Reviews for Then They Fell In Love
falsedfaith691 chapter 74 . 7/27
FUCKING ADORABLE! Can't wait for more
Aleshia Hester chapter 74 . 7/23
Please update I miss this story
aby chapter 74 . 7/20
Plzzzz update! I'm dying over here
Aleshia Hester chapter 74 . 7/1
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE update this story as this is my favourite story of yours so far. It is very funny, loving with just the right amount of sad. I can't wait for the next chapter and would probably literally cry if you don't post one soon.
Aleshia Hester chapter 74 . 6/24
I really love this story so far. It's funny and has a good story line. I would like to nominate an Edward/Paul pairing for your next story as I have only ever come across one other called Moonlight Shadow. I think you would pull that off really well. I can't wait for your next post. I'll be waiting to read it.
Blahblahblah chapter 74 . 6/22
I think that you should joss this...sorry but a threesome? I'm not so seems weird? Also please update! Trust me when I say this, You so far, have the best...BEST Jakeward fanfiction i could get my hands on in the internet...your concepts and ideas are just so creative (except for the threesome thing) pls...pls! I've imprinted on your fanfic and I would DIE if it were not to be at least finished properly. Thank you so much for your time!
Emmalou2 chapter 74 . 6/13
Any more chapters coming? This is awesome
Bishop chapter 74 . 4/20
You so evil, right when it got good it stopped. Please write this story forever I love it, I'm even rereading it I just got to page 7 when I though to check when it was last updated. Love it xoxoxoxoxxxxooooooo
Guest chapter 74 . 4/11
I really hoped for more mpregs with paul n emmett and rosalie to have babies. Its time for her to be happy. More mpreg please? :3
unicorn55 chapter 74 . 4/9
I think the chapter is great. It's your story after all. I think you should tell it the way you want. No bribery needed. :)
lovingsiri chapter 50 . 4/9
Your story is good but I catch a lot of mistakes which can be distracting. Can I suggest you get a beta or go back through the story?
FallenAngel chapter 74 . 4/8
I am so happy you continued on with the story! :D I hope you keep writing!:3 OMG! Billy, Esme and Carlisle?! Didn't see that coming but CUTE!
lovingsiri chapter 27 . 4/8
Luka is so cute!
lovingsiri chapter 19 . 4/7
So will Edward go back to being a vampire when the baby is born? Or will he stay human?
sibaruneko chapter 74 . 4/7
So glad you're back! I've truly missed this story, and I trust you as the author, so whatever turn or twist you throw, I'll continue to read! Looking forward to more!
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