Reviews for Daphne and Astoria
Guest chapter 1 . 3/14/2017
Daphne and Astoria Greengrass HC
. Daphne and Astoria are literally two sides of the same coin. Daphne is dark, Astoria is light; Daphne is cold, manipulative and bitchy, Astoria is gentle, sweet, kind and loving. Daphne is diva like, dominant and fiery, and dresses like Anna Wintour. The other tranquil, soothing, dressed like Serena Van der Woodsen and all classic pieces and her movements drenched with all the grace in the world. Literally, they are the Black Swan and White Swan of the HP universe-they are two sides of the same coin!
. The sisters are literally the Amaquelin sisters: polar opposite sisters born of the wizarding world's most powerful fashion empire, with enviable wardrobe, unachievable grace, unimaginable beauty and the superb quality of having so many men in love with them
. Daphne and Astoria are proved to be the worst case of sisters. Ever since Astoria was sorted to a Ravenclaw, it was MONSTROUS. Draco, Ron, Hermione, Harry, Ginny, Neville and Luna all watched helplessly as they fought everything from clothes to hair
Their fighting can range from tiny bickering to MONSTROUS! If they are caught in the same outfit in the day, EVERYONE RAN FOR THEIR LIVES!
. The other main characters above are placed in task to placate the Diva Sisters. Nothing worked. Poor Neville got scared for life!
Hermione: 'I wonder all they care is looks, fashion and self image.'
. Technically, Astoria is even worse than Malfoy. She fights with Snape, deceived the Gryffindors and Ravenclaw friends with sugary coated lies and sugary, coquettish exterior, and seemed to have a way to throw the blame back at her sister.
. However, she never ever hated her sister, even though Daphne did all sorts of horrible things. This alludes to why she adores Draco so much-she sees good in him!
. Draco literally absolutely spoils and adores her. The Golden Trio and their friends watched with utter disbelief as Draco kept showering her expensive gifts, presents, spoiling, even presenting her a full royal set: diamond tiara, wand, glass heels, a gorgeous dress, EVERYTHING!
. Harry: 'I never knew Malfoy can be such an indulgent lover.'
Ron:' He sees her even more worthy than wealth! Dig it!'
Hermione: 'I think all that is too much for me.'
. They are both the Queens of their houses, divas and tough talking, no nonsense, no one, not even Hermione-messes with them!
. Blaise and Draco adore them so much-they did rub the other boys in their faces for not getting them.
. Draco and Astoria's first confirmed attraction is at Quidditch, when they are revealed to race each other , the unimaginable thing happened: Draco ACTUALLY quitted to let Astoria win!1 You should've seen the shocked silence of the crowd as he left gallantly
. Daphne has golden blonde hair tied in a thick ponytail, gigantic blue green eyes with flirtatious eyelashes, tanned skin in the sun, curveacous dominant build and a tall height. Her voice dripped with seduction as her movements are literally in seduction. Think Lola Bunny, except much crazier and Daphne is a mean bitch!
. Astoria has gigantic brown eyes, pale smooth skin with rosy hue, dark brown hair tied in a low ponytail, a petite height of 156 and a frail petite frame that looked it can easily break. Her movements drenched with grace, dance like, willowy, effortless, like a ballerina in air, her mannerisms imply extreme royal etiquette, and her voice is low, humming, soothing and musical, and she is gifted with a unearthly singing voice that can allure her victims to death!1 No wonder Draco is so enamored with her voice-he would pay a thousand ducats to hear her sing! Think Audrey Hepburn, except much crazier.
aleera chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Love it!

Update soon pleeeeaaaassseeeee :)