Reviews for Southern Fried Jigen
Guest chapter 4 . 2/23/2013
i like crazy southern jigen! but where is the rest of the story?
Disco Ant chapter 4 . 1/22/2012
Jigen is now ruined forever. And I seriously don't think I can ever go to or see a KFC again without laughing. He's like Colonel Foghorn Jigen. I shall go there and eat my drumsticks in his honor and glory and all of that.

The mistreatment of Goemon is awesome, though. The girly loser deserves it.

Haha, Zak should see Goemon as a girl and hit on him all the time while Aaron and Nick watch in confusion and disgust. And when they use the voice box even the ghosts are like "He's a man!"
Disco Ant chapter 2 . 10/25/2011
I wonder how people can live in Louisiana with the weather and all the bugs and critters. I'd die of heat stroke while running from a pack of giant spiders.

So, does Lupin's Southern accent have a hint of French and Japanese accents as well? I must know. I've also been sitting here for the last five minutes wondering what a sear sucker suit is. Eww, Southern Jigen. That scares me... And now I'm picturing Goemon dressed as Daisy Duke.

Jigen should jump into his super hero outfit and fight those who are taking his stuff. With awesome action scenes and Sexy Adventure playing in the background. Motion picture materials! And then Jigen said "Yahoo!" and my image of him as a super hero shattered. Sigh.

Whiny Goemon is awesome, though. A lot better than whiny Jigen. Goemon could be The Whinerator and whine his enemies to death. And Jigen could yell "Yahoo!" over and over and fall farther into the depths of obscurity. And Fujiko could enter into this story and ruin everything. :D
Disco Ant chapter 1 . 10/25/2011
Still can't remember how I wanted to review these. :( And so, I shall ramble.

I want to go to Gettysburg and hunt ghosts. Jigen's life could have been fulfilled if he had done just that. But no, he has turn into retard special Jigen and then whine like a stupid brat.

Goemon will win the Random House Sweepstakes. He'll kill himself so he can face off with Ed McMahon and demand to know why he wasn't chosen to win. And Ed will be scared so he'll tell Goemon that he's won and that his money is at Gettysburg. And then Jigen will go there and hunt him. It's a neverending circle!

Gasp! Louisiana has ghosts, too! And Cajun food, of which I can eat very little of! Louisiana reminds me of Popeye's chicken.

And now, to review your chapter. -clears throat and adjusts glasses- The didactic of the connotation I found very denouement, although, the personification of the main characters metaphoric parable was quite scrumptious. Whereas, the setting of the...
Intoxicated Gnu chapter 3 . 10/22/2011
Flower shops and assassins? Dat's kwazy!

You can't go one chapter without stomping on a poor maiden's heart, can you? (I can't think of any other word for him. Sorry, Goemon!)

I'd blather on further about how amazing/stupid/scary/etc. this story is, but I gotta get me some gumbo. Away~!
Intoxicated Gnu chapter 2 . 10/5/2011
Is that a hint? Huh? Nah, I'm probably imagining things 'cause I'm conceited. This Jigen backstory makes more sense than anything that's been in any of the animated stuff, I'm pretty sure. Well, it also explains the animated stuff. So in other words, this is completely canon while still being something that wouldn't be in the official stuff. Clearly, this is the work of a genius. I can't wait to see how Goemon grows, after you crushed his dreams and all.