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Guest chapter 6 . 11/26/2017
Please please continue! I love it so much!
Rcik chapter 6 . 11/12/2017
Awesome one mate! Please don't abandon this story.
azzzeeeehA chapter 6 . 6/13/2017
I love this story. I kinda hope that Harry ends up staying with Fleur. Love that they meet up by the way. Harry is way too fast to forgive people. I mean, if everyone kept me in the dark like that after dumping me at some abuse pigs place, after I'd been in a life threatening situation. I would definitely stay with the super cool mother veela, that hardly knows me but, has shown more concern than everyone else thus far. Come on! It's like a given. And Harry has to start rebelling at some stage. A tattoo at fourteen is a good place to start. Um, I could probably rant for ages. But, the point is that I love your story and will definitely be watching for an update. Good luck!:)
MoonlessGalaxy chapter 6 . 8/30/2016
anthony.pengelly.10 chapter 6 . 2/14/2016
good hope for more will hruioe snd ron and ginny se the tattoo
Guest chapter 6 . 1/16/2016
Plz update this story is very good story so far
karl1n chapter 6 . 10/13/2015
I love it! please update!
Stasia Ravenclaw chapter 6 . 4/10/2015
whens the next update

Stasia R. Ravenclaw
Dalero chapter 6 . 3/29/2015
Not sure if this story will be updated or not since it's been over a year, but it popped up on my radar after dropping my HP/Fleur fic searches down to 20k words. I like the fresh concept of post GoF tattoos and I like the way you've portrayed Fleur and Ron so far. Here's hoping that you've not completely abandoned this story and plan on getting back to it when life permits!

PaC chapter 6 . 9/16/2014
Part I of 3 part review

I noticed this in a search filter recently.
Years ago I read it and the final chapter had ended with the dispute over the price of the tattoos. Unsure if my memory is fuzzy or the fic had been edited in the past years, as a lot of it was not too familiar, my main memory only relatively sound about the dispute over the tattoo price and the fight at the end.

I sort of wish I hadn't reread the early chapters and the additional chapters, and instead shelved it to accumulate MORE chapters if it ever does. It seems though, most of the fanfics regularly updating, especially Flurry fics, are mostly the worse ones, which I stopped reading, the better ones getting any updates it seems are slow to update but most VERY slow or on hiatus on and off or abandoned for a time if not permanently. Overall, I like this fic, what follows are peeves and things for the author to consider for changes or improvement:

For a while the fic seemed well on course with a theme of Harry NOT receiving true care and attention from those who claim to care about his well being. This theme was consistent with most being Dumbledore sycophants. Harry growing up in a cupboard and living in Durskaban, "for the greater good" and really, it seems far easier to question and laugh at the idea of the "blood wards" and Lilly's sacrifice linked to Pentunia and all that mumbo jumbo crap than to argue the wards at #4 did diddly shit for Harry in "protecting" him from harm lol. Or maybe JKR's often Harry Clouseau felix felicis like Harry was actually those blood wards at #4 providing a spoon full of dumb luck [troll, Horntail, basilisk, Voldy encounters ecetera].
What we end up with here though, is it seems a "theme" of ONLY Fleur FINALLY being A SOMEONE who HELPS Harry and sees reality and his horrible living situation and neglect being ignored or allowed from THOSE who claim to care about him ecetera BUT we end up with this theme straddling the fence, and then getting crotch splinters as the fic I suppose not wanting to seem bashing of anyone or distancing Harry from his friends and "family", has this knew bit of IT all just being a "misunderstanding". Well IF Harry's well being really was a concern, and IF the bloody blood wards really were all that uber fantastic, then WHY NOT a solution to have just installed guards/friends/protectors/whatever to LIVE with Harry inside Durskaban?
Must Harry be alone, living with Dursley-demented-dementors for the "protections" to work?
I'm ranting off topic, but if the author was unaware, this chapter with the "misunderstandings", Bill not intending to take Harry back to Durskaban, Harry guilty of not informing the Order of the Flaming chicken of his traveling, ecetera...this undermines Fleur being THE ONE, ONLY ONE, to TRULY seem to NOTE and CARE about Harry's life and be DOING SOMETHING to change it and IMPROVE IT. Fleur goes from almost savior mode to a Rosanna Danna "whoops, never mind" mode.
BILL goes from LYING for few, unknown, and maybe some unnecessary reasons, other than the usual, keeping Harry a mushroom, and in addition Fleur not becoming "too" informed, to then the fig leaf excuse about the secret Order of the flaming chicken being the excuse. I'm not going to go back and re-read, but my impression is that Bill's lies of omission and obfuscation were more for personal reasons and most lies not truly necessary, and can be of use to aid readers to not have any sympathy for him if he was on the road to losing to Harry in regards to winning Fleur's romantic interest and affection.
PaC chapter 6 . 9/16/2014
Part II of 3 part review
Underage magic crap in cannon is JKR plothole filled and patched and changed and bandaided and re-invented so IMO, authors can do what they want AND be consistent, unlike contradictory canon. This fic mentions TWO of the canon flip flopping variations. Snape argues NO magic detected at #4 I believe around the time Nymphadora makes the observation that Harry was "so gone" it was like he never lived there. Of course this is part of the later crotch splinters of the fic straddling the fence with of course, the reason being Harry NEVER had "a life" at Durskaban, so packing a few things and leaving left #4 as if he never lived there. FLEUR uses MAGIC on his trunk. As far as we know, there was NOT another warning of underage magic, as we mirror an event similar to Dobby the summer before year 2, with the hovering/levitation dessert dropping event. We have in canon MULTIPLE occasions of others using magic IN and NEAR #4, from apparating, portkeying, and spells, Dumbledore included, like for the scolding Dursley scene and bringing Kreature for testing Harry's inheriting Grimmauld Place to transporting away Harry's belongings. Not that a superpowered Dumbles can't get "around" monitoring by the ministry, BUT Harry doesn't ASK either, about why, "no underage magic crap happens?". Blocks away from #4, Harry gets cited for the Patronus charms. Dumbles I believe in later books, explains the underage crap is basically muggleborn monitoring and Harry monitoring and that in wizard areas and "magical homes", the Ministry can't distinguish WHO casts magic and parents are expected to "police" their children in regards to magic use outside of school. So it's all a FARCE, then we get book 7 when "the Trace" is invented by JKR. This fanfic is similarly inconsistent as plothole filled canon, from Fleur using magic in #4, and Snape's comment, to then later Molly and Dumbles talking about "The TRACE" to find Harry all the f*cking way over in Bulgaria somewhere. Magic might be magic, but I'm one to think putting reasonable LIMITS on it is reasonable, such as a stupid incompetent huge idiot bureaucracy of the Ministry of Magic of the U.K. NOT able to monitor for underage magic anywhere in the entire HUGE world of planet earth, even monitoring individuals roaming all over the U.K., much less out of the U.K. in some other country.

IMO I thought Harry had far far far far too many moments of flashes of thinking of Hermione FONDLY, especially with Fleur triggering these thoughts as if Fleur were SO SIMILAR to Hermione. Worse, IMO was Harry thinking of Molly and Hermione while comparing them to Fleur. Other than Fleur being "pushy/bossy" with regards to the tattoo artist, I think opportunity was lost or Harry was too dense not draw a BIG difference in Fleur's strong willed behaviour in comparison to Hermione and Molly. To try in sentences and or paragraphs the distinction, consider a ranting Molly would TELL "just a child" Harry what was best for him and ORDER him about, and the great-Dumbles-knows-best Hermione and Molly are second class if not third or fourth class advocates for Harry and Harry's well being because of their sycophantic sychophanaticism in following Dumbles orders and whims with too little to no rational thoughts or questioning, or reasoning any give justifications or explanations IF ANY are even given by the omnipotent Dumbledore. Bill also was following this pattern. Six chapters, and if NOT for the pairing being Harry-Fleur, I'd be thinking it looks like Fleur and Bill are paired and Harry-Hermione-especially with all those "thinking of Hermione" thoughts of Harry's which Fleur reminds him, instead of Harry focusing on Fleur and Fleur reminding him of Fleur for crying out loud. But NO, she reminds him of Hermione and worse, of Hermione and Molly at times aaargh.
Fleur on the warpath, on the warpath for actually HELPING Harry, was that by chance or the author merely not emphasizing it so much or the Harry character NOT appreciating it like he should and how IMO would greatly get the romance bit foundation built. Instead of the whirlwind emotional Fleur having Harry just back off and stay out of her way, what is a shame IMO was Harry NOT being IN AWE that the wonderful charismatic gorgeous witch, Fleur, was UPSET and PLANNING and WORKING because SHE CARES and IS TAKING ACTION and trying her damdest to HELP Harry! IMO most if not all those Harry thoughts of Hermione/Molly because Fleur weirdly was reminding him of them, can be gutted or at least modified and by the last ones Harry should get his brain in gear and NOT be equating Fleur to Hermione or Molly and feel some damn affection and gratitude for Fleur's forceful behaviour, rants, and planning, and work in trying to help Harry other than to just stand aside and stay out of the "pushy" Fleur's way.

Now, Molly might have whined "off screen" about having Harry at "The Burrow", but I don't recall that being discussed "onscreen", just Bill saying so truthfully or NOT truthfully, that taking Harry home was not to #4 but a misunderstanding and "home" was the Burrow. Frankly, I think making the previous chapters truthfully, actually, "a misunderstanding", weakens the path here for the Harry-Fleur pairing. On one hand, you'll have Harmony nutjobs bitching about why oh why does some Flurry or Harry-Daphne fic have Harry estranged from Hermione[usually Hermione & Ron]. Simple, it removes them as a distraction and from so much screen time so the pairing gets more top billing and canon Mary-Sue-Hermione bestest Harry friend isn't THERE to weaken the Harry-NotHermione pairing. I'm not saying you have to estrange Hermione and the Weasleys BUT I think NOT making it "all a misunderstanding" makes it much easier to strengthen Harry-Fleur here, a bit of a slight US against the world circle the wagon train lock and load, if you get my drift. Consider a read through and all the Bill dialog in Victor's floo and at Fleur's flat. Consider Bill rather than the order of the flaming chicken secrecy reasons, to mostly be lies for personal reasons, wanting to continue wooing Fleur and for minimizing Fleur getting even more upset in what OTHERS want for Harry while in great amounts and NOT having Harry's overall well being and Harry's wants considered, UNLIKE FLEUR has been doing. I'm not going to review, but Nym didn't go to retrieve Harry, to BRING him to go to THE BURROW, which doesn't jive well with Bill claiming HE was speaking about returning Harry "home" to the Burrow, not #4 Privet DR. Seems to me perfectly consistent with the Dumbles sycophants only trying to be feeling a little better, were intending to just have Nym verify Harry was AT Durskaban and still breathing, and therefore FINE, being the mushroom like he should be. If the author actually intends for it to be "just a misunderstanding", I point out it is an opportunity to really move things along in the Flurry [Harry-Fleur pairing] by this NOT being so, and Bill getting caught in some of his lies of omission or outright misleading or bald face lies, and that this could rapidly get Fleur "free" of romantic links to Bill. EASIEST at this point, is "lunch with Molly". For example, "Fleur asks about Harry going to "The Burrow", and Molly's reply gets Bill caught in a big lie. Example one, Molly replies with a sad look toward Harry, "Of course I asked Albus to let you come to the Burrow, but he insists it's best you are returned to your home for ..._... more weeks."
Or, Molly says, "I wish he could, but the headmaster knows best, and says Harry has to return to his home ...ecetera..."

Well, if it was an error or plothole, I vote it be fixed with Bill lying, which fits fine without any big contradiction type of plothole problem, since IF Bill was intending to take Harry to the Burrow as "home", then WHY was Nym sent to just deliver messages to Harry and to verify none needed to worry about him, why would they NOT have just gone to remove Harry from Durskaban and take him "home" to the Burrow?
PaC chapter 6 . 9/16/2014
Part III of 3 part review

Canon: Wasn't this summer, the Burrow "not safe" or being warded better, and poor Sirius the UNhelped fugitive being a doormat, Sirius' home being Headquarters AND Weasley hotel with Molly acting like it was HER HOME and Harry HER son to boss around in late summer? This makes good fodder for salt on the wound, of Harry NOT only alone in Durskaban with NO contact with anyone but the Durskaban Dusley demented dementors, but everyone else living together in one big family commune WITH Harry's s only semi-blood family, his Godfather and Lupin too, no less. Canon Sirius' loyalty and obedience in regards to Dumbledore's "authority" and "orders" and wishes, is overall a bit eye-rolling. IMO, weak to near worthless to nonexistent BS blood ward crap at #4 and a LESS Dumbledore minion sycophant Sirius, a rebellious Sirius BEING Harry's godfather GUARDIAN is better THAN what is so far, this Sirius overall being more canon than non-canon.

What little did we get in regards to Sirius, from memory, wasn't it cheering on Harry pulling a prank, running off with a babe? We can't find him so Voldy's DEs can't either, a devil may care attitude. But then he's upset Bill didn't bring Harry back? Bill kept it secret, having Fleur's "emergency" floo address [which was Victor's home], but I don't recall Bill saying he was off to retrieve Harry, more like he was off to confirm a location in Bulgaria...?
A detail to consider if it might help mold the story line better.

I don't really know here, from Sirius I think asking Bill why he didn't bring Harry, to Hermione and Ron being Bill's shield against Fleur OR maybe Bill taking them for "guilting" Harry with how "worried" Hermione and Ron were, without mentioning Harry was actually to be sent back to #4, not "home" to the Burrow.

Anyway, the fic has plenty of building blocks for the sycophant Dumbles minions who don't think for themselves and don't mind letting Dumbles do all the thinking. Like Bill says, he's sure Dumbles has plenty of plans and stuff up his sleeve ecetera for the trial, although realizes in his thoughts Fleur is THINKING more realistically, in context, with all or at least MORE things considered. No need for Harry to prep or plan for the "trial" right, just TRUST Dumbles to take care of it. Another bonus point score, by Fleur.

One can waffle with the fig leaf about whether Voldy sent the dementors so Harry isn't looking at the sick truth, of the magical government trying to murder him, Umbitch a loose cannon or not, it's still official enough that it pretty much IS your own government trying to silence you by murdering you. Even if canon Harry doesn't seem to focus much on THAT possibility and without Ubmitch's confession it seems NO investigation happened or uncovered the truth...even so, the OUTRAGE of the TRIAL for underage magic and moving the time to convict Harry in absentia ecetera ... is surely enough of an outrage that one wonders WHY Harry would stay in such a nation, with a dark lord AND magical government trying to kill him while the government slanders him in the corrupt lapdog press.

How about a sort of plea bargain? The trial will still be held, but the plea bargain Harry's "speaker" offers, is that convicted or NOT, Harry has agreed to leave the country, KEEPING his wand intact, giving up citizenship of the U.K. crap magical nation, [asylum from magical France perhaps?]. Or how about after the first day of DADA with Umbitch, Harry doesn't show up for detention, or shows up, smacks down the bitch, then leaves for France. Lover Harry can help Fleur with her Anglaise and she can transfer to a french Gringotts.

Well, reading fanfics and less often writing fanfics, can be a distraction from the unpleasantness of RL and RL tragedy and procrastinating in getting crappy stuff done as well as RL putting all fanfic shit on hold. So I won't bitch about the lack of progress and updates on this fic. Now I've read up through the tattooing twice with it being so long since I read it. Ironic in wallowing in a bit of depression and procrastination and not getting past more deaths in RL, that the author is trudging through similar Real Life problems interfering with updating the fic.
I do like the fic.
Pictures move and are animated, so consider the gag that Harry was wrong to assume the tattoos are completely still like non-magical tattoos. A "surprise" for Harry later, with him assuming the non-moving was how they actually were.

Consider in past chapter[s] or soon in future ones, that Harry STOPS finding Fleur's PASSION and forceful actions similar to and reminding him of Molly and Hermione!
Don't bend to Harmony nuts pressures to SHOVE Hermione into this Flurry. This has become an awful TREND. It is sad as in about every fic, often times the Harry-Fleur is working well, and RUINED by jamming in Hermione and often times the fic might as well just gut and cut out Fleur as she ends up marginalized and the fic really a Harmony, and often an awkward crappy Harmony with Fleur exiled far off to the side, and the fic soon just sucks really, in a bad way not good way.

Well, CRAP, yes it is " Harry P., Fleur D." BUT no "romance" but "Friendship/Hurt/Comfort".
Too bad, not a Flurry but a "just friends" and big sister Fleur comforting and being friends?
LOL, funny it FELT so much like a setup for a Flurry, EVEN Bill was viewing Harry as competition and about losing Fleur to Harry. And a few Fleur thoughts that didn't seem all that Harry is in the "friend zone" thoughts.
Damn, can't feel to stupid, not noticing or recalling the fic is "T" and "Friendship/Hurt/Comfort" and "romance" is NOT in the cards.
Maybe all those thoughts of Hermione triggered by Fleur mean ANOTHER Harmony or hint of one is in play, with this fic not intending to get very far past the summer, and Fleur can continue on with her dating and romance with 'Beel' if this is MERELY a Harry-Fleur "FRIENDSHIP" fic.
Plus it's rated "T" for too Tame for a hot romance with a sexy Veela witch.

Never mind then, Fleur GIVING Harry a CHOICE to STAY and Molly et al at lunch sadly saying Dumbles knows best and you're going back to Durskaban...or NOT.

And Harry might as WELL, GO back to #4 since this is a "just friends" pairing[too f*cking bad]. Harry can maybe eventually, still appreciate Fleur for being an advocate, helping, AND ASKING HIS INPUT and WHAT HE WANTS rather than how most others treat him, telling him what is best and what he must do!
And instead of Bill caught in some lies, Harry staying with Fleur, and Fleur's fury about Harry's treatment and life and her admiration growing into acknowledging even stronger feelings than being "just friends" naaaay, no need. Harry can leave after lunch, back to Durskaban as the story had NOT shown any hint even of him being moved OUT of #4. And Harry can be happy for his good friend Fleur dating Ron's uber cool older brother Bill, and Bill and Fleur becoming engaged and all that, whoopie!
And since everyone must marry a Weasley, Harry can marry #1 fangirl Ginny, big whoop.
Well, at least now I'll be less disappointed at the unlikelihood of regular updates or any.
bellalib chapter 6 . 8/26/2014
I would love to see Harry tell them all to kiss his a** especially Dumbledore and Hermione... They are both control freaks. I hope Harry stays with Fleur.
Ronin chapter 6 . 6/18/2014
Come o n. I WANT MORE 3
Ronin chapter 6 . 6/17/2014
Come o n. I WANT MORE 3
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