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prototype gear chapter 24 . 9/21
And thus...stuff happened.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/15
Thanks for the update. Well done
SlyFox9 chapter 24 . 9/16
Thank you for the update and yay Naruto use Conquerer's Haki
coldblue chapter 24 . 9/13

This was a long chapter and great read!

Naruto Uzumaki:

Well, he sort of did his job with protecting Alabasta and trying to prevent even more death in the Civil War started by Crocodile. Naruto got to HIT Crocodile, causing some serious damage because of Water or Haki used by Naruto to actually hurt a Logia user such as Crocodile. Let back up. This beginning chapter, we find out that Naruto does care about the Ocean Sword pirates as whole and wanted them to come back alive. Naruto knows that he was handicapping the Ocean Sword pirates, because a lot of them are like Naruto would find it easier to kill. The Ocean Sword pirates reunited in the MIDDLE of the battle field and stuck together. I have to admit it was great to read how the Ocean Sword Pirates actually bonded with each other and feel like a family. With Naruto and Princess Vivi, we found many parallels with Naruto looking back to his past and losing love ones. They're was Naruto and Princess Vivi romantic moment or hints of how Naruto does care for Princess Vivi and that Princess Vivi was looking to Naruto for strength/calm in this chaotic battles. Naruto really showed care for people. Not for Fishmen, but for humans senseless violence in battle. I loved how Naruto just created a Crater in town with his "Double Spiral Axe Kick!" and then the dust settle to reveal that it was Raining. Awesome.

Princess Vivi Nefeltari:

Well, she completed her Mission on trying to save Alabasta. Of course, they're was blood shed. I admit that I love certain Character death that did happen in chapter with Alabasta Four Guardians/Royal Guards that died trying to save or were injured. Character death is interesting and great to read. Princess Vivi really brought Naruto back to his childhood with Queen Otohime assassination and Princess Shirahoshi crying in despair. I will admit, I don't know where this will go for Princess Vivi. Interesting ideas come up with idea. I kind of want Princess Vivi to be a Pirate, but I can't tell if she would be with the Strawhats or the Ocean Sword Pirates. Not to mention, maybe it would just be okay with have Princess Vivi remain a Princess. Maybe have Princess Vivi meet with Ocean Sword or Strawhat Pirates during travels with Politics such as dealing with the World Government or Marines, but then Princess Vivi see's her favorite pirates from time to time. It up to you. I do like the Princess Vivi/Naruto Uzumaki romantic moments.

Ocean Sword Pirates:

Alright! They did they're best. Not everyone won they're fight, but that good. It happens in "One Piece" and in my other favorite Anime/Manga "Yu Yu Hakusho". I love how Temari fought Carmen actually lost, BUT I can read her character growing stronger from defeats. I hope Miss Golden-Week can grow stronger or come up with some interesting Painting/Fighting style that maybe you could take from "Naruto" character skill set such as Sai. It would be interesting to read to read Gin develop more skills with Melee combat, but I love Gin love for guns/explosive. Shizune was bad ass and good to read with how she uses her Poison skills have been used to pacify most Rebel/Royal Army soldiers. Bashura brought the intimidation and fight to any side that dared to challenge his Captain orders. Gaara, I know he NOT a Ocean Sword Pirate, is interesting to consider his history with his family and where Gaara relationship with the Ocean Sword pirate crew in the future. Kotetsu was interesting with his sword skills and Devil fruit, but Lt Tashigi is gunning for Kotetsu to get her sword back and to take Kotetsu swords.

I understand your going to update your other stories, so good luck with that and thanks for such a large chapter.


1) Will we get some background origins of some Ocean Sword Pirate crew members? Will we get Carmen, Miss Goldenweek, Shizune, or Bashura origins/background story?

2) Are we reading Gaara slowly forming connections and becoming a possible member of the Ocean Sword Pirates?

3) Have you thought of the Ocean Sword Pirates to find a island in the Grandline with small village and a UNKNOWN master or former Marine who practiced Haki?

4) Will Princess Vivi go along to which ever Pirate Crew or have you thought of Naruto and Vivi have a intimate moment that could produce a child/heir for Alabasta? Maybe even Alabasta and Fishman Island relations to do more trade with each other?


1) Yeah, that would be a good number of chapters/Arcs that you could have some Original material. If not a Arc, then at least One chapter dedicated to ONE Ocean Sword Pirates origin. I mention that who of the possible Ocean Sword Pirates you could do a Origin chapter/Arc for. I feel like Bashura, Shizune, and Carmen would have Arks to they're origins/background. With Miss Goldenweek, I doubt we will get her name, but I think it would be interesting if she was from Cannon Islands of "One Piece" that a shit hole and that Miss Goldenweek manage to survive a place normal children could not survive.

2) I feel like Gaara is like Nico Robin, but instead for the Ocean Sword Pirates. Nico Robin took time before becoming a FULL member of Strawhat Pirates crew. With Gaara, it sort of similar and yet different that we could read Gaara slowly find a NEW family within the Ocean Sword Pirates. It would be great that Gaara and Naruto actually becoming friends, with possible similar background stories. Like Gaara is connected to some Alabasta Kindom to some legend like a Sand Demon or possible Sand King that could manipulate the sand. Shakuku origins would appear as well. Anyway, Gaara is NOT adopted yet has close relationship with the Royal family and his own family, the No Sabuko or Desert Tribe/Family.

3) What I want is for the Ocean Sword Pirates to have good basic understanding of using Haki. I figure a reclusive Master/Former Marine with some high rank could teach the Ocean Sword Pirates. It would be interesting and intense. I think the Master of Haki should be something similar to "Dragon Ball" martial artist Master Roshi, "Yu Yu Hakusho" own Genkai or just even "Naruto" own pervy sage Jirarya. Whatever character you come up with, I hope that we have the Ocean Sword Pirates learn more about Haki and can use Haki in combat. I will admit, I don't know how the Strawhat Pirates in "One Piece" cannon worked BUT I guess it was through out the series from all the fighting and meeting new people. I just hope that Ocean Sword Pirates train they're Haki abilities like Gin and Naruto. I want to read Carmen, Shizune, Miss Goldenweek and Bashura use Haki into they're fighting style. Just a thought/idea.

4) I can read either Princess Vivi going with either Strawhat or Ocean Sword Pirates. I could read Naruto and Princess Vivi meet each other because they had a child together. Yeah, I figure Naruto and Princess Vivi will become more intimate with each other. I mean they have intimate moments. Whatever, they have sex and have a fucking kid.

If Princess Vivi and Naruto had a baby, then maybe explore the idea of Alabasta and Fishmen Island. Naruto going to be greatly respected among the Fishmen Island in either as Warrior or defying the World Government in someway or even the fact Naruto came from hobble begins Fishman District and later became a Pirate that will be famous. As for both Royal Families, well maybe this would be a good way they could form stronger trade agreements. I don't known.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
Guest chapter 24 . 9/13
This was an amazing chapter and it was well worth the wait. Hope you are doing well though
ndavid chapter 24 . 9/13
Muito bom cara
Seta88 chapter 24 . 9/13
The chapter was great. The fight between Temari and Carmen and how you made Temari, the ending to it wasn't really a surprise, that you're using it to make her stronger makes it only better, even if Gaaras intervention again was a little surprise. On what base you made Kankuro immun to Miss Goldenweeks color trap, is something I don't really get.
Shizune's thoughts about men and guns, because of Gin was funny.
I didn't see it coming that Naruto has Haoshoku Haki in your story, it still makes it a little interesting.
I look forward to the end of the arc already, it was a damn long one, but also a damn great one.
I'm especially looking forward to the growth the crew's getting out of it.
The ending of the chapter was nice in the way you did it, with them sitting together and relaxing, after all the fights.
The Richmaster chapter 24 . 9/13
Great chapter; the fights were all good, I liked seeing Naruto's crew interacting with each other and the Gaara subplot seems like it's going to be going somewhere interesting.

I look forward to seeing where you take the story from here, also do you have any plans on doing another Shirahoshi and Shyarly scene again, any time soon?
Markus-Antonius chapter 24 . 9/13
I'm always happy to see this man! I can't wait for more!
The Three Stoogies chapter 24 . 9/13
An outstanding chapter keep up the great work
R-king 93 chapter 24 . 9/13
That just Motivation to get stronger, nicely done with this arc, can't wait for more.
0 Jordinio 0 chapter 24 . 9/13
To be honest, I'm kinda..well really disappointed with this chapter. For all the hype you made for Sea King Mode, it wasn't really anything special. Naruto didn't get stronger at all, he displayed nothing he couldn't do at base. Actually with how strong Naruto actually is physically as a fishman, he was underplayed a lot here.

The thing I'm most disappointed about is that you had Luffy take on Crocodile again. While Naruto...well he shouted a few taunts at people and then did nothing, ala Valentine and 5. It seems you went to a great effort to nerf Naruto in this chapter so he did nothing and it felt really underwhelming over all.
Ejammer chapter 24 . 9/13
I look forward to the new bounties everyone gonna get also are the straw hats and ocean sword pirates officially allies
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 24 . 9/13
Great job keep it up
kirashu chapter 24 . 9/12
Great chapter, there is no doubt in my mind that Bashura, Gin, Kotetsu and Naruto's bounty will receive some upgrade. I have no issue with Carmen losing, technically she is already skilled but still one of the weakest, it as a good reality's call for her to begin even stronger.
There is nothing like fighting in a war to bond with other lol. I'm looking forward the last chapter of this great arc.
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