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vaticinator chapter 43 . 12/8
ScuttlingFish chapter 52 . 11/23
This is definitely a contender for one of my favorite chapters.

Somehow I foresee the need for a singularity combined with much Homura/Madoka/Fate/Something is evidently manipulating things won’t go down well with Asami. She doesn’t seem to appreciate all this fate stuff that she and to a much greater extent Ryouko have gotten wrapped up in. Doubly so if she starts to really understand how little she seems to have control over. Homura being able to manipulate X-25 is scary enough. For all we know Asami Ryouko was intentional as well.

Meiqing returning was interesting, and I quite liked the build up to what I hope is her eventual recruitment. It’s always good seeing more people who aren’t so deeply connected to threads of fate. And Meiqing’s observations of the main cast were interesting as well.

But my favorite part of the chapter by far was the clashing of ideals that occurred in the latter third. Mad as she is I want to see more of Zhi Yi. While what she wanted to and in part did accomplish was pretty insane she wasn’t exactly wrong either. Her foundation wasn’t poor, that attribute was earned by the house she built on it. Humanity enters one of its most prosperous eras and then gets attacked shortly afterwards by the Squid. Counterbalance indeed. Assuming the Squid are this counterbalance it also explains Homura’s disappearance after New Athens, as well as the lack of Squid magical girls. I don’t fully understand Homura, but if she believed (or wanted to believe) that Zhi Yi was wrong then the appearance of the Squid must’ve thrown that right back in her face. If the counterbalance was inevitable there wasn’t much of a reason to stick around.

Homura almost outright states that Zhi Yi is correct, when she says that “Everyone who has ever studied these topics too deeply seems to succumb to it,” it being the “madness” that is supposedly afflicting Zhi Yi. Homura wanted the girl murdered for the same reasons the telepaths were ordered not to pry to deeply: because she was right. But to Homura that line of thinking is still unacceptable, hence the rare emotional response. If anything Zhi Yi’s biggest mistake was not being ambitious enough. Homura’s been tasked with protecting humanity. Zhi Yi already outlined the problem: “you know it’s the only stable arrangement, once you factor in the Incubators.” So if entropy and Incubators are the problem then one possible solution is to remove them. Maybe Homura intends to seize the means of production for magical girls and possibly humanity. Though that would give magical girls a disturbing amount of power, even more than they already have. Of course this all speculation, though I feel like there are more than enough hints pointing towards this without outright stating it.

In other news, you’re a huge jerk for this Simona tease at the end. One mystery begins to clear just for another one to deepen even more.
Lord-Sylph chapter 52 . 11/23
Woah woah woah, so Ryouko’s teleports are easier to pull off in high gravity, but they take longer and require more energy? That doesn’t sound easier to me, but maybe I’m just being dumb.

Could someone explain to me what the big deal of creating a second TCF is? Shouldn’t that have been something they did long ago? To ensure redundancy?

Oh...oh My, Zhu Yi, that’s just awful
like, literally worse than Hitler. It’s not often you can say that truthfully.

And Simona, a Mage, that...explains quite a bit actually,
Can’t wait for the next update! Hope it doesnt take another four months! :-D
DayDreamer9 chapter 52 . 11/23
Happy Thanksgiving!

That being said..."takes a drink of water, then does a spit-take" HOLY 'BEEP'.

Clarisse is a new brand of AI 'born' from a countermeasure system, there are more parties involved with the X-25 Mystery, Homura is apparently using her connection with Madoka to pull strings from afar, Meiqing's ancestor was a psycho, Meiqing herself is being recruited for Black Heart, and Simona is revealed to have been a Magical Girl all along...I feel like everything's coming to a head.

Revelations like this are there for a reason. You write awesome suspense; I can't compare it to any other mystery books I've read and I've read several. I hope that life is treating you well and that the next chapter will be out a lot faster. This is a humdinger of a cliffhanger :)
qqaaazzzz chapter 52 . 11/23
I somehow have the strangest feeling that Simona is related to Homura. A foreign student with vague records who travalled a lot; was right beside Ryouko during the demon attack in chapter one which directly caused Ryouko's contract; knew Ryouko personally before her transfer and stared at Ryouko on the transfer day (which is important since Madoka showed us that intentionally); denied answering when asked by Ryouko about what she wanted to say (wouldn't be a simple confession if her eyes became "dark and serious" when pushed by Ryouko for several times), kind of paying attention to Mami; and have the ability to hide being contacted. The funny thing is, the scene in chapter one where Mami asked kyubey what he thinks what happened to Homura was right between the scenes where Ryouko and Simona were alone together. Can this be the key to how Homura has been pulling the strings behind recent events? You cannot be too far away from the events to affect them after all. Well, maybe these two are not related at all, but Simona has always been suspicious.
About the whole clone things and incident, this one I feel that Homura is definitely related, especially now we are given a story about Zhi Yi's relevant research, but in what way still unknown.
Thanks for the work! Hope we can find out more shocking surprises soon.
AsahinaTora chapter 12 . 11/23
This fight reveal how a combination of magical girls power is truly frightening. Teleport anywhere, things going South, Evac in seconds. I think this worked really well to show why they are so strong and dangerous to face against.
Mernom chapter 52 . 11/23
Oh boy. Things are getting complicated... Somehow I get the feeling that Simona will be an antagonist. At least, I think her wish might have to do with the discrepancies.
Impstar chapter 52 . 11/22
Uh... well. You like cramming a lot of reveals into a small space. This chapter is sort of a wham one.
Psykoakuma chapter 52 . 11/22
Oh my hell Simona?! The girl from way back just went magical? Damn I figured she was no longer relevant to the story. The TCF stuff is rather dry although really important, especially the far reaching implications. I'm not sure many people will really appreciate it though. Actually that could be said for much of the chapter; rather dry with the delivery of information.

There seems to be extremely fatalistic elements coming into play. I'm not sure I buy into it as much as some of these magical girls. You can model things all day and aggregate data may show powerful correlation, but when you introduce self-awareness nothing is ever so certain. Well, unless you are willing to ride the deterministic train. As for results when projecting to infinity... who cares about that? I mean it's basically a mathematical certainty that reality is actually a simulation but you don't see me losing any virtual sleep over it.
AsahinaTora chapter 6 . 11/21
This is impressive. loving the story and Homura, I totally see her doing the party thing. Waiting for more badass moment's. I think the movie was a brilliant idea on how to do the flash back and give us a background of the story and how things got here. And and like Mani said, it's a shame they cut the party of the MSY development, I would read a fiction about that.
J flood chapter 2 . 11/17
sorry for being insulting it wasn't my intention I don't have ready access to the internet so I can't go and check just every website I do apologize if I was insulting I don't have access to Twitter right now but thanks for the info
J flood chapter 51 . 11/14
is this story complete? if so you suck please finsh this story
J flood chapter 1 . 11/10
are you ever going to update this story?
Hooded Hero 007 chapter 51 . 11/8
There is always hope... For another chapter
fanficobsessed15 chapter 51 . 10/12
Congratulations on sculpting this beautiful piece of art. You've pretty much created a whole world and made mysteries so convoluted that even at 600k words it feels like we know next to nothing. All the while having a LOT of rather fleshed out characters running around. But what's to me your greatest achievement is your world-building. Normally every infodump makes me want to drop a story but somehow you integrated it well enough into your language that I got politics, religion, history, fictional science, tactics, technology and actual science stuffed in my brain without getting bored (though I'll have to confess to skimming a few times).

Thank you.
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