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Trainion chapter 11 . 10/31
I am random reviewer 8
Arumia chapter 1 . 10/14
Why Tonks, Remus and hermione and I guess Ron even if I hate him, those have never done anything to Harry and really don’t deserve his hate
CalmWinds chapter 16 . 10/15
interesting story, but i only clicked it believing it wasnt a harry/ginny story. please update the tags.
Bronze chapter 9 . 9/30
I can see Harry asking politely to talk to Magneto instead of trying to just fight him on sight. He is older than Charles at least in the canon that I'm familiar with. He's supposed to've been a young boy when he and his mother were forced into one of the Death Camps. So, he'd have a personal insight about WWII. I know this as I heard stories my late father and his friends told at get togethers. And I pretty damn sure NONE of what they talked about ever made it into the history books! One because it was an extremely embarrassing OOOPSIE. Think along the lines of " We were never there. Nobody saw anything. " That kind of OOOPSIE.
Guest chapter 4 . 9/20
DUNDERHEADS! KEEP IT A SECRET that UMBRIDGE will be teaching at Hogwarts. Yeah, BLINDSIDING Harry with her presence is a brilliant idea. Dumber than trolls. ... or flobberworms. But it will certainly be interesting reading when that confrontation occurs. Great story. Thanks
crashthisnow chapter 6 . 9/8
So where did this, let's be friends again and have a group huge attitude come from.
It seems to me like a lot of stuff is happening without the right context and it leaves me confused and doesn't give a whole lot of encouragement to continue reading sadly.
Trainion chapter 16 . 9/8
Bronze chapter 7 . 8/22
Good Ole Fumblemort just doesn't get it! He's already lost the war. Hid refusal to actually punish those that break the rules has been seen as permission to do whatever the rule breakers want. He showed them that there were no consequences resulting from their actions. That's followed by how badly he's treated Harry since '81. Now that they're in his face he still thinks he's done no wrong. Unfortunately, for him Harry can easily vanish from the school and magical world never to be seen again. That would leave Good Ole Fumblemort holding the bag in an extremely no-win situation. And that's exactly where he's heading.
Bronze chapter 5 . 8/21
Well, I hate to say it but for me it's having to almost always deal with Good Ole Fumblemort. The man's a fraud regardless of what most fans seem to think. It's a fact that he personally decided to place Harry in an unloving home and afterwards forgetting about him for the next ten years. Followed by the next seven trying to kill him. He could've very easily stepped in in second year to tell the students that Harry wasn't the one petrifying students but didn't. Fourth year he had the power to get Harry out of the Tournament but again did nothing. Even after it was over, he kept silent. He knew about the so-called Prophecy before both Harry and Neville were even born but did nothing. To prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Good Ole Fumblemort WANTED the so-called leaked to Vulturewurst he chose to interview Trelawneyis in the Hoghead Bar. Knowing that any low life can walk through it and listen at any door. He also had Snape; a known Death Eater scheduled to interview for the Potions Professor job only minutes after Trelawneyis. In retrospect it's obvious Fumblemort WANTED part of that so-called prophecy overheard and reported back to Vulturewurst. Why the Potters didn't just pack up and leave the country I don't know. However, I suspect a meddling old fraud likely waved his magic wand and made them stay. I figure he did the same to the Longbottoms.
Bronze chapter 4 . 8/21
How about " Please update soon "? Is that any better? ;) I think I've read this at least twice before and truly enjoyed it. I was thinking about how Harry could kill ole Voldy moldy using his mutant power and came up with an idea. Teleporting into Ole Moldy Voldy's bedroom he could reach into Voldi's and chest pull out his heart. Then cut off his head. Take the heart place it in a jar and leave on Good Ole Fumblemort's desk. Then take the head place it in a jar and leave it on either Bone's desk in the Ministry of/for morons or the Minister's desk. In either case leave a note telling them to leave him (Harry) the Bloody hell alone. If the minister is Fudge charge him personally for the deed. An amount that totally wipes out ALL the bribes he's taken over the years he's been in office. Also tell Good Ole Fumblemort to back off and go play with his personal Death Eater.
erozoth chapter 16 . 8/12
Well, it was a nice read. Could have been near perfect. Like the original it was a pretty shitty ending. Go read Burnable if you want to see the inbetween the end of the war and this moment: building stuff.
This had some issues with inconsistent details, logic that was ignored, canon parts that were ignored but was not mentioned it is different (no soul in scar, no diadem... pretty big when you wonder the entire story why they didn't notice those).
Most of the story was very... dragged out, only the last 4 chapters the shoe fell and what you knew will happen since chapter 4 finally happened, and not because the "good" guys were prepared or acted in advance, they waited for the enemy to catch them by surprise.
This story is mostly to expand on the emotions Harry felt due to his bad life, that is the main thing, at least 65-70%.
erozoth chapter 14 . 8/12
Wait what, Voldy is actually dead, what about the scar? what about the diadem? So they were just changed to not be and it was never mentioned? all my comments for nothing? thats stupid.
Also all those kids still staying... like, I understand its a big move but: okay, we are leaving too. bye. good luck with your dying society.
erozoth chapter 13 . 8/12
I hate seeing an author put so much effort then shit over his own work like this. X linked with Harry, using the Cerebro to find a horocrux half a country away but could not detect the one standing next to him?
What a joke. Basically going with the plot of "nothing to see, keep going, move a long", cross your fingers he wont notice so the plot can maintain the drama.
erozoth chapter 9 . 8/12
REally, all he needs Logan to come "You think I am evil? I killed hundreds, most of them not evil, just normal people, only thing is... they were with the other side".
erozoth chapter 8 . 8/12
8 chapters of bitching, complaining, "planning" but not really, threatening to kill and all that... zero, zlitch, nothing, nada happened. This is like angst drama novel, and each chapter the author decides... lets drag it another chapter before starting the fight.
They have an actual enemy, working against them, with his "spies" in your own base and you are still waiting for the enemy to act. The fact Harry is still around and Jean is telling him he has to stay, its beyond forced plot. Leave, once you see enough dead and enough start to fight back (as is human, no forced everyone is "sheep), then come back, you can train in the mean time.
The novel feels very pointless, sure it delves deeper into the emotions, what should have been (HP was for kids after all) but then it drags and drags.
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