Reviews for My Brother!
AJ Wilkinson chapter 39 . 9/8
I have thoroughly enjoyed My Brother, grammatical oddities and all. I am a fan of White Squirrel, and My Brother came up, either as one of his recommendations, or as a recommendation from one of his favorite authors. Please don't let it end hanging!
bookgirl360 chapter 39 . 9/6
I have to say this is one of the best stories I have ever read on this site I love how u have written ur own storylines mixed with the Original story I can’t wait for the next chapter
samjordon08 chapter 39 . 9/5
Brilliant chapter, good character building, I'm looking forward to seeing more of this wonderful story
MPChess chapter 39 . 8/22
So, Just as an aside, I just spent the past week re-reading this story, just to refresh my memory... Glad I did, too, I forgot about a lot of details :P

Anyway, good read, as usual _ Feel free to ignore everyone pressuring you for an update. If it takes a while, I'll just have to re-read this again :P (I read too many fanfics, just so you know...)
mysinger chapter 39 . 8/19
Thank you for sharing this delightful, heartwarming story with us. I have never read a story where Harry has a sister before and I am really enjoying it. I love the characters, especially the members of the guild. Hope things continue to improve for you.
Guest chapter 19 . 8/15
This literally shook and moved me!
PLEASE CONTINUE TO MAKE MORE!(it’s so touching!)
Kisa tracer chapter 39 . 8/16
It's great to finally read another chapter. You have done a great job and I feel bad about all the werewolf children. I know you said not to brother you about the next update but I hope it is soon. I look forward to the next chapter. Keep up the good work.
Hell no.1 chapter 39 . 8/15
Hoi? What is that supposed to mean?
Guest chapter 12 . 8/10
What does 'Emma asked Emma' mean?
Guest chapter 12 . 8/9
Why does it say 'Oracle2Phoenix?
Guest chapter 3 . 8/9
On this page, I think that the 'Happy Birthday, Harry' was supposed to be 'Happee Birthdaey Harry.' No offense.
Guest chapter 39 . 8/8
I’m so glad you updated! I’ve been following this story for YEARS! I think I started reading it 5 years ago and it was my first ever fanfic that I have ever read! This story inspired me to write my own fanfiction! It is probably the best fanfiction out there! PS- I have anxiety, too! Cats really do help! I have 3!
percyjacksonfan135 chapter 39 . 8/8
I love this!
Harrypotterpercyjacksonfan90 chapter 39 . 8/5
Very good chapter, I’ve absolutely love this story, I do hope your able to continue this, but I do understand if you don’t, I hope you get better soon! If you can please post soon, I look forward too it!
Hinny FTW chapter 39 . 8/2
Cats help in every situation. Glad you're writing again!
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