Reviews for Pedestal: Other Tales
AvrenimNeuc chapter 19 . 2/7
I was really sad to find this completed. TTTT

The end of this means no more what ifs. It means that my most favorite story on this site was finally, finally closed. Pedestal is now done. I've loved this story since the very first chapter that I started on. This gave me love for Camerupts, Brelooms, Luxrays, Garchomps, Konstatines(since I couldn't spell what he is in plural), and even more for Altarias and Gallades. This story was my first real feels attack. I even love the names Nick, Matthew, Cosette, and freaking NamNar, now too.

Please keep writing because even if Pedestal has ended, I can breath easily knowing that it live through Ree Majors' "Wonderful" Journey, which I plan to fall for just as hard. Pedestal has been a wonderful journey, and I bet Ree Majors' will be too.
Dragonlord1199 chapter 2 . 2/1
I must confess I am confused, Almost all of the once upon a time mini stories fit with eachother, exept Ike's and Alice's. (I have previously reviewed the first chapter so I had to post on this on)
cpdx chapter 19 . 1/9
Wasn't the ghost supposed to be a dusknoir?
Riverlightillusion chapter 4 . 1/3
A darker, excellent mood piece.
Riverlightillusion chapter 3 . 1/3
That was hilarious. Especially the beginning and the continuity nod to Alicia.
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 19 . 11/2/2014
...ppffft. This main character is hilarious- even after all this time, still so paranoid and over protective. Haha!

But really, he IS doing cossette a favor by sorta-sabatoging her... All that political stuff-! Dx
haha, I've really loved your story Pedestal this whole journey. And these extra stories are just so precious! I admit, I really love the "Happier-Nick" stories; it was so tragic, what happened to him... Even for archie, as much of a side role as he played, I felt bad... his little appearance here was great tho! xD
But I've really liked your work, is what I mean to say. :P
Thanks for the great story! :D :D :D
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 18 . 11/2/2014
...Did you...
you diiiiiiiiid...
D; D;
so sad!
But i love it...
aahh the feels-!
...and the hilarity!
aahhh! But the feels most importantly! xD
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 17 . 11/2/2014
Hahahaha! Awww. Des...
I wonder if he DID end up with the ninetales, tho? Did it work out, and did it really stay just talking, if so?
D'aww! I love des. :P
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 16 . 11/2/2014
Aww, I liked kostya. Even when I was suspicious of him (shoulda known it was a partial red herring xD ) he was still awesome... :P
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 15 . 11/2/2014
...I love this chapter so muchhhh D; *cryyyinggggggg*
oh my gods
this feel
what is this feel I feel
The... the feel is with me! xD xD xD

this chapter makes the ending PERFECT- aah! Nick! I think everyone loved nick at some point, before it all went bad- this... ahhhhhh... xD D; D; xD :'D
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 13 . 11/2/2014
Aaahhhhhhh! *cryingcryingcrying*
not des! noooo! So sad whyyyyy
D; D; D; Dx
Your writing is so good... but whyyyyy... Dx
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 12 . 11/2/2014
Aww. xD
But I DO wonder how jude got back to liking NamNar again xD haha!
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 11 . 11/2/2014
AHHHHH! this... this...
So well written... your stuff...
and these extra chapters! Aah! xD
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 5 . 11/2/2014
that is all.
ArcanePracti-cat chapter 4 . 11/2/2014
O.O Is this just a oneshot, or is this one possible way it could have ended!?
Aah! But does that mean he could have joined Nick, and then put everything to rights... but then lost themselves instead!? O.O Aaah! whoooahhhh-!
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