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dmc fanboy chapter 63 . 17h ago
you beautiful bastard you tricked us genius very well done and amazing chapter I have no words to describe this congrats so I guess I'll leave with an update soon and a let's see what you do next hyde in a car seat seams rather tempting nah JK do what ever comes to mind I'm just hoping the next one won't be another mind game see ya
nannygirl chapter 62 . 4/17
Marvelous work on this very marvelous chapter! Sorry for this kinda late review but really I’m just loving this brownie saga! :D

I thought the first scene in the basement was terrific! Poor Hyde already feeling the pains of the very delicious brownie batter. But it’s so like him to be hiding those pains when the others came in. Lots of laughs when the others were there, it really did have the comedy of the show—great work there! The burn on Eric form Jackie when Donna pointed out that Hyde was looking pale and twitchy…like Forman LOL very funny! Nice cover from Hyde saying it was something Laurie said that caused it, and not entirely false lol This part was awesome, funny and so in character! “"Dude," Kelso interjected, "there's your problem, Hyde! You think too much." "Yeah!" Eric said. "We should all aspire to be as more like Kelso." "Right?!" Kelso smiled”—LOVED it!

Then when Laurie entered the scene it got even better! Aw she’s concerned about Hyde lol…well in her own Laurie way right? Loved his reply of how he’d been feeling better before she showed up lol. And yeah, seeing their exchange I can understand why the rest of the gang thought something was going on between the two of them but thinking Laurie had poisoned Hyde, Oh gosh! That was hilarious and just like Eric to think lol

Very nice recap of the stuff that happened before dinner, Red shooing the others out and Hyde coming up with that pretty clever disguise with his coat Nice thinking! Poor guy though feeling so bad, and Laurie only making things worse of course. I thought Hyde’s explanation of why he wasn’t eating, tying it to the bake-sale and how it was his own way of supporting the cause was great, I loved the lines that followed from Eric and Hyde when they said that Laurie didn’t care about the starving kids, that was just so much like a sibling exchange—loved it! Of course Red and Kitty would have different opinions of Hyde’s not eating, Kitty while she wants Hyde to eat does think it’s sweet while Red thinks its dumb and he should be grateful for the food and show his gratefulness by eating—That was so Red! And Eric still thinking that Laurie poisoned Hyde LOL I loved that. Great ending to the scene too where Hyde denies it all and says they’re all being paranoid, perfect line from Donna with her sarcastic words of ‘Yeah, we’re the paranoid ones’ lol

Wonderful scene at the bake sale! I really loved how you set that scene up with Kitty getting everything ready and sending the boys out to go look around and get snacks with a dollar lol Even in the 70s that wasn’t a whole lol I really enjoyed the whole scene with Hyde and the coffee, I think that may have been one of my first stops too lol, but that Alice girl did not sound very nice. Makes sense for her not selling the coffee to Hyde, though I did still feel bad fro the guy—makes me feel guilty for drinking my coffee right now lol—and finding out that Hyde and Alice had once made out did make things even worse, reminding Hyde of how bad this whole deage-ing situation was. Poor guy. But hearing that Alice wouldn’t sell Eric coffee either seemed to help cheer him up, I know it cheered me up a bit with a laugh lol Another awesomely written part here: “Okay, Hyde…" Eric shifted his weight. "As your friend, way to go." He gave a thumbs up with a grin. "But as your brother, I never want to picture that ever again." "I never told you to picture it, you perv." Hahaha! Too funny and again, perfectly in character!

And yay! Donna got the coffee but not so yay at finding out that Alice’s store bought stuff was selling more than Kitty’s homemade treats—not cool! But the boys have a plan! I loved how they did that whole thing and how they never had actually plan it, it just started and the other followed—of course it was Hyde who started and Eric followed with a bit too much of an exaggeration lol I think that promo like play Hyde and Eric did was the best, it was funny and sweet that they’d do it to help get some costumers over to their mom’s stand. Loved the ending with them declaring they were professionals lol And there’s more like this to come? Awesome!

Fantabulous work once more! I so enjoyed reading this chapter! Hope you update again soon! I am really looking forward to read more! Till then keep up the very awesome work!
dmc fanboy chapter 62 . 4/14
well giving hyde salmonella might be a bit more extreme than anything I thought about but hey good idea I'm glad you enjoyed my suggestions and I loved the chapter and I did the math hyde would only be 5 and 2 months old so yeah figured I'd mention that I love this story and it's really funny remember if you need suggestions I've got hundreds so please update soon and and seeya next time
dmc fanboy chapter 61 . 4/3
I love this story but I think it could use some more fluffy or bonding bit's I mean so far Laurie and Hyde are super close but there hasn't been a huge bonding moment just something you might want to work in just saying and I like how in character everyone is but I also feel like Hyde hasn't been humiliated enough yet I mean at least not horribly so (hint hint Laurie's teasing/comfort after humiliation) finally I'm not actually sure about during the seventy's but don't kid's under a certain age/size have to sit in a car seat might make four an interesting situation also Steven hasn't seen any horror movies lately could be interesting we haven't seen him handle fear yet Just figured I throw some ideas out since your on chapter 60 I love the story and it's really good and well written update soon
nannygirl chapter 61 . 3/31
It was such a wonderful surprise to see this story updated and what a fabulous update it was! Had me smiling so much! I really had missed this story, it’s so great to hear you’ve got plans for upcoming chapters!

Oh don’t worry about any errors, the show itself had so many too. I wasn’t bothered by them at all, mostly because I didn’t notice them lol

The first part with the quick recap of how Hyde’s birthday went was really great. I was so happy to hear that he had a good birthday with everyone. And you did such a great job at writing more emotional stuff when Hyde starts to think about Edna. That was so heartbreaking, he can’t help but wonder why his mother hadn’t called him, it was his birthday and seeing him—even if she didn’t kwno it was him, she thought it looked like him, you’d think she would call. Poor Kid, he even thinks about calling her himself but I was glad that he realized it was supposed to be the other way around. And of course he stays Zen through out that scene, his mom wasn’t going to call him—that was cool. Or so he says poor kid.
I was so glad to see some more fun and fluffier stuff happening in the next part. A bake sale? Yay! And it would so be like Eric not to say anything to Kitty about it lol. I loved how Kitty asks Hyde to be her sous-chef and Hyde has not problem agreeing. All that talk about brownies and bake goods makes me want some! The apron part was really cute, a plain black one—perfect for Hyde, almost like it had been waiting for him!

Just so adored the way that you wrote out that whole baking scene. It was so so very excellent! The details and descriptions of the ingreiednts being mixed together, the cloud of flour, all of it was so nicely done and brought the scene to life. Plus the dialogue and conversation between Hyde and Kitty flowed so well and was so natural like a mother son talk—Loved it!

Then when Hyde is left alone and starts to take over for Kitty with pouring the batter into the pan lol It sounds like he made more of a mess then he planned but making messes is having fun! The way you cleaned it all up too was too funny and adorable cute! Once more, the way you wrote it all out was just so awesomely done, I could see it all perfectly, Hyde and his chocolate beard lol. I loved Kitty’s reaction to the sight too lol She’s not mad, she thinks it’s funny and of course snaps a photo. I love that Hyde gives her a smirk. Only for Kitty, and maybe Jackie, anyone else and he would’ve shoved his palm in front of the camera and then some. Lol What a cute photo that must have made! Definitely one for the photo album!

The ending scene with Laurie was another brilliant scene. I always enjoy the scenes you write with these two, you do an exceptional job at capturing their characters. I loved Laurie scolding him on not eating the raw batter, she’s got a point but it just tastes so good! lol I so loved this whole exchange here “She leaned down to stare at him condescendingly. "You could get tape worms, you know." He pivoted to fully face her. "Raw eggs give you salmonella, Laurie, not tape worms." He crossed his arms, satisfied with himself, before he realized what he said. "Oh." "Great, then you'll get both!" She chirped happily.” Perfect Laurie and Hyde! :D and closing with Hyde ruining Laurie’s make up with his sticky chocolate fingers was a great way to close up the very great chapter :D

Again this was such a great chapter. Both sadness and happy stuff. I liked how you sorta showed Hyde’s relationship with Edna, being more darker and complicated, one he couldn’t rely on and then we see his relationship with Kitty, his real mother by all ways but one, and its’ much simpler and fun baking together. Very nicely done! Bravo!

Awesome work once more! I so enjoyed the chapter! I’m looking forward to reading more! Till then keep up the very terrific work!
Guest chapter 61 . 3/30
Love it!
Guest chapter 60 . 3/14
And update soon please
Guest chapter 60 . 3/14
Best story ever!
Guest chapter 60 . 3/13
Super good story! I hope you have more planned!
Guest chapter 60 . 2/23
Love this! Hope you update soon!
hanselnext chapter 34 . 2/15
Hyde put his hands up in frustration. "What?" Nothing made sense in the ridiculously primitive and stupid social structure of this class. "What are you talking about?"
"Jodie's mine!" Brad insisted, betray lacing his voice.
"Have her," Hyde said, "she's yours, man." This only made Jodie cry harder, and she ran to her sister on the other side of the room. Hyde put his head in his hands. Ugh, he knew today was going to be especially hellish.

- Poor Hyde, he's just having an awful day. Brad is just like Kelso wanting all the girls. Good job on this chapter.
Guest chapter 60 . 2/7
So cute! Can't wait for more!
Toshgnu chapter 60 . 2/1
Lol I love little Hyde he is so clever! Right more!
Guest chapter 60 . 2/1
Love it! Post more soon'
acc5rod chapter 38 . 1/22
I love how Hyde remembers to get some pudding and jell-o for Tater nuts, haha.
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