Reviews for To the Stars
Bestogoddess chapter 8 . 7/12
I'd like to say that I love what you do at the beginning of chapters and the end of this one.
Bestogoddess chapter 1 . 7/9
Alright I'm loving this already, and I wish I could write something as good as even this first chapter. You have hooked me. Well done.
Anna-chan chapter 1 . 6/17
Wonderful chapter! I love this book already
Batta the Beast chapter 27 . 6/13
Imo we need ZOMBIE Erwynmark to come back in the next update (yes I'm up to date to the most recent chapter) so he can CRUSH the aliens. Alone. With his magical man abilities hahahaha
FreelanceBum chapter 50 . 6/1
Finally going to see The Ribbon, eh?
Hyena-Sennin chapter 1 . 5/28
That's the best PMMM fanfic I ever read and the first book I read on my new Kindle (the broke ;-( )! Keep on writing, I'd love to read more!
Axel Fones chapter 50 . 5/14
Oh my god I binged this story over the last 3 days and it's amazing. Magical girls in space is something I never quite realized I wanted until I started reading this, and holy cow you exceeded any and all expectations I might have had. The flashback-worldbuilding stuff wasn't quite to my tastes, but I'm more of an action guy anyway so I'm clearly biased. I actually do appreciate the flashback/worldbuilding segments because after 400 years of history leading up to the present point of the story, a hell of a lot has to have happened for anything to make sense, and being shown that is nice, even if it was kinda slow (ignore my personal bias in that regard :P ). Honestly this was great, the dialogue was great and felt natural, and I'm really liking the mystery surrounding Ryouko.
5th Dimension chapter 50 . 5/9

Madoka's in trouble~!
Mernom chapter 50 . 5/8
This chapter came out with perfect timing. I got the alert right as I finished the chapter of the fic I was reading, and it was right in the morning too. Perfect way to start the day! The chapter itself is pretty interesting, I did expect that to happen at some point since you hinted for it quite strongly. I didn't expect that Mami was the one to do it though. Also, it's interesting how much influence Homura has on the story despite the fact that she never once appeared except in flashbacks. Makes one wonder just what will happened when she finally appeared in the flesh.
VegetaPrinceofDarkness chapter 50 . 5/7
Whoa, for a moment there I thought that Mami and Akari being so closely connected would somehow interfere with the law of the cycle and allow Akari to become a witch, but I'm glad that didn't happen. Still, even getting a brief glimpse of a witch in the process of being born would have to be a pretty terrifying experience. This Mami at least has the life experience and hardness not to completely snap at the revelation like she did in the series. Still, I'm getting an ominous feeling from the fact that Kyubey is getting information on the goddess. If Rebellion has shown us anything, it's that Kyubey will absolutely jump at the chance of going back to that system if he can find a way.

Man, it must have really sucked for Homura to be in that situation. Even with Mami getting an inkling of the truth behind magical girls, Homura still couldn't tell her anything, because who would believe that she's a holdover from an entirely separate universe? Seeing these little tidbits of Homura ever now and then is cool, but I still really want to see her become an active part of the story in the here and now. I'm certain that will be the case down the line, but it's just hard to be patient XD.
ccpersonguy chapter 50 . 5/4
I've been waiting ages for Mami to visit The Ribbon. Might not be for a few more chapters yet, but damn I'm excited that we're getting close.
Great writing as always. I absolutely love the coherent, intricate worldbuilding that this story does. Giving out answers, but every answer raises more questions. And we're not even halfway done. HYPE.
Guest chapter 50 . 5/4
And finally, one of the big threads starts to unravel
Sojiro888 chapter 50 . 5/4
Yesss! I've been waiting for the payoff on Mami's dreams and moods for so long! And it's been worth it, totally.

Now for another thing I've been waiting for a very long time: Mami finally meeting Madokami.
Lander Blazer chapter 50 . 5/3
I'd say, this is a very interesting chapter. Now Mami wil finally see for herself about the ribbon and Madoka.
I'll admit, I was waiting AGES for that to happen :p
Psykoakuma chapter 50 . 5/3
Very interesting chapter. I like the strange perspective and flow of events as Azrael and Mami confront her memories. It's also quite fitting that the soul destroying realization of what becomes of magical girls so profoundly affects Mami after all this time. She would have preferred Surfer Rosa no doubt. Guest appearance Homura makes me very happy! Yet also serves to remind me of how much I yearn for her presence. I suppose it's true magic violates fundamental physical laws but evidence shows only ever to an extent dictated by the individual's potential, whatever "potential" truly means.
Akarin~ HAIIII!
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