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edward kizaru chapter 26 . 2/3
I really like this story but i thinks that narutos crew is getting weaker, they were stronger than the mugiwaras when the story started and now Zoro can cut steel and narutos swordsman isnt near to achieve that, even when Naruto fought with Koala Hack was able to stop his attack and Sabo beat the guy when he was 12

sorry for the english
Reptil chapter 26 . 1/21
Carou question answered never mind. Loving how this is diverting from the plot and we get to see bege the man who is a walking hammerspace this should be fun. Does this mean crickets gonna join the crew. Keep it up
Reptil chapter 22 . 1/21
Love your story so far but one thing is bothering me. WHERE IS CAROU VIVIS DUCK he has not been mentioned once yet. Besides that keep up the good work
Akio Desusta chapter 3 . 1/19
Guest chapter 26 . 1/13
YAY vivi got a devil fruit idea

the fic Luffys renewed adventure by F-ckthesystem125 she gets a logia: CANDY SYRUP from the movie after the boss Gaspard is killed and his power transferred to the nearest fruit

so basically it powers are similar to Charlotte Katatkuri devil fruit and it can turn into a liquid and harden
dragon slayer of death 98 chapter 5 . 1/13
any chance naruto could learn how to freeze the water by slowing the water molecules, basically make him a water bender from avatar
paink1ller chapter 26 . 12/29/2017
Ayyy good updates.
Dracowoman chapter 26 . 12/27/2017
great job, update soon please.

Markus-Antonius chapter 26 . 12/26/2017
Yay! This got updated! Nice job man I enjoyed it a lot!
coldblue2015 chapter 26 . 12/26/2017
Thanks for updating THREE of your fan fiction stories!

I'm focusing on my favorite story.

Sword of the Sea Pirates:

Well, it seems that they are trying to get in shape. I love Gin training them. Why? Well in "One-Piece" Universe, some of the older characters just get stronger as time goes on. It very interesting to read this pirate crew get stronger through training as a GROUP! Still, I feel this limits Gin and they need personal Trainer among the Sword of the Sea Pirates. It rather interesting to find out everyone position on the crew. I do believe that Kotetsu position is the Look-Out, while Princess Vivi or Kajuko being Staff Officer and Negotations she has been dealing with. I love that Miss Goldenweek has officially been called Cabin Girl position. I find that this is very interesting to read how they will grow as a Pirate Crew to cover each other weakness.

Naruto Uzumaki:

Well, he trying not to solve everything with killing, which is hard. Most of his Spiral Shart Pirates are killers to a degree. I think only Miss Goldenweek and Princess Vivi/Kojuko can curve the Spiraling Sharks killing spree. Gin needs the most work. I dind that Naruto has alot to learn and Princess Vivi helps alot with negotations. Most likely Princess Vivi will be a close advisor and possible a lover for Naruto Uzumaki. There is a lead 'Black' Jack Lee treasure by working with Montblanc Criket to work on the salvage operation. Most likely, Gin going to be apart of the salvage operation with Princess Viv/Kujoku. Why Princess Vivi? Becuase Vivi/Kujaku probably will stop Spiral Sharks from killing Montblanc Criket and also feel the need to actually pull her weight as member of Naruto pirate Crew.

Montblanc Criket:

Well, I have to admit I like this character. He dreamed hard and lost his Pirate Crew, but he still kept on dreaming of finding Noland, the City of Gold. Still, even if Naruto and Criket don't see eye to eye, they will leave on good terms. Most likely Criket will have more financial power when forming the Saruyama Alliance, but they have to find the treasure first. Most likely, finding 'Black' Jack Lee treasure will iginite a fire of passion and piracy again in Criket, even if Straw Hat Pirates already helped with that. Finding treasure and following dreams. Maybe Criket could inspire the Spiraling Shark Pirates to follow their dreams or start figuring out their own dreams.

Capone Bege:

This is a interesting Villain. Most likely it going to read a fight for 'Black' Jack Lee treasure. The Spiraling Sharks want to repair their Ship or buy a new Ship. Bege probably either has a dream of finding 'Black' Jack Lee treasure and using the treasure to BOOST his influnce in the West Blue and Grand Line. It rather interesting to read how this will go. Capone has interesting and dangerous fighter. He does not fight directly and keeps his distance uses his Devil Fruit power to make himself into living Fortress of Defense. Naruto Uzumaki is fighter who will take the Attack to his enemies no matter what. Basically, Bege and Naruto are opposites when it comes to fighting style and going to be interesting to read how they clash.


1) Are the Spiraling Shark/Ocean Sword Pirates pirate crew going to develop dreams to inspire to better themselves? What dreams will they find on their journey through the Grand Line?

2) Will the Naruto Pirate Crew reputation grow if they take on Capone Bege and his Fire Tank Pirates? Would the Marines find out that the Spiraling Shark Pirates surviving Canon Bege and his Fire Tank Pirates, bump up the Spiraling Shark Pirates bounties?

3) Do you plan as time goes on and the older the Spiraling Shark Pirates will grow stronger as they age?

4) Have you found some ideas to fill out the other function to Naruto Pirate Crew? Is Naruto made up of Twelve Pirate crew? Do you already have a idea who you want in Naruto Crew?

5) Will the Spiral Shark Pirates get a new ship or remodel the Nautilus?


1) That would be interesting. I would love if Naruto Uzumaki dream was succeed Fish Tiger legacy, surpassing Whitebeard and be constant issue to the World Government. Gin dream could be becoming one of the toughest Pirates out their and exploring everywhere the Oceans reach. Kotetsu dream could be keeping Iron Island techniques alive and prove that he is one the BEST Swordsmen around. Carmen could inspire to become stronger, but strive to be one the best Chefs around the world. Goldenweek could inspire to be a great Artist and bringing her Art alive! Princess Vivi Nefertari/Kujaku has becoming truly strong Ruler, with a heir and is fierce Warrior in sailing ALL the seas should could possible go.

2) Either pirate reputation or higher bounties by the Marines. I mean, just surviving and fighting with Capone Bege and Fire Tank Pirates should really give a BOOST to the Spiral Shark Pirates. It something of mile stone that will bump up Naruto and his Pirate Crew reputation anyway you look at it. Maybe even the knowledge that that Spiral Shark Pirates found 'Black' Jack Lee treasure should be found out. God, that would make them well known, both good and bad.

3) Out of all the Anime/Manga I like that with age that these characters sort of grow stronger as they age. Like Martial Artist or really being veteran of Thousand Battles/Adventures, these characters grow into bad asses. I really hope that Gin and Shizune can grow stronger, since they are or I think they are the oldest on the Spiral Shark Pirates. I know we won't see Spiral Shark Pirates being in Autumn or Golden Years, but I hope when the Time Skip comes that they are noticeable stronger and smarter as they grow older.

4) Well they need a Shipwright, Blacksmith, Scholar/Chronicler, Musician, and Merchant. Those are some positions you can fill out. We have Naruto as Captain, Gin as First Mate, Bashura as Navigator, Kotetsu as Lookout, Carmen as Chef, Miss Goldenweek as Cabin Girl, Shizune as Doctor, Princess Vivi Neferati/Kujaku as Staff Officer/Second Mate, and Carue as I guess the Ship pet. Their are THREE or so positions left. It up to you. I personal would love Musician, but a Shipwright and Blacksmith would be good for the Spiral Shark Pirates. Maybe you don't need a Musician, but I think a Shipwright and Blacksmith would be VERY valuable. I would think Merchant would be good, but the Spiral Shark Pirates have knack for getting Beli's/Money.

5) It up to you. I figure that Nautilus is sinking ship. Most likely that whatever Ship that the Spiraling Shark Pirates need to reflect and be of good use for them. The Nautilus was a Second-Hand ship. I know that with the Go Merry, their are good memories and all that. The Nautilus? Not quite and I think it a old Ship that looking for place to sink for it final rest. It up to you to you. I think that Spiral Shark Pirates need a Ship to represent them and their personalities more. Whatever you call the NEXT ship, it up to you. I just hope their a LARGE training area that can be use by Fishmen, Devil-Fruit Users and Haki Users to use to their heart contents without causing DAMAGE to the Ship.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
R-king 93 chapter 26 . 12/26/2017
Great chapter
Seta88 chapter 26 . 12/25/2017
The chapter was great the reaction of Vivi or Kujaku as you named her now, was simply great now she is with a Pirate crew that isn't avoiding killing their opponents. The name is mostly based on her weapons if I understand it right, but she would need to improve on that front the most out of everyone as Gin already understands. That you would include Cricket into the the search party was a surprise and what you have planned with the Firetank pirates is something I can't see yet. The ending could mean anything, it could mean that they are going after Naruto and his crew, or they plan to ally themselfs with them, or they do it Bege styl and ally themself with them to betray them in the end. I wonder if Naruto will have to clean up after Luffy again with Bellamy still there.
At the start you wrote that Naruto left Gins and Arlongs head in the Marinebase. The joke on Kotetsu at the end in the omake was funny, the poor guy everytime it is him that finds the heads.
kirashu chapter 26 . 12/25/2017
Gin is terrible!
Great chapter, i didn't expect to read a new chapter before next month so thank you for that. Ah, new arc, a new enemy, an adventure underwater and Naruto's crew is tortured by their Gunman. Yep, i love this.
The Three Stoogies chapter 26 . 12/25/2017
a great chapter keep up the great work.
kirashu chapter 25 . 12/25/2017
Like always, great chapter and i'm not going to lie, i'm still shipping Naruto and Shirahoshi (even if the future is still unknown for Naruto's future lady). I loved the omake and the ending of this arc.
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