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Guest chapter 66 . 12/21/2016
I hope and wish this will be updated one day. I love it! Little Hyde is adorable
TwinsConspiracy chapter 66 . 6/12/2015
LOVE IT! Although, I don't like Steven blaming a lot of stuff on Eric, he told Steven not to sniff the stuff in the first place. Please tell me you're continuing! I need to know what happens! I'm a Jakie/Steven shipper so I can only hope this goes that way; unless you keep him a kid. I like his new groups of friend. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE!

Guest chapter 66 . 3/21/2015
Update soon! Feels like forever
Jessie chapter 66 . 1/28/2015
This story is AMAZING! I hope you will update soon.
Guest chapter 66 . 1/5/2015
Please write more soon I lovd this story
Guest chapter 66 . 12/20/2014
Great story! I loove it!
Guest chapter 66 . 12/16/2014
Lol I love eric
Guest chapter 66 . 12/15/2014
I was wondering if we could expect any updates before the new year? This story is great, the update timing is the problem
Guest chapter 66 . 11/30/2014
Where's the next part? It's been over a month
Guest chapter 66 . 11/20/2014
I feel like you used to be a more reliable person
nannygirl chapter 66 . 11/2/2014
This next chapter was fantastically terrific! It was so great to see an update to the story so soon and again I'm very sorry for taking awhile to get to it, it really was such a fun read!

I loved the first part of the chapter with Eric trying to wake Hyde up in the morning with the ‘wakey wakey, eggs and bakey!’ lol That so sounds like Eric! He would be a morning person just like Kitty. And Hyde, you had him in perfect character too as the exact opposite and not being such a morning person. The way he couldn’t believe Eric could be this chipper in the morning and wishing he was bugging someone else somewhere else was too funny! It was so Hyde like too. I loved how you wrote him covering his ears with the pillow and rolling closer to the wall Lol! And Eric’s lien here: “"See, that's funny, because eggs and bacon are what we're having for breakfast." No response. "Which you're going to miss if you don't get up in, like, the next five minutes." I could hear his voice perfectly! Loved and laughed at Hyde’s response to that and then Eric turning on the lights making Hyde scramble for his shades lol You wrote that whole morning exchange so awesomely, really capture the spirit of siblings waking each other up in the morning!

Eric’s line about the hangover was a great add in too. I really liked how Hyde was quick to point out that he did not have a hangover, and I think Eric did know that he was just kind of messing with Hyde, ayeb even reminding him that he couldn’t be getting hangovers at his age…well the age he looks like…well you know what I mean lol A very funny exchange when Hyde threatens to kick Eric and Eric replies with a comment about him not being tall enough Lol! Too funny and adding to the funny was Hyde’s ‘wanna bet’ lol! Of course Eric wants to pass and even tries to shield himself before leaving the room but not before grumbling loud enough for Hyde to hear about him being cranky in the morning Lol! Such great stuff!

Hyde’s threat back without missing a beat was terrific! But I loved how soon after he realizes there’s something that he needs to do and goes to catch up with Eric. Then Eric thinking he was coming to apologize and accepting the non existing apology was awesome and very Eric like, but there’s something else on Hyde’s mind that he wanted to talk about with Eric. The lying war! Loved how right away he tells Eric that he’s enlisting him, doesn’t ask doesn’t suggest, just tells him lol That was perfect! As was Eric’s confusion on the whole idea lol. This bit here felt like it was straight from the show; “"I'm doing you a favor, man. If you don't learn to lie now, how are you ever going to be successful?" "Can't argue with that logic." Forman grinned, ever the smartass.” Awesome work there!

Then the whole conversation about how you win the lying war was terrific! Loved the way you wrote that out! How Hyde was doing his best to explain things but he was figuring it all out as he went along too lol Loved the part where Hyde does a quick recap of the battles that have taken place so far but it only makes Eric even more lose than before lol And I think that’s a great summary of the lying war, just to scr*w with each other lol It was so great to see Eric and Hyde teaming up and trying to figure out the next way to mess with Laurie. The talk about the orphan bit and then the shrimp was hilariously funny! “"Perfect, I'll turn myself into shellfish," Hyde deadpanned, "and give her an allergic reaction." LOVED that! I liked Eric’s idea too of Hyde acting like a real kid but of course Hyde isn’t too keen on the idea and even favors the shrimp one more lol until he realizes it might be the better idea of the two. Terrific wrap up to the scene with Hyde warning Eric that he could be blaming him soon lol

Hyde was smart in getting dressed and up to the kitchen before anyone else went down to try to ‘search-and-rescue’ him (loved that) And of course the details of the scene that welcomed Hyde up to the kitchen were wonderfully done! Kelso and Fez are there but the food and Red aren’t—I loved how Hyde knows the cause is most likely the two moron twins lol The whole morning breakfast talk was marvelous written and perfectly in character, Kelso and Fez eating the food, Kitty cokign up some more, and Hyde and Laurie burning each other.

Oh and spring break is coming up! That does sound like fun! Hyde brought up a pretty good point about pretending he was homeschooled, but if he was ‘homeschooled’ we wouldn’t have the coloring buddies! The whole part with Laurie trying to mess with Hyde and giving him math problems, little did she know that he was messing with her too. I loved how you subtly slipped in that part about him looking at Eric, letting his and us readers know what the was up to. Meanwhile Laurie is still thinking of math problems and Kelso and Fez are trying to help too! Laughed so much at the exchange here: “"Yeah, Hyde, what's...what's two plus, uh..." Kelso grabbed a piece of bacon, then recoiled. "Ow! Damn, that's hot!" Fez shook his head at Kelso. "Hyde, please tell me you can do better math than Kelso."

I also liked how Hyde didn’t just sit there he also through a few burns now and then about Laurie’s own math skills. And while Kitty’s trying to get Laurie to leave Hyde alone, Hyde is okay and encourages her, wanting to put the plan into action. I LOVED the way you wrote that part! When Laurie gives the equation and the suspense builds as we see Hyde remembering the plan and getting ready for his turn at proving Laurie ‘right.’ And it looks like he’s done with that simple shoulder shrug! I can just imagine the looks on everyone’s faces and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Awesome work on this once again! I so loved reading it! I look forward to reading more from you and hope that you get to update again soon! Till then keep up the very brilliant work!
Guest chapter 66 . 10/28/2014
Nice :)
Guest chapter 65 . 10/23/2014
Great chapter
nannygirl chapter 65 . 10/19/2014
Wonderful work on this wonderful chapter! So great to see it being updated again and from what I hear I might be updated again soon! Yay! But even if it takes awhile longer I’ll be looking forward to the next chapter whenever it comes :D

The first scene in the basement was so very funny and felt like it really could’ve been part of the show. The playboy magazine hidden behind the hard covered book lol and then Eric being quick to grab it and look inside until Donna stepped into the room lol That had me laughing and was something I could very much see happening! Loved Jackie’s comment too about men being pigs lol Loved Eric trying to avoid the subject by asking how Donna’s day was when she asked what the magazine was but of course Hyde fills in the blanks for her lol And when Eric tries to explain that the magazine was Hyde’s and Hyde told him how low it was to be pinning a nudie magazine on a little kid was too funny! I could just see Eric’s wide eyed shocked face lol

It’s a good thing Donna wasn’t too interested in the conversation anyway and had an invitation for the group, a barbeque at Bob’s cool! Loved Fez being excited about the free food and asking if there would be candy lol and the free beer being even better lol Aw Hyde, as a little kid or even as a grown teen he isn’t to keen on parties and asks if he has to go but this time he has a pretty good reason when he brought up the fact how Bob had though that he was Donna’s kid lol I remember that! LOVED and laughed so much at the ‘he’s as sharp as a marshmallow’ line Lol! Hilarious and so Hyde like including the no offense part :D

Kelso tries to talk him into it again with the free beer, oh Kelso when will you learn lol I'm glad Donna’s remember events form before and doesn’t want Hyde drinking at the party, his ‘yeah like your legal’ reply was another spot on response and I'm glad to hear he was just kidding around and really didn’t have plans of drinking. Then ending the scene with Donna getting back on the subject of what Eric had been hiding from her was great! A very terrific way to close up the chapter!

Awesome work in the next scene! I really loved how you had Laurie coming in and being in tears, it right away had me concerned. And when she couldn’t even come up with a good burn on Hyde? Yeah, that’s very worrisome! I really liked how it even made Hyde worried enough to ask what was wrong—even if he did exactly want to. He cares, even if he won’t admit it! You did such a great job at writing Hyde as poor Laurie broke down in tears you could tell part of him did care but the part that was really coming out was the part that didn’t like the emotional stuff lol And then Laurie tells him she might be pregnant! Oh no! Hyde’s reaction was perfect though, he knew it was bad but also pointed out how they’d sene it coming lol

Poor Laurie I really felt bad when she started talking about how she should have been more careful and how she can’t have a baby now with no job or husband and how no one would go out with her if she had a kid. Aw and Hyde tries to make her feel a little better even if it doesn’t really make him feel all to great talking about his ‘uncles’ Oh gosh! Hearing the comment about Harvey who was hot but had a nerdy name was great very funny and maybe, yeah, pretty disturbing that both Laurie and Edna had been with the same guy lol poor Hyde. It was sweet when Hyde started to give Laurie some helpful advice like going to talk with Jackie who had a pregnancy scare herself, the comment about hoping it wasn’t Kelso had me laughing! Good thing that was a no, for both Kelso and mankind Hyde put it well when he said the line about Rosemary’s baby having a baby lol Aw but poor Laurie, LOVED Hyde’s ‘cr*p’ and how it sounded so much like Red that was awesome! And just like we would’ve seen with Red, Hyde’s softer side comes out and we see him give some really comforting word to Laurie. Reminding her that she’s got her family who will help her and that she’ll figure things out, that was really sweet.

LOVED the way you wrote the next moment, making it sound so sincere from Laurie and then things suddenly take a huge twist turn that I did NOT see coming! She and you had me fooled too! Loved the way you wrote Hyde’s reaction and how he wanted answers right away and when he asks why she faked being pregnant Laurie replies why’d you fake being sick revealing that she would out too! The whole argument of who was in who’s head and who exactly had won was so well written! Awesome work there! Loved the quick exchanges as Laurie and Hyde ought just like brother and sister. The end was the greatest with Laurie leaving but not because Hyde told her too lol And then Hyde smirking to himself and saying how this really isn’t over lol I believe it and I can’t wait to see what happens next! I know it’s going to be so very awesome!

Marvelous work once more! I really enjoyed this chapter! I'm looking forward to reading more! Hope you get to update again soon! Till then keep up the very terrific work!
Guest chapter 1 . 9/29/2014
Still waiting...don't know for how much longer tho so yeh
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