Reviews for Ciroc Makes Her Clothes Fall Off
Full breakfast meal chapter 1 . 10/1/2011
I have to agree with your other reader here. Even though the Dark Ages' arc ended such a long time ago, these characters are still that much special because you make them special Chiharu-Chan. You have this amazing way with handling you characters and they don't have to be portrayed one way. I think the beauty of your writing is that your characters are more than 3D. We've never seen Renata much out of her pity and subservient mannerisms, and here we are looking inside of a normal day of the people in the Dark Ages.

I enjoyed reading about Naira too, but I really liked the other side of Renata. She's a very innocent girl, shy, naive, and a little clueless but not to the point of being downright ditsy because she's very smart. It's not like we didn't see those traits in the canon, but here they shine a little bit brighter because the atmosphere is not as tense as the canon was? That sounds confusing but I'm trying to express myself here. The plot was very playful; you're good at handling very playful scenes.

That's what I like about these oneshots you write and sidestories.

You create them by yourself, and there's just something about them that gives them this snap. Even the ones that don't end on a funny tone or a romantic one. When I see that you've written one of these things, I'm eager to discover the new world you've thrown your characters in. Renata was very pretty in this, and Lucrecia was the comic relief all the way. Though I have one question.

Why didn't she act like this when she was drunk in canon? Again, it's because of how the world affected her, isn't it? When I read things you write, you force the notion that setting and surrounding shapes the characters. Your writing is very whimsical, and I laughed the whole way through this.

Good job, Chi-Chan! Keep up the good work!
Raven the Ravenous chapter 1 . 9/25/2011
This. Is. The. Greatest. Thing. I've. Ever. Read. In. My. Life. Concerning oneshot! XD

There's SO much to go through. XD All I gotta say is while I regret being unable to get the 666th review, I'm glad Brendee wanted this oneshot of Renata and Lucrecia written and for Chiharu doing an amazing job of making this feel like one of those side-story episodes of an anime. XD Thanks you two! XD

Oh man, Renata is a riot. XD She cracks me up so much, the others didn't need to add themselves in. XD Now I can see why Aysel can't stand her sometimes. XD But it's so cute just imagining her screaming and running around in circles saying, "I broke her! I broke Lucrecia!" XD Why are you so hilarious when you're not being serious, Renata? XD

Naira is just...she's the sane one. XD She's the one keeping herself and the four together. XD Still, to just see her poking Lu like she was a dead cow is just funny! XD I like Naira/Lu a bit but only a bit. XD

Zed. Oh man, he just didn't help the situation, instead he just encouraged it. XD And it was cuz it was Lucrecia, that only made it worse. XD

Lucrecia. Oh man, where do I begin. XD Man, too much to go through. XD All I can say is, drunk!Lucrecia is the best thing I've ever read since Kohana being a super-flirt. XD I can't get the image of her just saying 'I love you!' to everything and then there's the high-fiving XD Poor Renata. XD Speaking of Renata, I so support Renata/Lucrecia as like my yuri pair of this series! XD Drunk!Lucrecia's got the right idea though I question how they'd have kids and why would they live in a log cabin? XD

Also, Renata is clueless, I'd have figured out someone was drunk! XD No... No I wouldn't have. XD I'd do so by asking said drunk. XD