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Guest chapter 1 . 5/7/2016
Ahh, definitely a sequel worthy of its predecessor! Live the way you had Alexis wake them up. I hope it's not based on personal experience! Now, in off to see if you ever wrote about those sexy times as you alluded in your a/n…
Bigbagofweird2 chapter 1 . 9/19/2014
Awesome. Made me giggle like crazy. Thank you so much!
spaceman-earthgirl chapter 1 . 9/7/2014
I'm sure glad you wrote a sequel to Curves Ahead. I loved them both. Thanks for writing!
lipamo chapter 1 . 8/28/2013
oooh so good, love the flashbacks! beckett and castle dancing while making-out is always something i love to read and imagine in every detail while reading. plus it's so emotionally raw but realistic.. it's beautiful, damn beautiful. would love to read more and more chapters of this one.. :)
E.Sign chapter 1 . 2/11/2013
this was really funny. great job
Guest chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Still waiting for the M conclusion to this little piece of fluffy awesomeness
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12/2012
SO have you written the next installment yet? Just read these two stories, twice! They were sooo good (As are all your stories) :)
SparkleMouse chapter 1 . 7/1/2012
You used Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Shots and yeah. I fucking love you. Also I promised I was only gonna read two and then read my book but it's a SEQUEL and I can't just not read it, you know? Sequels demand to be read.

Also, he is suddenly certain that there are warm body parts pressed up against him. Warm, toned body parts. And there is music. What music? Why music? - Oh hungover. Been there in this moment.

Of course, in his dreams, Esposito's head is not in his lap - LMAO.

"Spanakopita!" Ryan exclaims, suddenly jerking upright on the floor - Dude seriously? I don't even know. But I do know I love it.

"Good morning, Father. Doctor. Detectives," she says brightly.

"Why is there Britney Spears?" Esposito moans plaintively at her. - 1) I hate Alexis but that's hilarious and so her. 2) BECAUSE THERE SHOULD ALWAYS BE BRITNEY SPEARS. (That's right. I have no shame over my love.)

"None of you have any recollection of staggering through the front door at five fifteen this morning, singing Toxic in five-part harmony?" She pauses, tilting her head. "Actually, I'm not sure 'harmony' is the quite the correct word." - I cringe every time I see the Piano Man scene but I think I'd truly appreciate them singing Toxic. Also love that Alexis is the parent here. BECAUSE SHE IS A WET BLANKET.

He takes a small bite. "Why is there pita in my pocket?" - Hahahahahahaaha I love that he takes a bite. Laughing so hard.

"Just thought it was apropos," Alexis says archly. "I'd clattered around the kitchen loudly enough and none of you even twitched. Anyway, I wouldn't have done anything, being as you all looked so peaceful lying there on the couch, but it's one in the afternoon and Ashley's coming to pick me up for a movie and I wanted to make sure you weren't dead." She turns to Castle. "You weren't very responsive when I tapped your arm. I didn't want anyone to choke on their own vomit." - THIS IS SO PERFECT, WHY ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THEIR VOICES?

Our house is broken." - Hahahahaah. Not our bathroom. Our house. Amazing.

The sudden sound of retching echoes through the living room. - This is the part where I'd be screaming and turning away because vomit scares me.

"Oh, Beckett," he murmurs, walking forward and pulling her hair off her neck.- He's just so perfect. FU, Espo. He DOES deserve a white horse.

"You want to stay, you drink," Beckett says firmly. "My party, my rules." - Shots, shots, shots, shots.

This is not a good night for you to burn your mouth - IHEFHUEFHURGHEICWJIDENFIWJNDW.

"Is that a metaphor?" Beckett asks, leaning away from the toilet, back into his hand. Then, one beat later, "Oh. I did, didn't I?" - I love that she's leanings to his hand. This review is so long.

It isn't until after she says it that he realizes he's been staring at her lips the whole time she's been standing. He forcibly moves himself several inches away, opens the drawer under the sink, and pulls out a packaged toothbrush. "For the record," he says as he peels off the flimsy cardboard backing and presses the plastic into her palm, "I'd kiss you any time." - That is so gross because as much as I want to make out with Kate Beckett, ew no, not after vomit. .HOWEVER, it's so sweet he would. Gross. And sweet.

as his right knee keeps insistently reminding him when he bobs to the music - I am picturing him dancing like such a white boy.

"But it would have felt wrong, slinking out while you were in the bathroom after spending such a magical night together," Lanie continues. - LMAO

They're clustered at the bar when the lights flick on harshly. - Hahahahaha always fun when THAT happens and they start cleaning up around you LOL.

Beckett says, knocking back the final swallow of her last Yuengling.- I cry over the fact that LA does not have Yuengling.

"You know that's not how you say gyros, right?" Lanie asks. - Hahahaha poor dumb Ryan.

The Greek food carryout slash hour dance club in SoHo - Of course it is. And of course that probably exists. Mmmm. Now I'm hungry.

"I'm not sure they started out intending to be a Greek food carryout slash dance club. Maybe they were a respectable Greek restaurant with a decent musical selection, and gradually more and more people would be, well, gyrating in line, and before they knew it, they woke up one morning and… there it was." Ryan nods smartly.

"Next time we go anywhere, you're cut off after three drinks," Esposito says, then, reconsidering, revises. "Two drinks. You're cut off after two drinks." - LMAO you make me so happy.

then a minivan cab is rounding the corner and Castle is hailing it and ushering Beckett into it before anyone has a chance to think or protest. - LOL so smooth.

"You're too goddamn good to quit," he growls, the tiny, logical voice in his head, the one that continually asserts not the right time not the right time, growing smaller by the second.

"And you're too goddamn stupid to let me make my own choices," Beckett snaps, looking a little too much like she wants to punch him in the jaw. - I love that in this brilliant, comedic story you have a sentimental side to it. Truly love the plot.

"I'm addicted to you, don't you know that you're toxic? And I love what you do, don't you know that you're toxic?" - Anytime this song comes on my iPod now I will now think of you and them.

even Beckett (who's singing too softly for him to hear, but he can feel the rumble of the lyrics vibrating deep in her chest - I can picture this and I love it so much.

"No," is all she says, though the tone underpinning the word is I slept until one in the afternoon and I've only been up for an hour, moron. - Hey that doesn't mean it's not a good time for a nap!

Her mouth stays on his, and he loses any last shred of protest, loses everything but the feel of her lips skidding over his, her nails digging into his neck, her sides working double-time under his palms. He loses everything but her. - Too hungover hahaha. But my god. I loved this.

The One in Which Carto Sucks it the Hell Up and Writes Something M Rated." - Are you a Friends fan? Because this is so a Friends title.

Must read real book. But I'm coming back soon because you are so wonderful!
duckys-dream chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
I must remember not to eat or drink while reading stories of yours. I tend to have very embarrassing moments of laugh spitting in which whatever was in my mouth ends up on my screen and keyboard.

I liked the back and forth of this. Instead of this is what happened then and this is what's happening now - I liked the snippets from each tense.

Very cool. :)
MegsterCastleFanatic chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
Really enjoyed this, thanks!
castlefan83 chapter 1 . 5/28/2012
How did I not know about this sequel to Curves Ahead. I was just thinking about that story the other day and went to read it, and here I discovered that you did write a sequel! This was just great. It brought a smile to my face. I would really like to see the group actually go out on the show. Maybe one day we'll get a drunk Beckett.
nixer chapter 1 . 5/3/2012
Aw, dude, did you not right a sequel for this one? Cos it's funny like the first one was funny but I'd like to have them, you know, actually discuss the issue at hand? And find out how this kid got shot? I know I'm looking for jam on it...all your fics are so good and I can get my angsty fixes in another one...but I like resolution.
Phoebe Dynamite chapter 1 . 3/27/2012
Full of perfect. Hilarious, in character, with an ending that leaves me the happiest. Thanks for this piece of awesome.
Moonbebe chapter 1 . 3/9/2012
I loved this! I'm behind on my reading, but I sure am glad you wrote this sequel to Curves Ahead - I loved that story too! Having Alexis be the one that woke them up was pretty damn funny - and the image of all of them sprawled out together on the couch just makes me laugh. I would love to see that for real! LOL Hopefully you'll someday get around to that third M rated installment! I would love, love, love to read that! :)
actuallyido chapter 1 . 3/6/2012
Oh i'm smart, even if i say so myself, yet i'm going to stay with you for everything you write. This is so refreshingly awesome, so fun and light-hearted. I've run out of praise-filled words for your work. Fabulous sequel. I know i might be pushing it, but will you ever write a third part? And fourth, and fifth...
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