Reviews for Soul Guardians
Kormack69 chapter 2 . 6/5
ash's Pikachu is male...
Drakvar chapter 27 . 5/12

noah141232 chapter 13 . 2/26
Poor poor pikachu
pokemon master23 chapter 27 . 2/19
Add a chapter about ash turning dark ash killing so of team rocket after they kidnapped and tortured latias and since ash likes latias she stops him. Nice job by the way
Guest chapter 27 . 2/14
plz hurry making the next chapter
nice job
Guest chapter 3 . 2/13
nice but try adding mega evolution
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 18 . 2/12
I kinda feel like the moment with Delia and the Soul dew should have been a bigger thing, but it was still nice.

I know what happens next chapter... Hehehehe... What's the WORST thing a parent could do to a young couple?... Walk in on them... Lol.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 17 . 2/12
That last explanation with Gary doesn't really make sense to me, I'm sure it's just my dumb brain not picking it up, but it's just confusing to me. I know that Gary has caught all of the remaining Lati's but that's it.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 16 . 2/12
Oak is almost as bad as Brock, while what he wants is certainly different, the lengths he'll go to to get it aren't. He deserved WAY worse.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 15 . 2/12
AWWWWW... On Christmas morn, 2 eggs were born. Red holding inside the precious daughter, blue holding the strong son. Never to be hatched, as this was abandoned before they could take their first look at the world...


Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 14 . 2/11
Holy shit, Latias has some major cravings there... She's eaten enough Pecha berries to feed an army. Well, TWINS need extra food.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 13 . 2/11
Latios is almost as bad as Brock, he deserved it and more. Brock has sunk even lower than before... He seriously has.

OK chapter, loved the shit Latias and Ash did to the others, and Pikachu?... She will need therapy for years to get past that horrific experience. Lol.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 12 . 2/11
HA! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! She meant what she said about tearing into Latios to get to him, poor bastard... Nurse Joy had to give him some boxers... Nothing could be more embarrassing for the poor bastard.

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 11 . 2/11
Latios has discovered a means of... Calming, the appendage where his brain lives, a punch to the head. Lol.

Having read the next chapter already, I know what Ash is in for... To some it's heaven, others it's hell... Lol, she constantly tries to use and abuse him!

Dragon out!
Mad Ass Dragon chapter 10 . 2/11
Brock's in trouble if he goes near the Kakuna twins, not. What can they do? Seriously, all they do is hang there and watch you creepily.

Misty still has an intense fear of bug, love that still.

Bianca and Latios... While I don't agree with pokephillia, I'll look past it.

Great chapter.

Dragon out!
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