an easy kind of familiarity that she thinks can only come from the type of relationship she suspects she's watching develop before her.

The type of relationship that she finds herself happy to watch develop before her.

As Alexis finishes her descent down the stairs it's the detective who sees her first, and she smiles an almost shy greeting as she pushes away the hand that rests on her hip. At the change in position her father turns, his grin widening as he spots Alexis. Breaking away from Kate, he traps her in a playful headlock before hugging her tightly, lifting her feet off the floor as the detective looks on, a warm smile crossing her lips that Alexis suspects she's unaware of.

Neither of the adults look willing to confess to much, and when Alexis asks what they're doing they cobble together an answer about case files and Nikki Heat that doesn't really make sense, when she looks back.

Still, she leaves them to it to return to her revision with a smile and a wave of her soda can. As she walks up the stairs she hears Kate chide him with a soft, laughing exclamation of his surname, and she doesn't have to turn around to know that her father has been inappropriate. Again.

Not for the first time, she feels like the roles are reversed and she's more like the parent in their strangely dysfunctional relationship.

Only this time? The teenagers are in the kitchen, slowly falling in love.

The third and fourth times Alexis finds them are similar to the second. Both involve laughter, alcohol and a spark that Alexis doubts anyone could deny. Yet still, she hasn't heard from their own mouths that they're anything more than friends. The fifth time she finds them, while they're not really together in the strictest sense of the word, tells her more than any of the previous four times.

She's been shopping with some friends one Saturday, and when she lets herself into the apartment it's filled with an eerie quiet she wasn't expecting. She knows there's a big baseball game on, and she's used to the sound roaring from his expensive speakers to greet her.

From what little she's gathered from his unexpectedly frequent phone calls that morning, the latest case he has been shadowing is horrific. Still, her father is a seasoned crime writer and lover of the macabre, and even though he might hug her a little tighter than usual after a bad day, even the worst cases haven't seemed to get him down too much so she has been secretly looking forward to joining him for the second half of the game she doesn't really understand, no matter how many times he patiently explains the rules to her.

Instead, she finds her father sprawled on the sofa, and she can read the tension in his body even though he's face down and dead to the world. When she turns, she finds Kate Beckett perched on a stool in her kitchen, nursing a mug of coffee and looking like she's got the weight of the world on her shoulders.

Somehow, she's not surprised.

Alexis knows this wasn't the way they'd been planning for her to find out, and even if she hadn't she finds it written all over the detective's face. It's also clear to Alexis from the look in the older woman's eyes as she watches over him from her carefully selected position, that it's a relationship they will no longer be able to deny. When she eventually asks the confident, self-assured detective who she respects more than she lets on if she's okay, Alexis doesn't quite know how to react when Kate rubs a hand roughly across her eyes and doesn't respond.

I only meant to drop him off and make sure he went to bed, she finally tells Alexis quietly. We worked all night, and he took the case... horribly. I couldn't bring myself to leave him like that, so I...stayed.

This wasn't how we wanted you to find out, she adds when Alexis tells her not to go, and it's the detective's turn to not look surprised when Alexis tells her that she already knew. You're a smart girl, she says eventually, and Alexis feels proud that she's helped put a sliver of a smile on the detective's face when she eventually continues and offers a dryly phrased sometimes it makes me wonder whether he really is your father.

Pouring herself a glass of juice, she takes a seat next to her father's new girlfriend and as they silently keep watch over her father, she finds herself really starting to like the new woman in his life.

For the first time.

The sixth time Alexis finds them they're very much together, and openly so. It's also the first time she sees them kiss. It's like a weight has been lifted off her father's shoulders now that he doesn't have to reveal his relationship to his only daughter, and while she realises that makes her sound conceited, she also knows it's true.

The fact that he was so worried about it speaks volumes to her.

They're in the kitchen when Alexis gets home one evening, and the detective is sitting on the counter next to the stove, her gentle laughter ringing through the loft as her father shows off his cooking skills. Which are extraordinary, Alexis acknowledges with a smile, so she can't really blame him.

They're both dressed casually and Kate is barefoot as she sits on the counter, but she holds a half empty wineglass in her hand and the table boasts two carefully set places, so Alexis knows that it's a date. She also knows that her father never dates at home. Then again, she can't actually remember seeing him date someone who wasn't out for the fame and fortune, and she's also not naive enough to know that the detective won't be entirely comfortable with the media attention.

The combination of those facts makes the fact that her father never dates at home even more significant though. It means that Kate Beckett is important enough to break his rules for.

That said, as she watches Kate lean over to try and steal a taste of whatever her father's cooking, A
bobi valcheva chapter 2 . 3/20/2014
Moving job, girl! No words!
JustAWriterWannaBe chapter 2 . 2/15/2014
Wow, very well done. Excellent job. Nicely written, very engaging.

I'd change the way you quote the speaker, the italics really doesn't work correctly.
I think that's about the only thing anyone could consider wrong. :)
sailsafe chapter 2 . 11/17/2013
i will never get over this story. it is a work of art, it is absolutely beautiful and perfect. it will always be my favorite.
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