Reviews for Way of the Rattlesnake
kalebmontgomery81 chapter 1 . 11h
I love the Deadpool vibe I’m getting from this chapter haha
16tonweight chapter 30 . 9/14
THANK YOU it isn't every day I get to read an actually finished fic
Guest chapter 30 . 9/5
Great story.
Guest chapter 20 . 8/28
... So Tsubaki is not going to confront her parents about the fact that they abandoned her brother as a baby ? It won't even be adress ? She is just going to act like they did nothing wrong ?
Wow, what a bitch.
BuNishi-Kun chapter 26 . 8/21
But only blood relatives are allowed to use his hiraishin... nvm
BuNishi-Kun chapter 25 . 8/21
So first it only lasts a day now it’s permanent?
BuNishi-Kun chapter 23 . 8/20
You underplay the betrayal done unto Naruto by his parents,what they did was wrong but u shouldn’t want vengeance on the village they threw you to because of that. Not to mention the fact that they cut your legs off. They grew back anyway. Yeaaa ik my mother and father are total shit stains for abandoning my sibling at birth for the stupidest reason in existence, but it’ll be ok. I mean I don’t hate them at all. You can still come back to the village and be placed under arrest for the rest of your life. Because I want you too and I’ve always gotten what I wanted in life so come back already.” Also when is kushina gonna find out.
BuNishi-Kun chapter 23 . 8/20
Dude she really does have anger issues. She’s terrible. She got so mad cuz Tayuya said she had better head game! Gg
BuNishi-Kun chapter 22 . 8/20
What the fuck dude, is this the butch of an OC’s story or Naruto’s. Every one does this, I’m ashamed that you’ve fallen prey to it too. You start the story as Naruto’s story, only to push him back as a side and give the female lead more monologue. Extremely disappointed but I’ll just skip over her part. It’s fairly obviously what her goal is since she’s a knock off. And the only reason she exists is to have someone who can actually stand against him. But I’ll damn your existence if you dare to make her overcome Naruto and allow her to live throughout the rest of this story.
BuNishi-Kun chapter 21 . 8/20
Hmm now you’ve went and done it. I bet I know how this ends and I’m not gonna like it, not that you care and ik you don’t. Just merely stating my opinion. Your OC bitch should’ve died already. To say that Naruto cares for her as much as he does Mikoto is terrible. This is what you’re gonna do. At the end they’ll fight and she’ll win but Naruto will die. She doesn’t deserve to win. Her understanding of other people’s pain is minuscule. Then you have her get angry at the drop of a hat and attack a Konoha ninja at the mention of Naruto. You didn’t improve her character just made her a bitch. She gets off with zero punishment even as she’s the one her attacks Kin. Shes babied. Had the easiest life of probably everyone in this story, yet you make her a main character. She should’ve just been left and continued with Naruto’s story elsewhere. Great story by the way I love it. You’ve given me a character to hate; the obsessive bith who gets power ups for know reason. All you did was make a Sakura who can fight. Gg well played
NataS666 chapter 30 . 8/12
Just perfect story. One of the best there is! Reread it second time, and gonna come back to reread it again for sure
u chapter 30 . 8/9
Thad was the best story I read for now
sd74 chapter 29 . 7/23
I still have no idea what they were talking on [unknown location].
sd74 chapter 30 . 7/23
Convincing, Satisfying, Not caring about the rest... 8 out of 10. Quickly while simply ended.

Realistic Probability According to Characters... 9 out of 10 (don't quote me on this my words don't hold much weight) how some deaths or survival felt weak while I read it, but suits this story.

Twist! 10 out of 10. Shit happens in life.
sd74 chapter 28 . 7/23
Hotaru made my jaw drop.
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