Reviews for Deprived
Guest chapter 19 . 3/24
loved it cant wait for more
Omega97 chapter 17 . 3/12
'I do believe that Harry has tamed a Dragon'.

And that's how the movie 'How to Train your Dragon' was made!
stingrey33 chapter 19 . 3/8
love the story so far ... its like john wick meets harry potter. so awesome
firedawg chapter 19 . 3/7
Great story,,hope to see the final chapter some day.
firedawg chapter 16 . 3/7
Youh have written a story that is hard to walk away from. A cold hearted Harry, a beautiful girl, a knight and my favorite Daphne Greengrass. I have read a lot of HP and this is different to all. Different in a good way because I am wondering just what will happen next. Will Harry nelt into Fleur's arms, will Daphne be part of his life and Luna. Let's not forget Lotus. Anyway my good author thank you for a great read... I can't wait to start the next chapter and find out what happens yes I left out Adam and the Potter's sorry, will he (Harry) reconcile with them. Hope so as hate is a bad emotion.
Shadowslayer5 chapter 19 . 3/6
A great story
Blunacy14 chapter 19 . 2/26
Just read all of it in one day and over it only wish it was finished as it has so much promise
FreeJSJJ chapter 1 . 2/24
A somewhat unique twist to the Harry Potter story which is brought about in a supremely satisfying manner. Well done and Thank You for writing and sharing this story!
Guest chapter 17 . 2/23
Honestly this is my favorite fan fiction ever. My favorite character is Hate. It's just so well developed and I love his character. Being able to discern emotions and how he acts is just amazing. Amazing story I love it. Wish it would be continued
ComicsToo chapter 19 . 2/19
I highly recommend every and anyone read this story, even if they don't care for Harry Potter fanfics. This story is so so good and well crafted that there will forever be some hope living within me that this will be continued. If not, I will still be satisfied because I was able to read this. The writing is so good and constantly has you wanting more. It is well-structured, captivating, heart-racing, and just so well-done. I can not be too overzealous in saying how much I love this story because it deserves it. I want to know more, but if I never do, I will still love all the same. That is just how good this is.
MisfitsAndOutcasts chapter 19 . 2/18
amazing story. keep up the great work
sensai24 chapter 19 . 2/18
Please, please, pleeeeaaaasse start posting again!
chicwowwow chapter 19 . 2/16
PLEASE tell me there's a scene coming up where he dances with the dragon.
Lane chapter 19 . 2/15
Add more chapters
Ihatechoosinganame chapter 19 . 2/14
wow this is an absolutely amazing story. Its extremely well written and I love the idea of Hate not to mention the dragon. Its really well written and I hope youkeep going with it
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