Reviews for To the Stars
Teddy Roosevelt chapter 54 . 6/6
Goddammit, this chapter ended on a massive cliffhanger and I really want to know what comes next, more than I've ever had for this story. I absolutely love it. I'd rate it 10/10 on ign.
waywarddragon chapter 54 . 6/6
oooooh it updated!
I checked in on this story again a few days ago to reread and you had put in a bunch of chapters and ! Its really good!
Your prose, handle on characters and character development, the plot, its all Amazing!
Thank you for the read!
stealthmomo chapter 54 . 5/27
Wow! It sometimes takes you a while (because of RL I'm sure), but you ALWAYS deliver. Thank you for another wonderful chapter
J flood chapter 2 . 5/27
haven't seen any updates recently are you okay and something happened your fans are worried and so am I.
Guest chapter 45 . 5/18
This story is fantastic. I’ve been reading it alot over the past like three days and it made me cry several times.
DayDreamer9 chapter 54 . 5/17
Something big is about to happen.

Conspiracies are being highlighted, answers and questions equally found, and the stressor on a Wormhole Generator in tandem with a security breach...

I just hope that everyone survives. The way that Mami and Kyouko are talking, feeling, makes me nervous.

Onward we go!
Psykoakuma chapter 54 . 5/16
Nice. Very nice! This is seriously one of the more humanizing chapters I've read.
The characters get a chance to slow down and really think about a side of life they normally lack the opportunity upon which to reflect. Ryouko's reaction to Simona's sudden appearance is very interesting! I also would have been rather alarmed all things considered. But her inability to formulate a coherent reaction Simona's feelings of love is especially interesting! I wonder, does Asami have reason to be worried? Oh hell, I feel really bad for Kyouko and Mami. No one should ever grow so old as to be frozen by an inability to experience spontaneous life. Mami grinding on her dance partners definitely made me smile! I wonder how much of the circumstances she used to take advantage. Of course there's also the possibility she knows far more than she's letting on about upcoming events, and that this will be the last time she dances with anyone...

I'm really enjoying the new development with the failure of TCF! It echo's the ongoing alarm in the industry nicely as well as the intense focus of activity at work.
Guest chapter 54 . 5/16
Another meh chapter that ended on a whimper. Have been pretty disappointed with this story for the past 20 chapters or so, it really feels like it's dragging.
Truna chapter 54 . 5/16
Yes,,, new chapter!
Lord-Sylph chapter 54 . 5/15
I forsee a love triangle in Ryouko’s future. As if she needed anymore stress in her life :-P
When I first started reading this back in 2016, I thought “surely the Squids are the ‘#1 Big Bad’ in this story”
Now, I’m starting to think they aren’t even 2nd or 3rd, there certainly seems to be multiple big conspiracies, that’re somehow hiding from even the MSY, and THAT, has me worried
And while one of them doesn’t seem to be openly hostile, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re ‘friendly’
Guest chapter 54 . 5/15
Axel Fones chapter 54 . 5/15
Really feels like the calm before the storm.
galacticplumber chapter 54 . 5/15
I mean... I can't really see why Maki would be worried about her girlfriend walking off with Mami? They've known each other for like four centuries or something. If they were gonna get together it stands to reason it would've happened by now.
Trapdere chapter 53 . 5/7
A bit anticlimatic for a successful experiment. For some reason I thought they would open the wormhole into not a physical location but straight into that seance vision Mami and co is in. Well, at least it makes more sense this way lol.
Guest chapter 50 . 5/7
The next result will be Kyubey performing an experiment like the Rebellion movie. And no Akuma Homura will appear. Alas, poor Madoka...
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