Reviews for Gay Life
Vonnie chapter 3 . 11/28/2016
I really wish there was more to this story. Didn't really touch on Spencer and Derek that much till the end. Even though the ending was cute. Overall good story. Thanks for sharing.
musme chapter 3 . 7/3/2015
I love it
AuntSara chapter 3 . 5/24/2014
Haha, that was great. It was funny being in Spencer's head, and following his thought process. Really enjoyed this.
Rachel Garber chapter 3 . 4/25/2014
Very sweet cute funny sorry abt 2 I just hate that side of Garcia. And a few other things abt her too
Rachel Garber chapter 2 . 4/25/2014
Sorry I was getting a snack and forgot to comment on first it's cute Martin is a bit overbearing but I seriously hate intrusive I have no respect for you boundaries Garcia I haven't been watching the show long enough to know if she really is that much of a fucking mind your own business you stupid twat or not but I scroll through chapters that begin with her lack of respect for people's privacy. Probably miss some important stuff but have no patience to get passed how much I hate her.
Rachel Garber chapter 2 . 3/28/2014
Sorry this is another hard limit this intrusiveness is beyond what I am willing to read about. when she grabbed his face that did it for me I love slash too but this isn't something I want to read, angst I can deal with co-workers unable to respect other people's boundaries isn't something I wish to read
Evil-at-the-moment chapter 3 . 1/28/2014
OMFG, love it. Thank you for making my day brighter!
DemeRain chapter 3 . 12/6/2012
Thanks for sharing.
Amalia216 chapter 3 . 8/1/2012
Love Reid being all lusty and eager. They are perfect together.
silvermaverick77 chapter 3 . 6/16/2012
Oh my, this is just adorable! It was a pleasure to read.
Miso Muchi chapter 3 . 6/1/2012
It did not even have sex, only mentions, and I think I just found one of my new favorite slash fics involving Reid. He was just so genius-y and apathetic that it made me adore his character. I love an emotionally stunted Reid like that, so it was a dream to find a Reid observant and apathetic almost, that did not miss the signs Garcia and Morgan sent his way at points.
Billie J chapter 3 . 2/20/2012
I have two words to say about your fanfiction : LOVED IT

Please write even more ;)

Billie J.
sweetteatwo chapter 3 . 2/6/2012
Liked this 3 shot. Thought it was funny, cute, and fluffy.
duchesscarml chapter 3 . 11/7/2011
Lol! Lord, that was so Reid! Loved it! I do think he's a tad more emotional than you showed - but than again, not when it comes to romantic relationships... O_o. He can cry or feel sympathy for an unsub or victim, but is completely oblivious when someone's interested in him romantically. He really is quite dense...
Scarlet Dove chapter 3 . 10/10/2011
This story was the perfect mix of funny and engaging, balanced with a thorough in-character portrayal. I laughed through most of it and felt embarrassed for / empathized with Reid when he realized that Morgan was in love with him. I was recently clued in on a crush that I was completely oblivious to, and I personally know how exhausting it is to keep up that 'status quo' by going out of your way to appear to remain clueless. Nicely done.
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