Reviews for Full Circle
RdB chapter 1 . 6/26/2016
Absolutely beautiful
ASuDC chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
My oh my!...this story really hit me hard. Phew! I imagined before I’ve read it, that it would be a sad one. But it is equally heart-wrenching and heart-stopping...I really had trouble to hold back my tears throughout the story, and finally when Alan said goodbye to Denny, I cried openly. No kidding!

You really did a wonderful job with this is like an emotional rollercoster. Well Done! You are really an exceptional fanfiction writer. ;-)))

I like it, that Shirley had the chance to say goodbye to Denny too and especially that Alan scattered Dennys ashes from three different places...the Boylston Street balcony, from Dennys home and Nimmo Bay. This was a wonderful idea. ;-)

You even included Reverend Al Sharpton...that was a nice touch. (Love the episodes with him.)

And the interaction between Alan and Adrienne is simply wonderful. They really fit extremely well together. ;-)))

Therefore, I’m sooooo glad that Alan didn’t have to endure Dennys demise alone...because I believe he woudn’t be able to cope his death alone at all. :-(

I love it, that you give the story a happy end...that Alan marries Adrienne...and now they are Mr. and Mrs. Alan Crane. I love particularly the last name – Denny would be so proud of them ;-)))

Two question though: Why didn’t “Triple A” attend at Dennys funeral? I think he would have been a must, since he is Alan and Adriennes son...having said that, Denny liked him very much. :-)

Why were Jerry, Katie, Shirley and Carl not invited to Alans wedding? After all this years...these people are his best friends. Just wondering…_

Thanks a million again for writing this fantastic story. ;-)))

Even though I’m a little sad, that this will be your last “Triple A” story. :-( BUT I hope of course, that you will still write some other stories about Alan and Denny...pretty please. ;-)))
Alan wannabe chapter 1 . 9/22/2011
Today for the first time in a week I was able to log in to my yahoo account, and to my delight, there was a notification of your latest fiction: Full Circle. OOOOooooooo Alynwa! As an earlier Denny's death said, not pleasant butwe all know it's coming. I think I told yu earlier that I, also, had written a Denny's death story, highlighting the cruelty and pain that accommpanied an Alzheimer's death as my own mother's had been. No doubt yours is full of pain. I am even crying some right now, which I haven't done in years! At least, you gave Alan an option to experience happiness again with Adrienne. I found I had to develop another person to give him a chance for happiness! This is so sad and so necessary! A great opportunity for a writer. Thanks to DEK for affording us all such an experience. This was an especially difficult read now, as last week we visited my S.O.'s doctor and he said that the only chance he has to live is the surgical removal of part of his lung, but the doctor said that Jamie is not strong enough for that sort of surgery. Last night, his oxygen maker had a spell where it could no longer function silently enough for us to sleep, and I have been freaking our ever since! A neighbor saw the pharmacy truck come to our house this mornng and he called me suspecting that we had been having problems. At least I know that we are being watched over every minute. Thank you for this story, Alynwa. I know what pain it cost me to write of Denny's demise. I hope you are okay now!