Reviews for Pedestal: Other Tales
Dragonlord1199 chapter 17 . 11/27
You know every year or so i come back and read pedestal again, and then i read these, i do as a reminder for my love of pokemon and this story. You should really consider sending this as a plot to the pokemon company, yes it is THAT good don't even try to deny it, and i just want to say thank you. Also im running out of chapters to post on.
YOLOSWAG420JESUS chapter 19 . 10/26
It makes me so happy that you made it seem as if she could actually become champion and over take Zach.
Pockits chapter 13 . 10/9
How could you? I cried... I'm still crying...
Jack's Ace chapter 17 . 8/24
It's not?
Jack's Ace chapter 15 . 8/24
Oh thank you, great authoress/author above! I wanted this to happen so much.
Jack's Ace chapter 9 . 8/24
I snickered at the phrase "ghosts of our pasts" that popped into my head halfway through.
Jack's Ace chapter 3 . 8/24
Oh, the foreshadowing.
SuperDarkbolt chapter 19 . 7/26
Such an incredible story with amazingly unique characters, both Human and Pokemon alike. The best of the best, i hope your next story is just as good, if not better
SuperDarkbolt chapter 17 . 7/26
Poor Des ahahaha, I liked this chapter the best I think
SuperDarkbolt chapter 14 . 7/26
Well, that explains that, Zachary gets together with Cosette! I was rooting for them
SuperDarkbolt chapter 13 . 7/26
Sadly, this is probably a common occurrence in a trainer's life...
SuperDarkbolt chapter 8 . 7/26
Nice little bonus to read
CookieMonsta1233 chapter 18 . 7/5
I was just thinking that this chapter was too happy for me (I got the tissues long ago) and then it drops into depressing and sad.
But in a good way.
CookieMonsta1233 chapter 5 . 7/5
Fuck this is even deeper
I thought I was done with the emotions after the fic ended.
I guess not.
CookieMonsta1233 chapter 4 . 7/5
Wow this was deep.
I am honestly not sure if I prefer this over canon...
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