Reviews for Girlfriends
ilzehs chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
This is honestly your most adorable shot so far! Its just...beyond adorable! & I kept awww'ing throughout.

You know how much I adore Adam/Trish friendship. They are my Canadian babes! & yes, in my slashy mind, they'll always be my favorite girlfriends, lol.

You wrote Trish so wonderfully in this. & Adam was just so fucking cute all flustered & unsure. The E&C touch only made it perfect for me.

The way these two talk, I LOVE it. How Trish is amused & so comforting. & Adam like such a sweetie pouts & pour it all. The when she pinned his hair back, I giggled so hard. He would look so damn cute w/ his bangs pinned back!

LOL, Adam has his feme traits alright, & his looks are so supportive for all the teasing...but there is no way Adam won't throw a bitchy fit if being compared to a woman. That's Adam for you. He's a baby, a bitchy baby, w/ a pretty face...but the best way to get your amusement is to tease him w/ insulting his man status.

*giggles* Her being motherly make me all gushy. I can imagine Adam being like that to her too, when she has a problem. That's just the way they work. Always each other's besties.

Haha, Trish is right Adam. Jay would never fuck around w/ you specially w/ Randy. He'll have to sacrifice his top status ;P

Hehe, Adam & Trish having a girls night out...I have seen it so many times in my slashy mind.

& I love the segment inclusion! Poor Addy is confused...what's up w/ Jay?

AWWW Trish just dolled up our Adam! LOL!

Jay/Adam interaction was just beautiful. & it melted me when Jay told Adam he will always be beautiful to him. & the little tease Adam did to Jay & the reaction he got...OMG..SO CUTE! I LOVED Jay taking Adam to the bed to do some dirty deeds! AND, smacking Adam's pretty but always make me giggly!

Oh the wonderful things that are gonna happen in that bedroom...this is so sweet!

I love you for writing this! & I just love this piece of cuteness!
LadyDragonsblood chapter 1 . 9/19/2011
I love the sweet little one shots with the baby...Jay if you don't want to pay attention to him, send him over to me, I will pet and pamper him all day and all night...anytime...thanks for this :)