Reviews for Of Bitterness and Promises
adaon45 chapter 1 . 5/26/2012
My deepest apologies for not reviewing this sooner! I know, one generally receives fewer reviews for stories in this fandom than in, say, the Harry Potter one. And that can be frustrating.

Like CW, I am glad you entered Achren's head to explore her complexity. I can imagine the position she is in by this point would indeed strike her with its irony. Once so powerful, and now what Ellidyr would call the "scullery maid." I am intrigued, by the way, at the backstory you suggest for Achren in the last few paragraphs. Locked in a closet? Like Harry Potter? Wish I knew more about that!

And yes, her complicated feelings about Gwydion. So hard to read. After all, she condemned him to death-and worse, torture and despair-in Oeth Anoeth. And yet there is this odd bond one senses between them. You do a good job evoking it here.

Very well written, and I do hope you write more!
CompanionWanderer chapter 1 . 10/6/2011
Oh dear. How can it be I have not yet reviewed? Terrible oversight.

Reading this, and a few other short vignettes on Achren, makes me think I've made her a bit too one-dimensional in my own work. It's been so easy to paint her as nothing but villain - but this fleshing her out strikes me as far closer to Alexander's original mark. He utilizes her too much for her to be anything less than complex.

You've given her a very believable voice here. I like her contrasting her current life with the former one, and how she describes the others - like "clear water" - and Dallben's speaking truths without tact, oh my, yes.

Sorting through souls like precious stones...beautiful. You have a real knack for striking just the right comparisons.

Achren's childhood is something I've never thought of at all. It makes me curious about what you would do with a more comprehensive story of her history - to go from a "worthless girl, powerless and alone" to Queen of Prydain? Now that's a story I'd love to know.

Chilling, her acceptance of death as the only real option left once she has accomplished her revenge, but very Achren-ish. Altogether a great story - short but powerful! I hope we see more from you!