Reviews for Spiders and Magic: Rise of Spider-Mane
Guest chapter 1 . 11/12
(If I were there) Me: "EEEEEEEEEE! This place is SOOOOOOOOOO cute! I just wanna stay here forever! Spider-Man: "I knew teenage girls liked ponies, but this is getting creepy. I hope she calms down before she finds out that we've been…" Me: "EEEEEEEEEE! We're ponies! It's a dream come true! This is the greatest day EVER!"
4channer chapter 61 . 10/23
what the joke is this, i got banned by 2 weeks for complaining this
Guest chapter 28 . 9/30
Im a serious spiderman fan and i hate the idea of rainbowdash beating spidermane not spiderMAN but spidermane
highlander348 chapter 59 . 8/30
Well that sucked. Peter being bonded to Luna only to lose it again along with his magic. Talk about being a sadist.
highlander348 chapter 12 . 8/17
Why does Peter have to be so short as a pony? Is every male pony taller then him? :(
Guest chapter 33 . 7/7
Vanessa Masters chapter 61 . 6/3
love the endign quote.

And saw a beautiful comic of this final scene. Breathtaking.

You did a FABULOUS job, and I hope you write more awesome work like this in the future :D
Vanessa Masters chapter 58 . 6/1
Vanessa Masters chapter 46 . 6/1
Pffffffft XD PEter spazzing from getting so much money :D
Vanessa Masters chapter 44 . 6/1

And the end, so sweet :D Spike defending himself as Spider-Man's little brother. _
Vanessa Masters chapter 42 . 6/1
FOUR YEARS!? Holy, people must think he's dead!

Still, this is awesome!

And peter gets to see human twilight, and he'll help her fit in _
Vanessa Masters chapter 41 . 6/1
Oooh. Could it be...Sunset Shimmer at the end!?
Grimalkin chapter 50 . 5/30
Dat Freakazoid reference... Heh, poo gas~ This story is awesome, that is all.
Vanessa Masters chapter 38 . 5/28
Awww~ love how everyone wants Peter to buck up, and feel good about himself. And to stop blaming himself for mistakes.

It's wonderful.

Now, we learn about applejack's parents?
Vanessa Masters chapter 37 . 5/28
Oh, the rest of the memories were bad, sad, happy, and funny.

Twilight jealous over Felicia :D

But then


Oh, so sad. Gwen Stacy. :(
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