Reviews for Time Heals All Wounds
Raunchel chapter 52 . 23h
Thanks a lot for writing this! I found it while waiting on the airport, and it had almost the same effect as the books when they first came out, I kept reading through the night, and couldn't go to sleep until I had finished the story.
Anakin779 chapter 1 . 5/23
I don't think Bellatrix is as powerful to send Hermione Granger back in time ,nobody is. And why in Hogworts would she!? I can come up with better things in my head and I'm less than 12 years old!
Merfyz chapter 52 . 5/19
A really good read but that ending was just cruel. I refuse to acknowledge it, to painful plus I doubt Hermione could do such a thing so easily. She should have killed herself too.
Jess chapter 52 . 5/16
There are quite literally no words that I could put into this review that would do your writing justice. First of all, I'm so happy I found this story. You are the best writer I have ever read from on fanfic. This story could easily be published as a book. Everything was so wonderfully detailed, everything made sense and came together beautifully. I was not expecting the ending. Because you took time and such detail into every moment of their relationship and lives, it caused my heart to twist at the end. I cried like a baby. Thank you, thank you for such a beautiful story. This deserves all the awards.
Warrior Angel2014 chapter 51 . 3/5
I just spent the last few days binge reading this story and all I can say is ... Wow. Just wow. Thank you for this phenomenal story.
Karinta chapter 51 . 2/28
Ohhhhh fuck. Oh my god. I knew from the start that the ending was going to be a downer, but this is absolutely gut-wrenching nonetheless...
Karinta chapter 50 . 2/28
Ohhhh they're really fucked now, aren't they?
moonwatcher13 chapter 10 . 2/22
Out of all the ways i imagined their first kiss would happen, this wasn't it. and yet it fits so perfectly, cause i doubt Hermonie would ever think to do this on her own
Karinta chapter 40 . 2/20
I damn well hope so... I really do.
Karinta chapter 37 . 2/19
PLEASE resolve this story on a kinda not-sad note...?
Karinta chapter 35 . 2/19
Oh lord. This is absolutely painful to read, but in a very good way... it's wrenching.
Karinta chapter 34 . 2/19
Ohhhhhhh god. Whatever shall we do?
Karinta chapter 28 . 2/18
Well then. That was a tour de force.
Karinta chapter 27 . 2/18
Oh wow...
Karinta chapter 26 . 2/18
Ohhhh shit.
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