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lalalaEmma chapter 1 . 10/2/2015
This story is absolutely BRILLIANT! I love the plot, and the characters are precisely what I expected them to be! The whole writing is easy and smooth, and I really admire the impeccable structure! Have you ever considered writing a sequel? I'm quite interested in how Severus's reaction would be once he learned about the relationship between his mother and his colleague! If you do intend to do so, I would be definitely rejoiced to learn about the development of the story!
excessivelyperky chapter 3 . 10/1/2013
She had Seen Eileen. True, Eileen had been in that dreary Muggle sitting room, but she had been laughing, swinging a little dark-haired toddler into the air as he, too, had laughed. . .

Sybill had Seen that Eileen was happy, and she had sobbed aloud with the joy it. And the anguish.

-And did she ever forgive Severus for being that toddler?

For a few minutes, everything was wonderful.

Till it wasn't.
excessivelyperky chapter 2 . 9/28/2013
So much sorrow, so much love penned up...and only a little for her son.

But, you know, divorce was legal in Britain even back then. What a pity the two of them didn't throw their hats over the windmill when they knew they should. Tobias might have come to love his son if the boy had no one but him, after all.

And in the end, nobody did.
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 9/21/2013
Oh, wow. I have never seen anything like this from Tobias' point of view.

And I wish that he had fought harder for his son once Sev had shown signs of magic. For all his woes, and they are many (and legitimate, too) he keeps forgetting that his son didn't ask to be magic.
llimbus chapter 3 . 4/2/2013
Oh dear lord...

This was perfect. This is perfection. An absolutely brilliant tale about the dark life of Eileen and Sybill. And the sad background of Severus'. I loved it. There's nothing to complain about, there's nothing you could've done differently. Not a very useful review, I know. But I wouldn't want you to make their story in another way.
Tea for Lupin chapter 3 . 12/13/2011
Wow. It's taken me a while to get round to this story but I'm so glad I did. Such a sad backstory for Severus (although that is to be expected unfortunately). The voice of each character comes across so clearly, particularly those of Tobias and Sybill (poor Sybill, always so misguided. I always feel so sad for her).

I do find the concept of Sybill as a romantic or sexual attachment for anyone to be rather hard to imagine but that is, clearly, my own prejudice talking. ;) i admire your capacity to take even the seemingly least likely characters and reveal their hidden histories and depths. The section of Eileen's tale in which she and Sybill are exploring their own and each other's bodies is particularly moving. Thanks as always Kelly!
Zenheim Panda chapter 3 . 10/16/2011
Wow! You sure know how to write and carry a story. I'm so genuinely impressed by your talent. This was a wonderful story, and even though it wasn't exactly conclusive, it left me with a warm feeling anyway. Excellent job. :)
the real snape chapter 3 . 10/16/2011
/No, what Eileen understood was the anguish of being an outcast./ Such a very believable take on their relationship. And the way you humanize Sybill, while keeping her perfectly IC, is just great.

/how one was constantly bruised (emotionally speaking) from the blows (not literal, of course) of the disdainful world. One had to try to ignore them, but that didn't make them any less felt./ I love the careful 'in brackets' of your Sybill. So telling of one who feels mostly misunderstood.

/Sybill admired people like Eileen, with her facile tongue (just how facile, Sybill was to learn later) and quick mind./ Very believable. Snape's mother might well have some of that quick wit herself. And again, the bit in brackets is priceless.

/She collected delicate china tea cups (for one must have beauty) and knitted herself soft, colourful shawls (for one must make one's world vivid) and took long, soul-cleansing walks./ What a wonderful subversion of the quirky elements.

/after a fortifying nip of a little something to warm her bones, / You introduce the budding drinking problem so wonderful. A bit of healing sherry to warm one, a fortifying nip.

/She Saw them together as old women, grey and a trifle stooped, still in sunshine, still smiling./ Poor Sybill, and poor Eileen.

And what a killer ending.
moira of the mountain chapter 3 . 10/9/2011
Such a gentle portrayal - and especially touching, knowing your aversion for Sybil. You've given her depth - she's still the flighty maddening creature we know, trailing her scarves and her sherry fumes - but you've found the core of her that truly does believe in the validity of her Gift (a talent that did assert itself honestly, at least a time or two). Living in her commune, with her "pretties" and such, one feels a certain protective fondess for her - for about 20 minutes and then you'd want to thrash her.

Several things I found esxpecially poignant - Eileen tucking her hair behind her ear - a trait her son exhibited later - and the last bit, about her boy being happy at school... So sad... And I likd that Eileen recognized that Severus has much of Tobias in his makeup as well...

All in all - this story is a perfect portrayal of hopes and dreams barely recognized and soon enough dashed - an outcome that, tragically, carries over so bitterly into the makeup of a boy from Spinners' End. I wonder if Sybil remembered her happy predictions of his fate, and Saw their terrible demise - or was she ever even quite aware.
Swallow B chapter 3 . 10/9/2011
It's hard to believe you don't like Sybill, after reading this. You make her really likeable. She is the one who brought colour and hope into Eileen's life.

Then I was surprised by Sybill 'Seeing' a bright future. It was wishful thinking, helped, no doubt, by the influence of her commune, who seem like the sort of people who would be into positive thinking. Sybill believed her illusions and I can just 'see' the end of the story: she was cruelly disillusioned. That would explain her tendency to always be negative in the HP books. That way, she was safe from disappointment. Surprises could only be good.

I don't want to pester you for a sequel, but I would like to know what happened next: Sybill's relationship with Eileen and with Severus. In a word, this has left me hungry for more.
Jadzania chapter 3 . 10/9/2011
I really, really love this story. I think it may be one of your best. I love your McGonnagal-stories, too, but those are stories in which the reader already has symapthies for the main persons and that, i think, makes it easier to get into the mood of the story. With this triptych you have taken three characters, that I've never held sympathies for and that i've actually never thought about much, and you've brought them to live, you showed me their lives, their feelings and their thoughts and now these three people will always stay alive in my mind, and when i think of them now, i think, it will always be the Tobias, Eileen and Sybill you brought to life here. Your story replaced the cardboard figures in my mind with real, living characters. And I want to thank you for that :)
the real snape chapter 2 . 10/8/2011
/That's what her gran had called it, "wifely duty." / Such a perfect period detail. And so telling of that bleak marriage that it was never more, although they were both willing to consider the other at first.

/Even Severus - - no matter how old or unsuitable his clothing, she always made sure it was clean./ The pride of the poor working class housewife. Cleanliness. They may be poor, but they're respectable.

/She had never done anything about it, just kept it as her own secret, something to hug to herself and take refuge in when times got bad./ Poor Eileen. You do such a marvellous job of creating sympathy for all of them. And one can readily believe that the kiss was all Tobias had seen. Still, he was right in interpreting it as what he calls a perversion, for underneath there was so much more than a kiss.

/when noon came and went, with no Sybill, Eileen had straightened her spine, said "yes" to the clerk, and signed the marriage certificate with a flourish./ the poor thing. So desperate.

/And I'll provide for my boy and for his mam. / Bleak, rigid, principled Tobias.

/In her more cynical moments, Eileen called that exit "Tobias's finest hour." / And Eileen is right, too, for he must have had quite a bit of pride in himself: a man who keeps his word no matter what.

/Lying under a grunting Tobias had never been her idea of a good time./ Grin. I like the wry humour of your Eileen, that still shines through occasionally.

/As for the girls' remarks, she just never quite seemed to hear them./ Great description, and just what a bullied child does.

And I love the whole description of the two girls together. It's such a happy moment, and all the time there's the bleakness that is to come in the background.

/She had a home, and she had her baby, and she had once known love, and that would have to be enough./ Your Eileen really commands sympathy, however bleak and bitter she is.
moira of the mountain chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
And now a completely different perspective. Haven't we all experienced that with couples we've known - each so certain of the righteousness of their claims against the other. Such damanged people - the relationship was doomed before it ever began - and how clearly they both affected their son. Poor bastard didn't have much of a chance in hell from the get-go of not coming out of that house wounded to the quick...

Very much enjoying your portrayal of Sybil - far from the empty-headed vapid picture that canon paints of her... Looking forward to her POV.
aptasi chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
I like the way you're using the different points of view in this story and that none of the characters are perfect.
Jadzania chapter 2 . 10/3/2011
This story is really fabulous, i love it
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