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happy-sagara chapter 150 . 6/21/2015
Hi there! I really enjoyed your fic, thank you so much for writing it! I had a lot of fun reading it, and the romance scenes were awesome I love the way you describe Xellos and Filia, their interactions, flirting, bickering and sweet moments, specially when they're discovering and accepting their feelings for each other. I was sad for certain characters' fate such as Kali, Kalio and Medusa because I like all of your additional characters, they're great! Thanks again :D


Happy Sagra
Nerdfish chapter 4 . 8/24/2012
"I think fiance would be the proper term, honey."
The Tsundere strikes back !
Morgan H chapter 134 . 8/15/2012
:( I'm BORED!
Morgan H chapter 128 . 8/14/2012
T_T When are Lina and Gourry going to appear again?! Waaaaah! T_T
Morgan H chapter 124 . 8/14/2012
I really hope that Xellos and Filia will get their memories back and stop hating each other again. -_- So...Boring...Can't...breathe!
Morgan H chapter 112 . 8/13/2012
Waaaah! I want more humor! *sucks thumb*
I'm seriously hoping that more humor is coming up. And I also hope I'll end up learning more about the Slayers. I have this story I'm writing (that I never expect to publish or anything like that) that's about the Slayers and I'm not sure if it's good or not...-_- Anyway, like I said, I've been hoping for more humor in this story. (...and more embarrassment, sorrow, and pain for the main characters as I go along. I can't wait for the battle against the Stillness!
Morgan H chapter 97 . 8/11/2012
It was hilarious when Zelas took Luna's shape and scared Lina half to death. When I read the part with Luna walking in, I just knew it was Zelas, because she loves to decieve, annoy, and terrify people. It would also make a lot of sense if Zelas called Zelgadis ugly; she enjoys making people feel bad about themselves. I could picture Zelgadis running away dramatically, while Amelia chases after him, calling, "Zelgadis, don't think about that! She's just causing injustice by making you feel bad!" It would be funny if Lina was throwing one of her hissy fits and Zelgadis, Amelia, Gourry, Xellos, and Filia rolled their eyes and walked away, with Lina realizing they left and calling, "Hey! I'm the leader around here!" and Zelgadis sighs in exasperation.
Morgan H chapter 94 . 8/11/2012
I think it was hilarious with Amelia and Zelgadis switching bodies and how, when Phil came in, Amelia in Zelgadis' body didn't crush him. I also thought it was hilarious when it said Zelgadis kept climbing trees and bending every which way. I can't wait to see what Zelgadis and Amelia have to do to switch back. It will probably infuriate Lina, considering what it said at the end of that chapter. I believe it will involve taking Lina's peridot, and that is, indeed, a fatal mistake. I have laughed and shared what it says with my sisters. I also hope that Xellos and Filia will end up together forever, and that the humor with Zelgadis and Amelia will keep up for a bit longer.
Ale chapter 46 . 7/16/2012
I love this story so much! I just found it today, and I've gotten all the way to chapter 46. It's very addicting. I love the fact that it's so long. It's very well written, and all of the characters feel very much in character. Several of the chapters even feel like actual episodes. It's really cute. I especially like how you are managing to realistically develop Filia and Xellos's relationship into (hopefully) a romance (I mean that's obviously the point of what you are doing, but I think you do an amazing job of it!).
Neptune Butterfly chapter 33 . 7/5/2012
LOL! Seeing Xellos experience humanity is fun! XD I never thought of him having allergies and such. Good one! Filia is such a mother hen when it comes to him, brushing his unruly hair and everything (I have fine hair myself, so I can relate to Xellos' predicament there). He's such a child about it too!

Neptune Butterfly chapter 32 . 7/5/2012
Haha! That beastman episode was good! XD Lets hope Tiffany teaches Phythan some modesty. The girls' reactions are like mine whenever I think of my dear Torrin. XD Lets hope Filia doesn't get too carried away with Xellos now (but that would be funny too!)

Neptune Butterfly chapter 31 . 7/5/2012
Poor Xellos! But yeah, this is going to be hilarious! Filia playing doctor to the former general priest will be very amusing, that is, if she can keep everyone else off her back about it! XD

Neptune Butterfly chapter 30 . 7/4/2012
Aww, they made up! _ So cute! I'm really unsure about this 'exorcism' they're about to do. You just KNOW something's gonna go wrong! Nice move on Filia's part though, making sure Xellos didn't fail.

Neptune Butterfly chapter 29 . 7/4/2012
Aww, poor Zelgadis. He doesn't show it often, but he's a very emotional person. I hope Amelia can talk some sense into him. I'm looking forward to meeting this Green Alchemist.

Neptune Butterfly chapter 28 . 7/4/2012
Again, lots of information to digest, but everything makes a little more sense now. Man, Filia must be very embarrassed that she was attracted to the monster side of Phythan. XD Xellos isn't going to like that at all. I'm actually very suspicious of Tiffany. Not all "follow your heart" characters can be trusted, especially if she puts down her race like she did. Filia isn't rejecting all their teachings, just the fact that they did something wrong and then kept it from her. Now we know how to stop Lina eating like she's a black hole! Martina! Oh, a cameo from Luna would be a lot of fun!

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