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KingPlotBunny chapter 73 . 8/13/2017
huh i'm curious if the form change ability will carry over to his bankai I thought it was kind of cheap how we're able to pick which shikai we want but there was only one option for bankai then again I suppose since Fujimaru's bankai is just pure energy it should be able to change shape kind of like when it enlarges for the kokyoseshou (or whatever its called) attack I wonder what abilities you'll add to his bankai since you've added to his shikai it'd be interesting to see him utilize the extra energy that floats around him into other shapes or use it to strengthen his body as well as the main blade also you mentioned this will be the fake captain arc I wonder will you be incorporating any parts of the fake captain arc from the anime or going purely with the one from the game since it just seems weird for Aizen to create the fake captains even thought that in the game that the arc felt random and filler-ish it just seemed to exist for something to do asides from the training missions anyway I love how fleshed out the characters are the personality you add is really a nice touch also glad your using more than just Grimmjow's fractiones kind of didn't like that part of the game as it really limited the number of boss like enemies there were but I guess they didn't want the game to give any spoilers for the anime anyway eager for more now that i'm all caught up this makes me feel nostalgic and makes me want to play third phantom again except its been years and I doubt carried in stores anymore
KingPlotBunny chapter 70 . 8/13/2017
wait did Hisagi just drop a team four star reference...wasn't aware he knew how to become a super saiyan
KingPlotBunny chapter 65 . 8/12/2017
huh you know I just thought who would make a great teacher Fujimaru would be Unohana seeing as how she was the first Kenpachi it would be interesting to see her reveal that to him and help him train later on especially since she wants to look after him
KingPlotBunny chapter 53 . 8/8/2017
this seems like a good place to review I love how your blending the game and canon practically seamlessly Fujimaru really is the polar opposite of Ichigo skill wise where as the latter has a ton of raw-power he lacks in technique where as Fujimaru seems to excel it traditional Shinigami skills but doesn't possess as much natural power which makes the training both do unique since they both have to practice different things still when you think about it Fujimaru is impressive he's technically been a Shinigami less than a year and is at around 5th seat level if he continued to train over those 100 years he probably would have become a Captain or a high level Lieutenant ( I prefer the English dub ranks) I like also how your fleshing out the characters and the training the fluff of Sui-Feng and Fujimaru is adorable I cant wait to see how you develop it in later chapters and...err, well...uh about fluff please could you hook up Ichigo and Rukia its just I couldn't stand the idea of Ichigo and Orihime together I mean hell he calls her Inoue and Rukia and Ichigo always had such good chemistry I couldn't stand how Kubo ended Bleach please please! PLEASE! (takes meds) sorry i'm done great story eager for more
mizukifoxgirl chapter 73 . 5/13/2016
This Chapter was hilarious I always enjoy seeing Soul Society Women's Association mainly due to they're comedic schtick. Mix that with Fujimaru and it ends up being even more hilarious!
Another great chapter can't wait for the next one!
mizukifoxgirl chapter 1 . 5/13/2016
While I admit, I specialize in crossover and in the case of my current story. Shipping two people who are unlikely to fall in love. I found this story back in the day of me actually playing the game. I know you do not get this much or if you have great. However, this and the game jumpstarted me to start writing. Moreover, I admit I should be reviewing on the latest chapter. Unfortunately, the mobile apps giving me problem doing so.

This story is my main go to when I am not writing. While I prefer Matsuri (then again I am female it pretty obvious I play female). It nice to see the original story jump from game to an actual story. Ever since I came across this story back in 2011, I've been hooked. Every character well like they should be, them comedy is hilarious, the and emotional moments seriously make me want to cry, and the plot stays true to the game.

I seriously didn't know I was not following this dude originally, and now I feel bad for doing so because well between this and Kingdom Shinigami. They have so much great quality and time. It honestly makes me jealous.

Still I hope this continues I look forward to every chapter and as this becomes part of my list of things to read while taking a break from writing. Keep it up I look forward to your future chapters!
Cetoelverse chapter 72 . 5/2/2016
Bien no ha estado mal el capitulo has hecho un entrenamiento un evento y si esto fuera el juego aparecería la casilla de Gin con el título “Trato con Serpientes”
Entranmiento con la Ichipandi. En el comienzo un bonito detalle haciéndonos ver como Fujimaru se da cuenta el largo camino que lo separa de Ichigo pero mi fanboyismo me lleva a creer que conseguirá reducir esa distancia tarde o temprano, En verdad Chad creo que es el líder perfecto para la Ichipandi es un gran líder me recuerda a Aqualand de Young Justice creo que es el líder adecuado por su calma y Percepción de su entorno.

Rukia ayudando a entrenar a Orihime charla con Ukitake pura charla para profundizar secundarios aunque un buen detalle cualquiera que no conozca a Seigen efectivamente pensaría que sus hijos gozarían de trato preferente que es lo que pensaría cualquier persona.
Y pasamos al combate Tag Team No mucho que comentar una buena escena de lucha a decir verdad en ese aspecto te tengo envidia tu consigues hacer la batallas excelentes y fluidas sin perder el ritmo, Lo de Ryūjōmaru cambiando las formas me acorde de cuando te lo comente supongo que no estoy tan loco como creía.

Felecidades has ganado un Shihakushō espero que Fujimaru lo use y no se quede en el olvido al igual que todavía espero a que utilice el Anken que le regalo Sui-Feng utilice ese uniforme para entrenar hakuda que es la única salida que le veo.

Y sigue la trama de Matsuri obviamente Matsuri conoce lo bastante de su hermano para saber que ahora mismo pese a ser un vago no se quedara de brazos cruzados y sabe que está entrenando para traerla de vuelta y matiz interesante ella va por la vía rápida aunque no expresamente todo apunta a que la van a Vizadrizar y también abre un camino de posibilidades puede ser que a raíz de eso se vaya obligada a ir a donde están los Vizard para controlar sus poderes hollows si tomas esa opción aunque no veo muy justo que Fujimaru sea el que más contacto está teniendo con su Zanpakuto Matsuri apenas a tenido contacoto con Kotomaru.
nawirama13 chapter 73 . 4/27/2016
First of all, I think it was a pretty good chapter. It just focused on a single event, but thanks to it every character had time to shine. Something about the writing felt a bit off, but it may be result of your fatigue. It didn't seem "you" at times... Even so, it was still a pretty nice read.

As a reader mentioned already, the best part was the cooperation between every Shinigami. Teamwork was rarely highlighted in Bleach. You would get in 2 vs 1, 3 vs 1 or all vs 1... but a team vs team is a situation I can't really remember in Bleach. So kudos for doing this, it was different and it felt good.

Another thing I enjoyed, was Fujimaru's shortcomings in each aspect of the Shinigami fighting style. The specific training sessions are about to come, so this was good for him to realize what he has to improve: restraining Kido as seen with Rukia, focus on his Zanpakuto abilities as told by Yoruichi at the start of the chapter, improvement in Hakuda (that talk of the pressure points) and further improving his speed as seen with Sui-Feng. I guess all served to give us hints of what's going to be new in Fujimaru's fighting style going further.

The comedy was top notch as always, I found myself laughing at various points during the chapter... Starting with Fujimaru's and Yoruichi's "need for attention" at the start, coupled with Fujimaru's childish side which we haven't seen in a while. Yachiru was Yachiru, which is great and even Nemu's admiration for her due to being "promoted" to Vice-President made me crack up. Rangiku's boob tackle is a classic and even that misunderstanding with Hinamori made me laugh!

Bringing that, it seems to me like Hinamori has a small crush on Fujimaru, given how she reacts to him sometimes. It may just be admiration, but I think it's cute as long as it's just that.

The interactions with Sui-Feng were also pretty good. It seems they're over that "bad atmosphere" that grew between them. They're friends once again, a rivalry of sorts is starting to grow between them, and the reactions when they're teased indicate Sui-Feng is not that over her feelings for him. I think it's one of the most solid and well-constructed relationships of this story.

By the way, another hilarious moment was Rangiku and Yoruichi stopping the fight just to put Fujimaru in a headlock and tease him, and then suddenly resuming it when Fujimaru pointed out they were opponents xD

Battlewise, I enjoyed Isane's Kido Shiki, it sounds like something that she could actually use. I think I've seen Tessai use something like that in one of the games... Hinamori's versatility and cleverness is amazing, you're making her Zanpakuto which is so simple being able to do such amazing things thanks to how resourceful you're making her. Both Yoruichi and Sui-Feng were kept looking strong and I was pleasantly surprised to see Nemu hang on with Sui-Feng for the most part, though I'm sure she could've finished her quickly if she wanted to.

Yachiru is a real wildcard, you don't expect her to do much but she's actually so strong and unpredictable that could turn the tide of a battle when you less expect. Rangiku and Rukia did their part and I like it that Rukia has a sort of rivalry going on with Hinamori. Also, I think it was smart to keep Rukia a notch below the Vice-Captains, by this point she's far from being the monster she is nowadays in the manga. Kiyone showed some knowledge and good reactions, it's hard to expect more from her given we don't know anything about her abilities, but I think it was a good start for her here.

Fujimaru hang on and was able to contribute for some captures. I enjoyed his guts on the second round by deciding to take on Sui-Feng on his own, and loved how he tweaked Sui-Feng's teachings in Part I to come up with a plan. Sure, he took a beating but was able to distract Sui-Feng long enough to have Yoruichi sneak on her and win the match. It was a different way, but a effective one to show his creativity and thinking on the spot abilities.

To finish, hilarious omake, I could totally see it happening! Sui-Feng being usually so serious creates really hilarious moments when she does something silly like this. And Yachiru... oh my god! They'll end up making her a Kido master way stronger than Tessai and Urahara if they go like this xD

Nice read, keep up the good work! And don't forget to enjoy it! :)
Hollowtiger chapter 73 . 4/26/2016
Great to see a new chapter, don't beat yourself up about it. Personally, I am simply grateful this fic exists in the first place, let alone continued for nearly five years.

A lot of good interactions and combat. Really seeing the characters work together and strategize based on their strengths and weaknesses highlights how they know each other's combat styles and can attempt to cover their shortcomings. Fights in the canon are pretty much always one-on-one, so chances for synergy aren't common, and it's cool to see teamwork.

The teasing of Fujimaru, and Sui Feng was cute. And I'm really glad they're better friends for all the stuff that has happened between them.

Shinigami Ladies Society still as crafty as ever.
Impstar chapter 73 . 4/26/2016
Haha, that was pretty dang good. You've managed to fit the training in pretty well.

... It might take awhile to get there, but I can't wait until Fujimaru manages to finally achieve Bankai.

... He will, right? After my first run-through (where I didn't know what I was doing half the time) I always made sure to nab it. It's just too cool to not achieve.
Guest chapter 73 . 4/26/2016
That was awesome! I'm glad to see an update.
I really loved Sui-Feng and Fujimaru's interactions. And Rangiku and Yoruichi teasing was funny to read too.
I also liked the end scene. Keep up the good work!
joaogv1806 chapter 73 . 4/26/2016
Great chapter as always, thanks for the hard work and good luck with whatever is troubling your life -
Guest chapter 72 . 1/22/2016
So happy to see you still exist! And I love that my headcanon is shared by others. By that I mean the switching of forms for Ryujomaru and possibly Kotomaru. Excellent writing as usual hope you keep on posting!
Ryujomaru15 chapter 72 . 1/9/2016
Welcome back to writing this story. Great chapter can't wait for the next one. Also you adding the other Shikai states as well is genius very well done.
Hollowtiger chapter 72 . 1/9/2016
Glad to see this chapter. Hope your job and the moving goes along easy enough.

Again good character interactions this time around, picking up where the canon leaves off. As in Kubo and the other writers leaving most characters with little personality and character development. But honestly the free time segments from Third Phantom were some of my favorite Bleach moments, just because you got to see the characters together like the Soul Society (and occasionally human world) was an actual place where people live and work. And not just a set piece to be destroyed in the next big battle.

The little things between characters, Ikkaku and Hisagi, two Bankai capable fighters, who don't use Bankai. Ikkaku mentioning Akon trying to find a way to repair his bankai, and Yumichika still keeping his zanpakuto's true abilities a secret.

Combat I think has been a pretty strong point for you, being able to flow and create the image of combat in the reader's mind, at least in my case.

I'm curious, is Ryujomaru's shikai now permanently the Tech form, or will it eventually be able to change through all three forms depending of the situation? If it's the latter, I suppose it makes sense, Fujimaru is much more a "jack of all trades," than Ichigo and most of the other characters in the series. And the ability to be able to change you zanpakuto's form depending on the situation works pretty well with the adaptability of his fighting style. Although it may be a bit over powered in all honesty. That also begs the question of whether or not Kotomaru's and Ryujomaru's fire and electricity attributes are going to come into play at some point.

Both in this story and the game, it was made very clear that while Fujimaru and by extension Matsuri had naturally high spiritual energy, they still didn't progress at the inhuman growth rates of people like Ichigo. At least in my game/headcanon I've never had Fujimaru complete Bankai in time for the raid on Hueco Mundo, I could have but I always felt Shunko was a more fitting ability for him. Plus it is a better story in my opinion, he(or Matsuri) try with all their might to attain Bankai in time, but in the end are unable and have to risk going to the fight with what they have.

But the pace at which you have it good, I think a lot of shounen fans would consider Fujimaru's slow growth rate (compared to other protags) to be annoying, and write him off as weak. But comparing him to when he started out, he's come a long way. It's just harder to see your progress when you're surrounded by monsters.

Oh and Gin! Gin you slimy conniving dick-bag. Is he gonna let Matsuri in on his plan to take down Aizen?! Maybe if he does he might actually succeed. Hmm, I wonder how the story would turn out if one of the twins became a visored, but the other stayed pure Shinigami.

Fujimaru shows up a little before the first canon appearance of arrancars, and then that leads up to the excursion into Hueco Mundo. Being Motivated by Fujimaru and Matsuri, rather than Orihime's kidnapping. So the ending of the game takes before the fake Karakura town arc. But since the only Arrancars that are in the game are Yammy, Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and his gang. Then that leaves a lot of possible interactions and fights. Granted, if you do that. You've already got Stark helping Matsuri, so if you go into all the way through the Hueco Mundo Arc. And do the Fake Karakura town arc, to get to Gin's attempt on Aizen's life, or just move that event up. Although the game ends before that point, so I mean how far do you go? I certainly wouldn't be against a more extended story following the Bleach canon with the inclusion of the Kudo twins and your own improved story. Though I in no way mean that as a statement trying to force you to do so. Just wondering to myself. And anyone that might read this review.
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