Reviews for Yesterday Sky
jessica499499 chapter 1 . 8/10/2013
The format was really had to read, the scene shifted a little too much and it wasn't very lyrical if that was what you were going for. Sorry.
MrGooseyMoose chapter 1 . 11/17/2011
Just gonna say, I loved the terminator 2 reference at the beginning. :D

Aheeeem...geez, man; no reviews on this story yet? Pfft, I guess some people are just missing out, eh? ;)

I'm gonna review as I go along, today. Expect a big, big review. :P First thing I feel I should note - I wish i was that music sheet that Tai just got freaky with. :P Oh, how jealous I am. :P Wow, that whole scene there in the snow, with Tai calling Matt a star. That was so romantic! And then I loved when they said goodbye, and they hugged and everything. AGH! :D

OMG! Matt got a haircut and his hair dyed? :O ...I bet he'd look cute. Though it may take me a while to adjust to his new look. :P No way. HES GETTING AN ULTIMATE MAKE OVER XD Lol, I loved the dialogue between Matt and his mum! :P That made me smile very much :P

Just gonna have a tiny intermission and say that I'm loving this so far! *is soooo hoping for a happy ending*

Woah, loving the party atmosphere you've created here! :D It's like I'm really there haha! :D Oh, I think we have my favourite line so far!

"Having finished his fountain of food, Tai and I sat close by; him giving me the odd glance – most probably due to my uncharacteristic appearance. This continued, without dialogue, until he looked at me like a lost puppy, eyes almost quivering, and his nose wiggling with some question to be offered:"


Moving on..."I obeyed; Tai's smell of, just Tai, caressing my taste buds." was a fantastic line, pal. That deserved special mention, I thought. Ooo, it's getting all lovey dovey and close. I'm liking it. :D

...woah. what just happened? :'(


...because the story was so damn fantastic, I'm gonna add it to my favourites. I'm not gonna talk about the ending, though. I'm sure you understand.

I cannot believe no one else has reviewed this amazing piece of fanfiction. I don't know what else to say, dude. great, great job.