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Gueest chapter 28 . 6/29
After reading this whole thing, I now have a great appreciation for the character that is Miss Goldenweek. Look forward to your next update and enjoy your 4th of July! Also, for those of you who haven't read this, what are you doing?! Read the thing right now. So worth. So so so so so so so so so so worth.
Beowolfalien chapter 1 . 6/30
You should try to use more tact when describing things. Your description of people and Sea King Mode doesn’t really flow well.
Seta88 chapter 28 . 6/29
So Bege arrived with his Crew almost the same time as Naruto and as he has so many he didn't have that many traps on his route, Naruto and his Crew have shitty luck. You like to see Gin hurt, a blow to the balls, cring worthy. Now what they will do will be interesting I don't think Naruto will give up the loot, so it will most likely be a fight next chapter. Naruto and co could possibly find the blue prints too as it was never said that they weren't in the safe too.
The Three Stoogies chapter 28 . 6/29
a good chapter keep up the good work
coldblue2015 chapter 28 . 6/29
Thanks for updating and this was a great chapter!

Naruto Uzumaki:

Energy Steroids. Well in "Naruto" there were Soldier Pills such Choji Akamichi and Kiba Inuzuka used in their Ninjutsu capabilities. I bet FIVE BUCKS that Shizune will find out about Naruto having Energy Steroids. Probably take notice of Naruto cellular level deteriating and his health declining in someway. Maybe even make BETTER Energy Steroid and call them Soldier Pills. Anyway, it rather interesting. We have TWO parts of "Black" Lee Jones treasure. A lot of booby traps and shenanigans. It rather interesting to read how Naruto does not care that much for nudity, unless it Princess Vivi nude body. I wonder what if Capone Beige fighting against Captain Naruto and their respective crews, dealing with issues. It going to be a bad ass fight.


Wow, she still in character in "Spiraling Shark" just like she is in "Naruto". She really interesting to read how Shizune has to deal with Tsunade Senju sort of abandoning her; either dealing with protecting her Apprentice from White Beard or perhaps Tsunade feels guilty for being a disappoint as role model for Shizune. It rather interesting to read how Shizune will improve and how teh Dialogue will go betwen Shizune and Tsunade when they meet again.

Hody Jones:

Now this is interesting. He already thinking Naruto had betrayed him and is planning to deal with that. Hody mind starting to become more unstable; either because the Energy Steroids or his own maddness that was already their in his head. It rather interesting to actually understand that Hody does fear that Naruto is actually the one person that could stop him and he plans on already doubling his Energy Steroid uses. Of course, that only if Naruto actually uses his Energy Steroids at all.

Miss Goldenweek:

That a...interesting companion to save some of her friends/companions from Impel Down. Mr. Two Bon Clay or Bentham. Honestly, don't care for that character too much. I have to admit your doinga nice build up and actually having Miss Goldenweek disappearance and breaking out former comrades of Barque Works into something big. I bet Miss Goldenweek mask will crack with emotions with the Ocean Sword Pirates come to help out and take her back into her crew.


1) What would happen if Naruto entered the Sea King state, but also took ONE Energy Pill? Would it be overpowering and shocking?

2) Will Shizune find out about Naruto Uzumaki having Energy Steroids; after doing a physical or finding the Energy Steroid Pills? Would we see Shizune step up as Ocean Sword Pirate Doctor and tell her Captain he can't take those or Naruto will destroy himself with these dangerous drugs?

3) Any other Barque Works members going to join the Ocean Sword Pirates- Miss Double Finger/Paula or Miss Valentine?


1) Man, the Sea King power and the Energy Steroid pill. All that keeps coming in my head is "ONE PPPPUUUUUNNNNCHHH!" Yeah, I like the "One Punch" Anime/Manga. Still, Naruto actually has Sea King power, so Naruto already powerful.

I don't like the Energy Steroids, but I hope Naruto Uzumaki only uses them as a LAST resort and it only down to ONE pill intsead of so many pills like Hody Jones and the other New Fishmen Pirates.

2) DAMN! That would be awesome to see how far Shizune principles goes as Doctor. I mean, Shizune probably takes alot of pride and Naruto is a bit scared of her. Still, it would be very tense if Naruto takes the Energy Steroid and Shizune challenge or telling him not too. Naruto probably feels like he betraying New Fishmen Pirates alot- in ideals or how he been acting. A Clash could happen and some interesting drama between Naruto and Shizune could happen with the Ocean Sword Pirates.

Either a phsyical wher Shizune notice that Naruto Uzumaki struggling health or just finds the Energy Steroid somewhere that Naruto been hiding them.

3) Yeah, I know Miss Goldenweek looking for Miss Mary Christmas, BUT I kind of want the hot and bad ass member of Borque Works women to join the Ocean Sword Pirates.

Mainly I want Miss Valentine and Miss Double Finger/Paula to join. They are bad ass and have interesting powers. It would be interesting if Naruto/Ocean Sword Pirates sort become similar to Greyybeard pirates by having powerful Devil Fruit Users and Diversity. Plus, the Ocean Sword Pirates need some more Female characters to add to the list. Miss Double Finger/Paula just starts a NEW Spider Cafe in "One Piece", but she won't have Miss Goldenweek and I hope Miss Double Finger/Paula becomes a more important character. The same could be said for Misss Valentine, because she could add some extra skills.

I figure that Miss Goldenweek is becoming apart of the Ocean Sword Pirates, then why not Miss Double Finger/Paula and Miss Valentine join the Ocean Sword Pirates. Maybe Mr. 5, but I doubt it given how much Naruto beat the SHIT out of him when they were enemies.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
kirashu chapter 28 . 6/29
Poor Gin, this adventure is as much of a boon than a bane to him.
Damn Goldenweek and Bon Clay together, this is going to be a creepy rescue, i pity the marine already.
Oh i get it, Bon Clay knows that Ivankov is in Impel Down then?
Oh yeah, Capone is finally on the scene.
The Richmaster chapter 28 . 6/29
The way they interacted during the exploration as well as the way it was built up. I'm definitely curious about seeing if anything happens in regards to the science stuff.

Bege getting there so quickly seems a bit weird considering how the others got there.

The omake was fun; it'll definitely be interesting to see how they interact with their old allies
Markus-Antonius chapter 28 . 6/29
Always nice to see this! Can’t wait for the next one!
kerry.wallace40 chapter 28 . 6/29
Tell me your going to have naruto drown that mobster wannabe?
Now what all types of weapons are going to be in the vault?
The seven swords of mist?
Or just samehada?
SlyFox9 chapter 28 . 6/29
The whole getting through the traps and obstacles was funny as hell. But how did the Firetank pirates able to pass through the traps?
It's good to see Mr.2 again. I almost want him to join the crew, along with Miss. Valentine.
Hordy is going to regret trying take control of Naruto.
I can't wait for the next update.
Guardian of the Inheritance chapter 28 . 6/29
Good job keep it up
R-king 93 chapter 28 . 6/29
It just one thing after another
XXX777 chapter 28 . 6/29
Nice chap. I loved the traps.
0 Jordinio 0 chapter 28 . 6/29
Huh interesting, Naruto actually has some of the steroids. That's pretty awesome. I mean, they don't really give that big a boost - Hody was perhaps at best as strong as Pre-timeskip Luffy and with the hundreds of them he took, he only barely reached a level on time-skip Luffy's, without Gear 4.

I also like that you seem to be implying that they've found a way to use them without the draw backs. It'd be an interesting plot point for Naruto to get a power boost if you go for it. There isn't really much ways for him to get stronger quickly since he doesn't have a devil fruit - he'd need to spend a lot of time training instead to close the gap between say him and Ace and then the even more for the likes of the Yonkou. So using a safer version of the steroids for an instant one time power jump should be fine - if you do go with it, you should find a draw back for them, mostly in the sense that they could only be used once. That could even be the way Hody gets stronger, that he's constantly being injected with them through an IV or something.

I'd love to see both Naruto getting closer with Vivi, since we still haven't seen much of it and him exploring his water powers. Most of the ones you've shown are rather low tier compared to the type of water jutsu we saw in Naruto. Maybe like a breath attack from Fairy Tail, like the dragon roars, like he compresses water in his throat and fires it in a roar - the more pressure in water, the stronger it is, like water cutters capable of cutting through steel and such.
ChrisCage75 chapter 27 . 6/23
This story is slowly makeing its way up my top 5 list for current fanfiction stories great chapter cant wait for the next one
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