Reviews for Eagle Eye Mirror's Edge Crossover: Mirror's Eye
Technomancer3301 chapter 1 . 12/7/2014
We monitor every social network, internet logs, instant and text messages. Known associates, your friends and companions, emails received and sent, cell phone usage.

One word: NSA
locke2564 chapter 3 . 10/1/2011

In a city controlled by corrupt regime, project Icarus becomes the ultimate "Big Brother".

This story ties-in nicely with the Mirrors Edge concept which is about freedom and consequences of denying that freedom in favor of a secure, easy life. You can draw a lot of parallelisms with the current situation on most countries, since civil liberties seem to be going downwards, replaced by tight schemes tht aim for a better control of the population.

When this premise comes in conmtact with the argument of Eagle Eye, it becomes magnified. I wonder how things would be evolving?. Certainly it would be pretty interesting to see.

Also your description of the action and Faiths character is right on the money. She has that biased mindset against the "blues" (well portrayed), but at the same time shes still the runner that enjoys being "out there", jumping, challenging herself, defying both gravity AND the government.

Its a nice story and hopefully youll continue on the same path. Keep it up!.