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XIIIroxasKOD chapter 1 . 11/18
Soon I will be able to justify rereading this...again


can't wait XD
Ender The Time Lady chapter 9 . 10/12
You named the flower Maruhana. You named the flower. Marujana. Basically.
Please tell me the name was Axels idea, he seems the type to make jokes like that. Blaze it and all.
I dunno if he'd actually be blazing it though. Maybe sometimes as a coping mechanism, during the hangtime between BBS and KH1, but not while canon events were going down.
reavan chapter 13 . 6/10
You sweatdrop a lot, don't you? I don't know why, because you and Cloudhead are the best Kingdom Hearts authors I've seen on FFN. In fact, Cloudhead has shoutouts to you for inspiring him. Thanks for the Xion talentedness.
Sora Tayuya chapter 1 . 5/28
A classic story first read years ago. How have I not reviewed the first chapter? An adorable, perfectly paced beginning to a riveting AU headcanon multiverse. Wonderful story as always.
Cloudhead chapter 1 . 12/28/2014
This is the best Christmas story ever, short of the tale of Christ Himself. OK, maybe not that far, but it's certainly going to be a new Christmas tradition for me to read this. You hit the right notes from beginning to end, from the cluelessness of Roxas (verging on purposeful stupidity-don't tell me he actually followed Marluxia's advice, that had to be on purpose :wink: ) to the Ela/Isa subplot (that was too many feels). Reading this is like watching a great Christmas movie. You are a genius.

Also, I liked the Saix Christmas Carol. It makes the Star Wars Holiday Special look like Rudolph, and I loved every second of it. :)
PurpleArmadillo chapter 13 . 7/23/2014
This was a very wonderful read! It's very obvious that a lot of work went into this whole thing, from the great descriptions to the clever chapter titles. The dialogue was spot on for everyone, and speaking of that, I love that you managed to include every single member throughout the course of this adventure. The Axel, Roxas, and Xion friendship was adorable, and I loved him explaining Christmas to them and showing them Christmas Town and hot cocoa. The custom stocking, their goofy play (definitely my favorite version of "A Christmas Carol", haha), Maruhana, Chi, all the Twilight jokes...there were so many great moments. Great job, I really enjoyed it!
Ever-Lethargic chapter 13 . 6/1/2014
Awww! That was so cute and fluffy! Loved the ending.
Stalianha chapter 9 . 3/16/2014
That's what happens when you keep wet clothes on you. Axel still has a lot teach the kiddos. Well, especially Roxas since Xion seems to learn a lot by staying with Larxene.
So, Saïx has a pet, huh ? So maybe he won't be too angry about the chew toy after all. Good news for Roxas. And it was perfect how you manages to mix his manipulative ways with some kindness by taking care of sick Roxy. And I like Maruhana very much.
The misletoe thing was funny, especially the scene with Xemnas, and Roxas developing a doorframe phobia because of it. As for all the mess around him until Zexion points the problem. These adults are very bad with children. Though Vexen should have get some experience with little Ienzo in the past (my, he was sooooo cute). xD
Stalianha chapter 8 . 3/16/2014
So because of the moon, Saïx's seen like a werewolf ? Poor guy. x) And I can't believe that Roxas actually buy him a chewy toy for Christmas. If it were me, after receiving such a thing I would just send him to leech-grave and Ruler of the Sky missions ! Serves him right. And the same goes for Axel. xD
Saïx was so nice to bring Roxas with him at Hollow Bastion just so he could find a gift for his best friend. And that despite the fact that he quite dislike the childs for hanging out with Axel. Poor little Saïx.

Anyways, I don't know what Demyx and Xigbar are up to, but if Larxene or Saïx find out, I've got the feeling that it will be the end of them. Especially Demyx, since Xigbar seems to be at that untouchable level.

I like the fact that you don't forget to do references to Roxas' visions once in a time. Since you're focusing on the funny family side of all this. Speaking of which, it's a miracle that Axel never died choking on his ice cream. x)
Stalianha chapter 7 . 2/18/2014
Saïx's chapter if we believe the title, but actually this is Marluxia's. The only one who really freaks me out. But it was good seeing him interact with Roxas, especially since he can't stop himself from being a graceful troll, even enjoying teasing Larxene who is the closest one he got as a friend.
Speaking of Axel, what kind of parent is he, not even realizing that Xion doesn't come to sleep in her bed ? And can't he see that she's walking the road of the Twilight darkness alongside with Larxene ? xD I can so picture Larxene kissing Xion's temple and ... that's scary and cool at the same time. A sister-like relation between the two of them would be really intersting to look evolve.
And the scene about educating Roxas is priceless. XD Axel leaving the work to an encyclopedia and making sure the subject never surface again ... What a parent, really. x) Did Xion learned the same way about herself ?

By the way, I've seen the fanarts you talked about and they are really funny. You did well with the reference. As for the food preferencies though I think the developpers most likely put these particular choices regarding the shape of the weapons than their actual tastes, but whatever that is fun.
Stalianha chapter 6 . 1/18/2014
So they escaped before being killed by a flurry of dancing flames... too bad for Axel. You did very well in all this amusement park part. Nothing looked out of place, and it's every time interesting to see Roxas and Xion facing daily matters (like the photographs) and how they react.
However, I've got a question : Wouldn't Xion be a little lost reading Twilight ? I mean, Bella is going to high-school, she has divorced-parents and all ... And the whole matter of "love" (even if in my point of view this isn't love at all but this isn't the question here). It's a little disturbing seeing her degree of cluelessness, don't you think ?

Anyway, the last scene between Axel and Saïx is great. We can see some of the long lost Isa in there, and this is just fantastic. Thank you.
Stalianha chapter 5 . 1/17/2014
Well, apparently Axel didn't learn the lesson from Christmas Town. x) But how did he know that Ventus has a pass ?
Anyway, babies. That's what you get when you go to Disneyland, and apparently Disney Town too. The question is "Why ?" They can't enjoy any attractions, so did the parents bring them out ? They're incomodating the others visitors, Axel is the proof ! I can so understand this situation. Looks like there will be a toasted granny in the next chapter. And no, your precious isn't cute. Sorry, I just don't like babies. Especially when I'm in an amusement park. -_- But we don't care about this right now.
Well, I'm glad that you made a reference to Ventus, 'cause I was always disappointed that Axel or Saïx didn't in canon, though they were the ones who befriendshiped him.

So, now let's see if Axel toast poor granny ...
Stalianha chapter 4 . 1/16/2014
My, my ... Twilight now ? Don't tell me Xion will become addicted to that ... garbage. Preserve her innocence ! Besides, it was fun to see Zexion's punishment on Demyx. He deserves it for being such a lazy bum and always deceiving Roxas. And also for manipulating poor Zexion who never enjoyed a Christmas. That's bad. Some nightmares are good amends for it. Well, I like Demyx too, but seriously, it wasn't uncalled. x)
Well, I really liked the decoration scence. The way you have to put Xemnas in a way that is so ... Well, not the way he seems to be when he throw skycrapers to your face. Not intimidating, but so out in his own little world. Really, those scenes are the ones I like the much. All of them doing something basically human, in a way only nobodies can do it. Even Larxene doing nothing except short-circuiting the CD player is part of it. It's really well done. I can't way until getting to the actual party of Christmas Eve.
Stalianha chapter 3 . 1/14/2014
A chapter shorter than the others, but nothing to complain about.
Everything about Vexen is very funny. And that may be strange, but he's one of my favourites characters among the Organisation and his english voice is perfect.
By the way I like the way you put in gameplay elements in your story, it's well done.
So, Zexion never had a Christmas party while he was human ? Poor boy. Even was a really bad nanny. Unlike Axel who fight against the pedo-prejudices for the sake of Xion having a normal childhood. Well, as normal as possible that is. I'm glad to see Zexion in a way that's not the "scheming emo". And even if we don't see Xemnas a lot, the references you make regarding him are funny. Like the fact that he doesn't want anyone to mess with the area's names.

All of that make me think that if Square-Enix would want to make more money by producing a sitcom featuring the life of the Organisation, I probably would be for. Except that knowing Square-Enix, they would surely use stereotypes for the characters and that would be an awful parody in the end. So I think I prefer reading fanfictions. Thanks a lot for your humor and imagination.
Stalianha chapter 2 . 1/13/2014
Do not tell me that Roxas slept in his wet pants. Axel, how could you let him do that ?
Well, another entertaining chapter. Poor Zexion. Il looks like he's having big troubles with Demyx. And here I thought Demyx could only deceive Roxas because of his cluelessness. That's funny. Like Marluxia obviously wanting to enjoy himself with the kids'cluelessness. He's like an older brother who likes trolling his younger siblings.
So, the squeeing Xion is from the manga ? Okay. It started being released in my country about ten years ago and I havent look at it yet. I quite don't like the other KH mangas but perhaps it will be different with Days. Or perhaps not. Whatever, except that special point I do not have to complain about the characters, it's really very well done.
And you're right about the pajamas ! Since they wear their coat for protection frome the Darkness, I don't think either that they sleep with it. Except if the proximity to darkness of The World That Never Was is that bad that they need protection even in the building. But come on, that would be just ridiculous ! And I still can't figure out how japanese people over all of people manage to put the characters in their beds with their shoes. It's quite awkward regarding their living mode. But well, that's not some life-simulation game, so they don't have the luxury to settle that kind of things, and that's understandable.
Also, I've wondered when I played Days why wasn't there any physical subsistance of Xion's existence in spite of all the memories of her being destroyed, and your explanation for the Proof of Existence is a good compromise I think. Xemnas was likely to give her Roxas'room after she absorb him rather than giving her own one.

Well, what to say ? Nothing much I think. It's really appreciable to see the whole Organisation so well pictured in such an entertaining subject. I'll keep reading this fiction, I like it very much. Also, I received your PM. No problem, I'll just go ahead on reviewing everything I read, don't trouble yourself too much about it. It's okay. :)
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