Reviews for Mysterious Encounters of the Bat Kind
HamilcatAndCo chapter 1 . 3/29
...can I have it? or rather, can WE have it? us in the Hamilcat team? Please. we can make this good! not hat it isn't already
PainInSilence chapter 1 . 9/23/2014
O.O I did not see that comeing.
Kitskune Miyake chapter 1 . 6/24/2012
That was very well written. I was actually in anticipation for a second chapter before remembering it was a one-shot. I hope you could continue writing this universe; you do it very well.

However, there's something bothering me about this. I can't quite put my finger on it...I dunno, something about the style is throwing me off...still very good though.
Caedi.Tarian chapter 1 . 9/27/2011
Woo, a new story/concept! Even if it's just a plot bunny you booted out, it was a lot of fun to read. :D

I love how chill Batman was when he got there. Of course he would be the one to get everyone under control! Also, badass Babs showing that she is no less intimidating or useful while paralyzed (which is how it should be!) was pure awesome. The inclusion of Kate was also a fun bonus. She tends to get overlooked.

I'm not sure what my favorite part is... I think it's a tie between Stephanie kicking Roy in the face (pobrecito! think of his pride!) and the little section with Jason, Tim, and Damian before that.

All in all, nice to see an update from you!
Lmb111514 chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
This is amazing, I absolutely love it, please write the next chapter soon!
AmaraRae chapter 1 . 9/24/2011