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tammy henson chapter 44 . 11/21
please please update soon
Mewgirl Anna chapter 1 . 10/29
This is one of my fav fanfic of this type in this fandom. Mainly because it is well written and almost done though I suggest going through each chapter and just proof read them as there are a few minor mistakes such as using the wrong character's name. But any way keep writing at your own pace
elyador chapter 1 . 10/10
Love this story!

Just wanted to warn you that there have been a couple of stories like this that have been removed this website. Thought i'd give you a heads up in case someone flags you.
OBSERVER01 chapter 44 . 9/15
quite good
Ajaa chapter 44 . 8/5
I am really enjoying this. I hope you're still continuing this. Really want to read their reactions to 'A Servant of Two Masters'.
Guest chapter 40 . 8/3
Sanna Black Slytherin chapter 44 . 7/13
Amazing as usual.
LittleDragon333 chapter 44 . 7/12
This is very good! Entertaining and a different view point than I find most FanFics using. Your grammar and spelling are very good as well which is nice. The only thing I can spot that could use improvement is that occasionally you mix up the characters names, which does make things a tad confusing for the readers. Other than that great story and I look forward to your new chapters eagerly!
fire lover5161 chapter 3 . 7/11
megzilla01 chapter 44 . 7/7
Please update soon!
FlashFanGirl chapter 44 . 7/7
Ok, I really love you. There are not much people who write this much of "watching the show" and I was looking for ages one about the dragon egg and that's the next chapter right?
Katy612 chapter 44 . 7/1
I'm so happy you updated, keep up the good work and please update soon:)
person chapter 13 . 6/22
So this fic is an amazingly written story but I can't read much more of it. Some people have complained that your vilinizing Morgana too much, but I believe it's actually going the other way as well. The Great Dragon killed a lot of people, most of them impoverished innocents. Did he have a good reason? No! No reason is justifying enough to kill innocent people. Same with Morgana. If she just killed Uther, I wouldn't be happy but I could get it. I just think Merlin's being way too bitter (considering which season he's from; he gets like that in season 5 definitely) and the others are letting him attack the entirety of Camelot. And I'm not saying Uther didn't start it, which he did, but you have to accept it, and understand the responses from particular sorcerers were as wrong as Uther. And Arthur would be getting defensive and arguing. He wouldn't be passively nodding meekly, that's not like him.
SisterOfAnElvenWannabe chapter 5 . 6/8
Haha, I was wondering what Arthur would think when Gwen kissed Merlin!
godess bubbles chapter 44 . 6/8
I love this!I can't wait to see what happens next!Please update soon!
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